Good Social Skills

[November 24, 2015]  Being a leader means many things but one thing that is required for those who desire to be successful is to have a good set of social skills.  It doesn’t mean that a successful leader is required to have table manners, a pretty smile, or fashionable clothes; although it certainly helps.  That… Read More »

Characteristic# 96: Tolerance and Patience

[November 26, 2015] Incidents over the past few weeks in the Middle East have heightened our awareness of the volatility of the region. What many respected and proven leaders advise is a dose of tolerance and patience among the major powers; especially those that have strong military forces in the area. Senior leaders who consistently… Read More »

Who is Captain Christopher Jones?

[November 26, 2015]  Captain Christopher Jones was born about 1570 to the father of a mariner and ship owner.  After the early death of his father, Jones inherited interest in the British ship Marie Fortune upon reaching the age of 18.  Married twice and having a number of children, his legacy might have ended there… Read More »

The Slippery Slope of Poor Leadership

[November 24, 2015]  Leadership is certainly not easy, but no one who has taken such a position does so with the intent to do a bad job of it.  Poor leadership – that can be described as being ineffective – is also not something that comes about due to a single error or bad decision… Read More »

University Leadership: Is it Real?

[November 24, 2015]  We’ve seen over the past few weeks the resignation of at least one university president, as well as student class walkouts, protests, and sit-ins at several universities over accusations of the mishandling of racial issues.  The uproar at campuses across the United States, we are told, is caused by a lack of… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

[November 23, 2015]  The weather has turned cooler and the tree in front of my house has lost all but a few of its leaves.  With cooler weather and the political season heating up I find it satisfying to sit down with a good book; one that pushes my intellectual boundaries.  Books that create controversy… Read More »

Selfless or Selfish Leadership?

[November 22, 2015]  As a new Private in the U.S. Army in West Germany in the mid-1970s, my fellow soldiers and I regularly and passionately discussed the personal deficiencies in our leaders.  We saw (at least what we thought we saw) among them inflated egos and careerism.  Typical of junior soldiers throughout our history of… Read More »

Top 20 War Movies

[November 21, 2015]  Occasionally it’s good to take a break from the challenge of the study of leadership.  Today I’m providing my personal list of favorite war movies … those that made an impression on me when I saw them.  Yes, they’re English movies so the list doesn’t include some great, non-English movies. For some… Read More »

Leader Trends: Are We Quitters?

[November 20, 2014]  When three of my friends and I joined the U.S. Army, we were happy to be away from home and thrilled to finally reach the pinnacle of real men by being real soldiers.  After two days of intense basic combat training (emphasis on “combat”) we had second thoughts.  My best friend asked… Read More »

Hard Truths about Military Leadership: Part 3

[November 19, 2015]  The first two parts of this 3-part series proposed that the U.S. military has a leadership problem and it begins with the rejection of its mission to fight the nation’s enemies.  The American military has experienced an increase in the overall number of its leaders at all levels since WWII but, I… Read More »