Meeting with World War II Veteran’s Widow

[May 25, 2016]  We’ve all met military veterans and most of us thank them for their service and sacrifice to our nation and yet there remains one overlooked group that is just as important.  The families of those veterans are frequently treated as second-class citizens.  Yesterday, while traveling through the state of New Jersey, I… Read More »

To Be or Not To Be a Leader?

By guest blogger Tom Jager [See Biography] [May 24, 2016] Being a leader requires a lot of work and commitment. A lot of people say that this is something you’re born with but I disagree. To become a qualified leader you need to work on it and perfect the skill. What are some of the… Read More »

Core Values: United Way

[May 23, 2016]  One of my goals here at blog is to highlight successful organizations through their core values.  I like to show that core values are an integral part of doing good things for all people.  In the case of The United Way, despite their tremendous fundraising success, the organization has not always… Read More »

Profile: Genghis Khan

[May 22, 2016]  The special characteristics that exemplify a great leader are no secret.  And so it is with the infamous Genghis Khan; conqueror of more territory than any man and feared by his enemies.  But does he deserve the harsh and unflattering portrayal as a ruthless, bloodthirsty savage like we’ve come to believe? Genghis… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

[May 21, 2016]  Do people read any more?  That was the question a young girl asked me at the book store last week.  I was hesitant to answer in some way other than in platitudes.  But it got me to thinking that people don’t read as much as they used to because other “fun” things… Read More »

Racism at West Point?

[May 20, 2016]  Army Vet reflects today on RACISM at WEST POINT. I’m the kinda guy who is quick to reject with prejudice any idea that the U.S. military is a racist bastion like some of my liberal friends think it is (but won’t say so to my face).  So it won’t be surprising that… Read More »

Our Most Important Duty as Leaders

[May 19, 2016]  This past weekend, U.S. Justice Clarence Thomas gave a commencement speech at Hillsdale College that differs from most speeches at colleges these days and is worth watching in full (see link here).  It differs from most commencements speeches because it was about how to ensure liberty; to do so by carrying out… Read More »

Leadership: It’s Never Too Late

[May 18, 2016]  Throughout 1940, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Congress debated and delayed preparing the country’s military for the war raging across Europe and Asia.  Fortunately, armament production began in earnest late that year.  Only the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 brought the America into the war.  For… Read More »

The Struggle for Leaders to See

[May 17, 2016]  It was midsummer of 2006 and a group of four U.S. Army colonels deployed to combat in Iraq.  I was one of them.  What we had in common was that 25 years earlier we had together been a part of the Army’s Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia.  What we were to… Read More »

Virtues of the Warrior

[May 16, 2016]  In 2003 during an interrogation of an Iraqi policeman suspected of helping setup an ambush on American soldiers, a U.S. Army officer fired shoots near the policeman’s head.  Ostensibly to obtain information to protect his troops, the officer went too far according to U.S. Rules of Engagement and behavioral standards.1  This behavior,… Read More »