Learn About What Leaders Think

[October 28, 2016]  One of my themes1 here at theLeaderMaker.com has been that anyone can learn a great deal about leadership through the study of the successes and failures of other leaders.  This is best done by doing our darndest to learn about what leaders think and thus how they carry out their responsibilities; for… Read More »

What We Used to Learn from WWII TV Shows

[October 27, 2016]  I grew up in the Deep South, rural Louisiana, where we had strict rules about how children were to behave.  One hard-and-fast rule in my family was that my brother and I got to watch only one “war show” per week and the one we chose was the television series called Combat! … Read More »

Senior Leaders Solve Difficult Problems

[October 26, 2016]  In the early days of World War II, the Allies had many strategically difficult problems to solve.  The most pressing and most dangerous if wrong was how to fight the Germans and Japanese (and the Italians) simultaneously and not be stretched too thinly and thus be defeated by either.  In the past… Read More »

Blind Spots and Leadership

[October 25, 2016]  My great uncle owned and operated an animal feed store in Arkansas until the early 1960s when his business failed; which he blamed on racial integration of blacks.  His racism was a serious blind spot because it deprived him of potential customers.  Blind spots for leaders can also have disastrous consequences.  But… Read More »

It’s Not How You Look

[October 24, 2016]  Ten years ago exactly on this date in 2016, my unit was part of a major fight north of Baghdad.  At the end of the day I was getting on a transport at the nearby Forward Operating Base that would take a few officers back for a debriefing.  The appearance of the… Read More »

Follow Me

[October 23, 2016]  If we were to have an official slogan for leadership it would be Follow Me!  From the beginning of human existence, those who lead have inspired others to follow them to perform a task, to complete a mission, to engage the enemy on the battlefield, or to win on the playing field. … Read More »

It’s What a Leader Does after the Victory

[October 22, 2016]  In 1868, former U.S. Army General Ulysses S Grant was elected president to an office that had bore witness to a national divisiveness over the aftermath of the great U.S. Civil War that ended just a few years before.  While Grant is best known for his generalship during that war, it was… Read More »

Profile:  Hillary Clinton

[October 21, 2016]  Great leadership means being capable of bringing people together to achieve a common goal.  Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for U.S. president, exemplifies this and other key leader qualities that are traditionally found in those individuals most successful in life and in politics. Clinton was expected to be the Democrat nominee from… Read More »

Profile:  Donald Trump

[October 20, 2016]  Great leaders are those that can simplify complexity and chaos, who can cut through to the heart of an argument, and offer solutions that everyone can understand.  This is what the best leaders from business, the military, and government do day-in and day-out.  Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman, is the Republican candidate for… Read More »

Upcoming Profiles on Clinton and Trump

[October 19, 2016]  Here at theLeaderMaker.com, I occasionally write a short “profile” on senior leaders.  Over the next few days I will provide a leader profile on Hillary Clinton and on Donald Trump.  I don’t normally give advanced warning on subject matters but given the interest in this upcoming election and the debate tonight, I… Read More »