Stalin Issues Order No. 227

[July 27, 2014] Much has been written here in these pages about Socialism and its failure as an economic model (see links here, here, and here). It does function around the world as a strong political force and seems to be very prevalent even in democratic nations, especially in Europe in a milder form. It’s […]

Military Leaders Defend Prisoner Exchange

[July 27, 2014] It is incumbent upon military senior leaders to help set the right tone for their organizations. All leaders should be doing it and is absolutely the right thing to do. That was the bottom line of an article in the most recent U.S. Army’s magazine entitled “Military Leaders Defend Prisoner Exchange.” The […]

Core Values: Walgreens

[July 25, 2014] In the late 1950s when our family traveled to a big southern city (population 10,000) to go shopping, there were two places we always went. We never missed a trip to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and to Walgreens. I remember two things about each one. First, they each had air conditioning. […]

Good Habits #7: Speak Properly

[July 25, 2014] A small group of friends and I had our first taste of college life after graduating from high school. We were all engineer majors and figured that since we knew nothing about their trigonometry courses we would take one our first summer. The teacher was smart and dedicated but his accent made […]

A More Divided Nation?

[July 24, 2014] Military commanders know that they are personally responsible for what does or does not happen inside their unit and also in “unit cohesiveness”. Leadership at all levels means building and maintaining teams, building and maintaining a togetherness, a cohesiveness that allows the group to accomplish things far greater than any individual can […]

Good Habits #6: Show the Human Side

[July 24, 2014] High School teaching can be a tough job, especially in schools that are in poor neighborhoods with growing crime rates. One young lady from New York City wanted to be a teacher more than anything else in the world but after only 6 months quit her job. The reason? She was unable […]

The Brooklyn Bridge Mystery

[July 23, 2014] While driving over the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday morning, a number of commuters noticed white flags flying atop both bridge towers. The mystery is who put them there and for what reason. Clearly this was a planned effort despite our city politicians saying it was “allegedly” planned. There is a lot of conjecture […]

Good Habits #5: Effective Use of Time

[July 23, 2014] Senior leaders are busy people with too much to accomplish and too little time to get it all done. Using time wisely is a key to successful leadership. One of the most difficult of good habits to obtain and to keep is the focus required to make effective use of time. Superficially […]

Senior Leadership and Insanity

[July 22, 2014] There are many types of leaders from the most charismatic to the most introverted and inward thinking. My best friend when he was younger and a lieutenant had a commander who would issue the craziest of orders to his unit. My friend was told once to drive his armored vehicles up and […]