Recognizing Our Cultural Traps

[December 21, 2014] In my many travels throughout the country of Iraq, I talked to many Iraqis from all levels of their society. Most importantly, I listened sympathetically to what they had to say. In their culture they were often very loyal to their tribe, regardless of religious origin. I also understood how much the… Read More »

Characteristic# 82: Getting Results

[December 20, 2014] Historically, the most important factor of senior leadership is getting results. This is why, today at least, it is vital to have a senior leader who has a good moral foundation and can thus be trusted to do the right thing. Furthermore, the best senior leaders will never believe the end justifies… Read More »

Sony Pulls Movie: “Team America” Shown

[December 19, 2014] While it has been a couple of months since my last comment on North Korea, it doesn’t mean I’m short of topics that relate their senior leadership. In fact, we have been informed that Sony Pictures Entertainment pulled the new movie The Interview due to terror threats through the internet, ostensibly by… Read More »

Playing the Victim: Leaders Don’t Do It

[December 18, 2014] Americans like their leaders and their heroes to be bold, tough, and brave. We all loved John Wayne in those action war movies, especially when he led a desperate group of men to attack the enemy bad guys. My personal favorite is The Green Berets starring John Wayne, David Janssen, and Jim… Read More »

Leaders Allow Us to Fail

[December 17, 2014] Many years ago as a military unit commander, I was involved in a training exercise that went poorly. My company was to participate in an attack on a simulated enemy position. We failed miserably. We failed so badly that the enemy hardly knew we were there. I felt lower than a snake’s… Read More »

Core Values: Union Pacific Railroad

[December 16, 2014] To pay for college I worked on the Missouri Pacific Railroad (affectionately called the “MOP”) in the summer months in the early 1970s. I remember it being a tough, 6-day workweek job that paid well … and I belonged to the railroad union that ensured good pay as well. At the time… Read More »

The Search for Professionalism

[December 15, 2014] A major concern in the military and business world is the decline in the professionalism of their leaders. While this depends on how we define the concept of professionalism, there is no doubt that professionalism and leadership are inextricably linked. The concern is so great that many organizations search for professionalism in… Read More »

Characteristic# 81: Being Inspirational

[December 14, 2014] The world’s greatest senior leaders have one thing in common. Each has been able to rally people to a great cause and lead them to achieve something that no one else was able to do. In one word, these leaders were inspirational. Due to the recognition of the high value of inspirational… Read More »

The Massacre at Nanking and the USA

[December 13, 2014] Senior leaders of the U.S. military are taught that through the study of war, peace is more likely to be maintained. Leading up to World War II in 1937, the Japanese invaded China and at the city of Nanking massacred many thousands. Americans are generally badly informed of this event and fail… Read More »

Characteristic# 80: Breaking Stupid Rules

[December 12, 2014] Christopher is a team leader with a well-known oil extraction firm in downtown Houston. But he had a problem retarding his ability to produce high quality designs because his company would not allow him the required computer software – he succeeded anyway. Breaking stupid rules is sometimes necessary to get things done.… Read More »