Leadership and Speech Making

[October 3, 2015]  Since time immemorial there has been one effective act by leaders that has been so useful that its employment is considered an indispensable skill.  The art of delivering a formal address in public is an ability considered a must have in the personal collection of the most successful leaders.  It’s so important… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

[October 2, 2015]  Autumn began a little over a week ago and now we’re feeling some of the cooler weather here in New York City.  That means a little rain too and some time to pull a few of my “want to read” books offs my shelf for learning more about the art of leadership.… Read More »

Leaders Eat Last

[October 1, 2015]  One of the lessons leaders quickly learn in the military is that leaders eat last.  In truth this means that leaders forgo their personal interests to support the team.  To say that leaders eat last is also symbolic of the notion that leaders accept their responsibility to assist people – who are… Read More »

What Leaders Like in Leaders

[September 30, 2015]  In a previous post I listed the characteristics people like in a leader.  What attracts people to a leader is of course no secret, but what is it that attracts leaders to other leaders?  What leaders like in leaders, on the other hand, can be mysterious because so little is written about… Read More »

The Chicago Tylenol Murders

[September 29, 2015] On this date in 1982, twelve-year old Mary Kellerman died after taking a capsule of Tylenol pain medicine laced with cyanide. It’s now been 33 years since her death and the poisoning murders of six others remain unsolved. But some good came from the murders in that it prompted improved packaging of… Read More »

What People Like in Leaders

[September 28, 2015]  There are some leaders to which we’re drawn and others that are just simply our bosses.  What is it that attracts us to certain leaders while not to others is no mystery, for it has been written about since the beginning of recorded history.  Yet it remains elusive to all but a… Read More »

Real Leaders Don’t Panic

[September 27, 2015]  Whenever I think of the maxim that real leaders don’t panic, I’m drawn to the actions of the men of 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment at the 1965 Battle of la Drang, Vietnam.  Documented in the movie, We Were Soldiers Once … And Young, Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore and his men fought… Read More »

Characteristic# 94: Taking the Initiative

[September 26, 2015] After the capture of the capital city of Baghdad Iraq in early 2004, coalition engineers were building confinement facilities for the thousands of prisoners. One of the engineers was U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Paul Smith. On April 4th his men were ambushed by a large Iraqi Republican Guard force. Smith was… Read More »

Core Values: Starbucks

[September 25, 2015]  George, a good friend of mine from our past army days, used to tell me often that, “I never drink good coffee because I might like it and then have to pay for it.”  You see, in U.S. Army dining facilities and in our offices, coffee is most often found hot and… Read More »

Great Leaders Thrive on Ambiguity

[September 24, 2015]  Truly great leaders are rare and they are rare for a very good reason; they thrive on ambiguity while everyone else is halted by it.  The very best people that I’ve ever known are motivated, inspired, and capable of decisive action despite ambiguity and the uncertain environment that is fostered in it. … Read More »