The New U.S. President

[January 20, 2017]  Opportunities to look into the interworkings of senior leadership occur occasionally; most prominently when there is a transition in leadership.  Earlier today, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States.  In part because mass media is hostile to his presidency but more so because he is an authentic leader, I… Read More »

Perfect Discipline?

[January 20, 2017]  The first book I ever read that dealt seriously with the topic of leadership and discipline was General George S. Patton’s book (1982 edition), War As I Knew It.1  For the U.S. military, the early 1980s was a time of change; moving from the legacy tactics of Vietnam to a modern, brigade-centric… Read More »

Great Leaders Inspire

[January 19, 2017]  Great leaders know instinctively that those who can inspire others to learn, be, and do more in their lives possess the best and rarest leadership skills.1  They know that it’s not their title that makes them great, the money they are paid, or the number of followers; greatness only comes from inspiring… Read More »

The U.S. War in Iraq: My View (Hometown Folks)

[January 18, 2017]  This is my fourth post in a series on my personal view of the War in Iraq.  It spans my thoughts after one year in combat during its early years; 2005-2007.  That was a time where many of us got to know the Iraqis, terrorists, other combat troops, contractors, hometown folks, reports,… Read More »

Leadership Failure:  The Irish Potato Famine

[January 17, 2017]  This is not a history lesson.  Neither is this a lesson in botany.  What many of us were taught about the Irish Potato Famine was that the Irish were ignorant (drunk and lazy) and that led to the potato (and the crops demise) being used for most of the population’s nutrition needs. … Read More »

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Are We Ready?

[January 16, 2017]  Martin Luther King, Jr., was a great leader and all inspiring students of leadership should study him closely.1  The reason is that MLK was not just a great visionary and communicator but that he was great despite his many deep personal flaws.  We should remember both his achievements and his struggles for… Read More »

What will be the Hot Leadership Topics of 2017?

[January 15, 2016]  It’s an annual tradition of mine to make forecasts for the New Year and to predict those topics and issues that will be at the top for American senior leaders.  Last year it was the presidential election and Islamic terrorism.  I predict 2017 will deviate little from last year. So there should… Read More »

Bureaucracy:  Turning the Battleship

[January 14, 2017]  One daily practice leaders should make a habit of is to follow important (and open) conversations at the senior leader level.  We are fortunate to get that very opportunity and every 4 to 8 years in the United States when a new president transitions to the job.  To witness how leaders make… Read More »

Respect the Position

[January 13, 2017]  I was a newbie to the U.S. Army back in the mid-1970s when I joined as a Private.  On my first day in the army, my knowledge of military culture was about to be improved when I failed to salute an officer.  Failure to render a proper salute is, of course, a… Read More »

Showing Moral Courage: Chief Scott Schubert

[January 12, 2017]  The external pressures on U.S. police forces to fold in the face of racial controversies are enormous.  We are witnessing that if race is a factor in any arrest, the police officers are forced to defend themselves from racist charges.  That is why I bring to your attention, the City of Pittsburgh… Read More »