Crisis Can Create Opportunity

[October 24, 2014] Seeing that a crisis can create opportunity is the first step in superior leadership. Anyone ever having the honor of being inside a military tactical operations center during a battle can see for themselves that a crisis generates risk and opens new prospects. In battle the risks can be deadly and failure… Read More »

When You’re Actions are Unpopular

[October 23, 2014] During World War II, the Battle of Normandy began on D-Day June 6, 1944. Codenamed Operation Overlord, the battle was the beginning of the end of war in Europe. General Dwight Eisenhower’s strategic decision for the main Allied thrust to start the drive in northern Europe was unpopular since it carried great… Read More »

Leader Wall of Failure and Success

[October 22, 2014] With political elections coming up in the United States and many countries over the next month, I will find plenty to write about here. Sure enough, politicians running for office are providing plenty of fodder for us to see how senior leaders are performing. I’m resisting making the Leader Wall only about… Read More »

Some Will Love You for Who You Are

[October 21, 2014] …and others will hate you for who you are. That is the reality of being a leader of people. Many will want to be around you, listen to what you say, be your friend, want to give you gifts, and do things for you. Others will attack you for any reason whether… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

[October 20, 2014] My typical “reading list” is about the best book I’ve read this month. What I don’t often talk about are the other books, mostly still good, but don’t reach the level that will go on my recommended list. Today however I list two books that satisfied my reading tastes but for some… Read More »

Characteristic# 76: Seeing the World Clearly

[October 19, 2014] In 1936, critics called Winston Churchill the “number one warmonger” in Britain for writing that the German Nazis were going to cause a war on a larger scale than ever before. Churchill had something that only the greatest of leaders possess. He had the ability of seeing the world clearly. Such insight… Read More »

Being Misled About WMDs in Iraq … Again

[October 18, 2014] I don’t normally comment directly on the credibility, bias, or accuracy of news articles because that is all I would be doing here at if I did. Today I’m making an exception because of the egregious false impressions generated in a New York Times (NYT) article titled, The Secret Casualties of… Read More »

When You Find Yourself Doing Something Stupid: Stop

[October 17, 2014] Sound like sage advice? It should! But do people always adhere to it? Surprisingly, no … those traits that got them to a successful place in life – like dogged determination or never quitting – sometimes means when they find themselves doing stupid things and they can’t stop. There’s something about the… Read More »

Yom Kippur War: An Egyptian General’s View

[October 16, 2014] Ten years after the 1973 Yom Kippur War, I had the rare opportunity to interview an Egyptian Army General who commanded on the battlefield during this war. His perspective on the war gave me insight into the Middle East and the mindset of some of those involved. Although our conversation occurred over… Read More »

Soldiers, Warriors, and the Islamic State

[October 15, 2014] During the 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli Wars1, the militaries of the Arab states2 were well organized but performed poorly on the battlefield. For those of us who study war, it is well known that militaries of socialist countries are inferior to democratic national armies. While it is hard to pinpoint any one… Read More »