Who is Simon Wiesenthal?

[February 12, 2016]  It is my belief that what we do echoes across history and that we are, in the final analysis, responsible for our actions.  People today and in the future will look to judge us as good or as bad … and that is acceptable and we should offer no excuses for our… Read More »

Leadership: Turning Losers into Winners

[February 11, 2016]  In the style of the American football coach George Allen, turning losers into winners is something truly remarkable to witness.  Some leaders have it, others don’t.  Here at theLeaderMaker.com, it is a key principle that leadership is learned and therefore all of us have the ability to take our teams across the… Read More »

Profile: Julius Caesar

[February 10, 2016]  A recent discovery of ancient bones, weapons, and other combat gear from the First Century B.C. has shed new light on Julius Caesar’s conquest of what today is northern Europe.1  Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman statesman, general, author, and dictator.  His conquests on the battlefield and his subsequent political successes have… Read More »

Leadership: Ready, Aim, Fire

[February 9, 2016]  These pages could easily be filled with anecdotes of leaders who made a major decision without fully contemplating the requirements to do so.  Those failures, and sometimes successes, can be spectacular much like General Armstrong Custer’s decisions and subsequent massacre at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  The lesson for leaders is:… Read More »

Denver Broncos Win

[February 8, 2016]  Winning in professional sports, like most other activities, means having a great team, a well-developed plan, and in-synch leadership.  The Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 last night where it all came together for them and defense played a dominate role in the outcome.  But it also showed the difference in quarterback… Read More »

Turning Boys into Men

[February 8, 2016]  If we look back to the time when the American Indian was strong in what is now the United States, they can be found devoting much of daily lives turning their young children into good men and women.  Turning boys into men was a particularly important affair since they would become the… Read More »

Physical Courage and Leaders

[February 7, 2016]  It is rare that anyone of us today would find ourselves in such a situation that physical courage was necessary.  We normally think of it in the context of soldiers in wartime or of police and firefighters containing a dangerous situation.  And yet, having to willingly decide between death, injury, danger, and… Read More »

Leadership and Pig Pen Cleaning

[February 6, 2016]  Teenagers are good at picking up on life’s little lessons.  Many of us do this through odd jobs while growing up and some of us were lucky enough to have a job that reinforces positive behaviors.  One of my jobs while living in northeast Louisiana was pig pen cleaning on my neighbor’s… Read More »

Not Everybody is Ready to be a Leader

[February 5, 2016]  In the military one of the most stressful of times for soldiers is when a unit gains a new commander.  It’s not because the new commander is unknown, although that is part of it, but because not everybody is ready to a leader at the commander level.  Studies have shown that leaders… Read More »

Leadership and the Military Movie

[February 4, 2016]  Growing up most of my friends and I didn’t see many films because we simply couldn’t get our dads to drive us to the theater (our town didn’t have a movie theater).  After my first movie in a theater at age 9 watching the original King Kong (1933), we were not inclined… Read More »