Reading List (Update)

[April 21, 2015] The advantage all senior leaders should exploit for themselves is the reading of select books that expand their mind; exposing them to ideas that they neither agreed with nor heard of before. Currently, while the weather is producing a wonderful string of beautiful spring days, I have stumbled upon several good books… Read More »

Sports Lessons: Manly Sumo Wrestling

[April 20, 2015] Sports teach us many lessons in leadership and Sumo wrestling is one sport that is fundamental to understanding attributes of successful leaders as any other. Some sports teach us about manhood and the Japanese team game of the Sumo is one that requires its participants to be strong, dedicated, and respectful. In… Read More »

Your Reward is No Punishment

[April 19, 2015] Rewards for doing a good job at work come in many forms and are given when deserved in the best of organizations. Of course, no matter how good they may be, people make mistakes. In many workplaces where people are dominated by bosses, the only thing they look forward to is to… Read More »

7 Mistakes Military Officers Make (Part 2)

[April 18, 2015] I’ve personally known many military officers who have failed to make a smooth transition to civilian employment. Why is that? In Part 1 of this 2-part series I addressed those junior military officer mistakes made while serving in uniform. Part 2 is about junior officer mistakes when transitioning to and working in… Read More »

7 Mistakes Military Officers Make (Part 1)

[April 17, 2015] As new (and very young) Army Lieutenants, my cohort of peers did not take long to discover that only a small percentage of us were getting promoted. We didn’t know why at the time. Military officers, like many junior managers, do things or fail to do things that hold them back in… Read More »

Neville Chamberlain and U.S. Foreign Policy

[April 16, 2015] Senior leadership, by its very nature, is political in many aspects. This means that the most important issues of any nation should be publically addressed, strategies developed, and plans created to ensure the safety and survival of that state. Foreign policy is the mechanism of senior leaders to do just that. Recently,… Read More »

Leader Challenge: The Power of Hate

[April 15, 2015] One of the many struggles of a leader is the challenge to overcome problems created by emotion. By that I mean that people have motivations that can create trouble and disruption. Specifically addressed here is the emotion of hate; the power of hate of other people and hate of different ideas. We… Read More »

Who is Anthony Benezet?

[April 14, 2015] If you never heard of Anthony Benezet, then don’t feel left out on the historical education most of us Americans receive. If you happen to read about him, it will say he was the first U.S. citizen that founded an abolition society. The significance of his abolition society was that it promoted… Read More »

What is the Pinnacle of Leadership?

[April 13, 2015] I’ve often been asked what is it that distinguishes the very best leaders from all the other successful leaders. Is it an ability to create a long-lasting legacy of achievements? Many believe this to be true; that great leaders create a legacy of accomplishments that seem to defy normal human experience and… Read More »

How to Measure Leadership

[April 12, 2015] While riding on the Q Train in New York City the other day, I couldn’t help but overhear an argument between two young men about who would be best for the next U.S. president. The upcoming election will offer us students of leadership an opportunity to study how to measure leadership in… Read More »