Battle-Hardened Troops: Who are They?

[September 02, 2014] There are few things more confusing in military debate circles than the concept of “battle hardened” troops. In most discussions about them people are saying how the battle-hardened troop is more effective at fighting, how they are calmer and composed in combat, and how they are courageous under fire. While there is… Read More »

Hero: Alvin York

[September 02, 2014] Fifty years ago today, in the Nashville Tennessee Veterans Hospital, Alvin York passed away and American lost a true hero. Nearly everyone has heard of him, often know also by his rank … Sergeant York, he was one of the most decorated American soldiers in World War I. He received the Medal… Read More »

World War I in Color

[September 01, 2014] Color photography was invented in the 19th Century, well prior to World War 1. Photography was still awkward in many ways. An action shot, as we know them, were unknown during the war and explains why there are so few that show combat. Color photos from that era were “colored” using a… Read More »

Happy Labor Day

[September 01, 2014] It’s here … the last, long weekend to spend with friends this summer and the last weekend before school starts. Labor Day has arrived. There are parades, picnics, and parties … time to relax and remember family and friends. Yet, Labor Day’s activities are the result of long-fought battles over legislation to… Read More »

Command Priorities: Garrison versus Combat

[August 31, 2014] It is often said that the performance of a leader in a garrison environment cannot predict how that leader will do in combat. This well-known rule of human performance has been recorded since the time of the Roman Empire. Under peaceful, less dangerous circumstances, the military leader has command priorities that differ… Read More »

Putin: “Don’t Mess with Russia”

[August 30, 2014] In the study of senior leader roles, it is always informative to look at current leaders that are playing either a big or expanding role in world affairs. That is the case today with Russian President Vladimir Putin – his leadership style being more bold than most. He told a group at… Read More »

Hurricane Katrina: A Disaster in Leadership?

[August 29, 2014] On this day in 2005, a Category 4 hurricane came ashore close to New Orleans, Louisiana. Although not the most powerful storm in U.S. history, it was the worst natural disaster experienced. The destruction to the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama was serious. There were many leadership failures leading up to… Read More »

Guam’s Race-Based Restrictions

[August 29, 2014] An interesting case is working its way through the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Apparently, Guam has a Decolonization Registry that discriminates along racial lines. A person living in Guam has sued the government saying he was not allowed to register because he was not a “native inhabitant.”… Read More »

12 “Bad” Things I Learned in the Military

[August 28, 2014] Telling me that there are “evil people” who may want to kidnap me as a child, my grandmother said to never talk to strangers. Likewise, I learned about a few “bad” things in the military. Despite me describing them as bad, if lessons come from them, then a positive outcome has been… Read More »

Stop Being an Isolated Leader

[August 28, 2014] One of my first experiences and frustrations in leadership as a brand new U.S. Army second lieutenant was that my commander’s indecisiveness made the lives of his men difficult. Upon my arrival at the unit I got less than 5 minutes in his office for him to welcome me and to give… Read More »