Good Habits #34: Be Approachable

[June 22, 2017]  Effective leaders make a habit out of those things that work; that sustain them in times when things are tough.  Leaders, therefore, must use their skills at persuasion to enforce standards of excellence.  The only way to do this is to be approachable where people are not afraid to come to you… Read More »

Delay in Maintenance: When Leaders Fail

[June 21, 2017]  Today is the first day of Summer and the media is full of stories about people being caught on malfunctioning trains, injured from falling building debris, and experiencing damage caused by road disrepair.  This is repeatedly the result of a delay in maintenance.  But, let’s call it what it really is …… Read More »

If You See a Need … Fix it

[June 20, 2017]  In the army we were always taught to never walk past a problem.  If you do, then you’ve just set a new standard of behavior – a much lower standard.  I thought people knew this but it was given a new lease-on life in my mind when I witnessed two soldiers walk… Read More »

Backlash Against Colleges & Leadership Failure

[June 19, 2017]  Last week I was traveling through the Kansas City airport and picked up the Kansas City Star newspaper.  In it was an article on University of Missouri financial troubles caused, in part, by a backlash from a series of racially charged protests.  Leadership failures at several of the university system’s campuses were… Read More »

Flight of the Talented

[June 18, 2017]  One thing about leadership that should never be forgotten is that talented leaders allow others to make mistakes without holding them against anyone.  In the early 1980s my unit commander allowed me to take a platoon of armored vehicles across some complex terrain without a physical reconnaissance of the route.  Predictably, I… Read More »

Baseball, Coming Together, & the U.S. Congress

[June 17, 2017]  It’s easy to say that great leaders come from those capable of bringing people together for a common goal; it’s another thing to make it happen.  It can take a tragic event to force people to unite and that is exactly what happened after a socialist-Democrat attempted to murder Republicans practicing for… Read More »

Leaders … Seeing Things for Yourself

[June 16, 2017]  Good leadership means letting people make mistakes and not holding it against them.  My commander once allowed me to lead a convoy of 13 armored vehicles about 50 miles over rough wilderness terrain without a physical reconnaissance of the route.  Predictably, I got lost.  Good leadership also means seeing things for yourself.… Read More »

History, the Continental Congress, and Flag Day

[June 14, 2017]  There’s an old saying that goes like this; “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”1  Rational thinking would tell us that this is true and given a brutish and harsh human history, learning from it would seem to be simple commonsense. Today is Flag Day in the… Read More »

Learn the Rules and Play Them Better …

[June 13, 2017]  Learn the rules and play them better than anyone else; this is the embodiment of intelligent, powerful leadership.  As children we learn quickly that it is best to play by the rules.  Being accused of cheating or unfair play is a stinging rebuke for those who fail to do so.  It comes… Read More »