Happy Easter

[April 20, 2013] Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all on a traditional Christian holiday. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead as described in the Bible as having occurred three days after his crucifixion by Romans at the Calvary. SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to all the fans of this blog for making […]

Characteristic #58: Having Skin in the Game

[April 20, 2014] During the Iraq war when parts of my Army unit were in Fallujah (called the second battle of Fallujah) at its worst of times late in 2004, we were given tactical advice by the US Marines. We were operating as engineers in their area and saw them on the frontlines daily and […]

Executive Senior Leaders Should Not Lie (Update)

[April 20, 2014] The statement that senior leaders should not lie is rather clear … and the results of lying can be devastating to a country or community. The latest caught “fudging the numbers” is the Chicago Police Department. An investigation was conducted by Chicago Magazine and the results of Chicago’s drop in crime are […]

Profile: Ralph Nader

[April 19, 2014] My best friend in high school owned a 1962 Chevrolet Corvair – before the end of our senior year, the car was a heap of trash because of its propensity to roll in a tight turn. That was when I first heard of Ralph Nader, a man who made car safety a […]

Mental Resilience and Leadership (Part 2)

[April 19, 2014] As a simple experiment over the past few years I asked a number of women, over age 50 and who work in Manhattan the following question. “When you worked in Manhattan in your 20s and 30s, tell me about how people treated you?” Oh boy, did I get an earful. But their […]

Executive Senior Leaders Should Not Lie

[April 18, 2014] Everyone knows the story of Pinocchio, the little puppet-boy who lied and his nose grew longer with each lie. Lying is a problem in our society because it breaks the bond between people and leaders. And now we have a poll just released1 that claims that most Americans believe that President Obama “lies […]

Mental Resilience and Leadership (Part 1)

[April 18, 2014] Protecting people (teenagers, employees) from little stressors in life will lead to a greater downside when a tragic event occurs. By shielding people and preventing them from being tested under stressful circumstances, we are actively weakening their abilities and their resilience. Leadership demandsthat we allow those small stressors to push and pull […]

Rocket Man, Vision, and Leadership

[April 17, 2014] Leadership is about having a vision and being able to bring forth the resources (people, money, processes) to see it accomplished. We are always looking for examples of leaders who truly show vision. Richard Branson is that man. Delta Sky Magazine (yes, I fly a lot with Delta so I read their […]

Mental Resilience the Old Fashioned Way

[April 17, 2014]  Picture just for the moment, the proverbial drill sergeant screaming into the face of a young recruit.  The purpose has always been to “toughen ‘em up” and to “get their full undivided attention.”  And of course, that is exactly what it did – both – made them more resilience against stress (mentally […]

1965 Ford Mustang Anniversary

[April 16, 2014]  Yesterday while checking out of my hotel I spotted an old Ford Mustang in the parking lot.  Two older men were getting out of a car.  I told them that it was unusual to see a 1965 Mustang on the road (I owned one as a teenager, so I recognized the distinctive […]