San Francisco Giants Win World Series

[October 31, 2014] The San Francisco Giants deserve the accolades that come with winning Major League Baseball’s championship series. Congratulations to the Giants! Tucked in behind the win is great leadership ensuring that the “heart of the game” was never lost. Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy has been a key part of the leadership since 2006… Read More »

Profile: Martin Luther King, Jr.

[October 30, 2014] When we look back on the 20th Century United States history, we see many great figures. There were those in politics and the military that shepherded us through two great wars and a number of other major conflicts. There were those in science who lead us forward in medicine, physics, engineering, and… Read More »

Questioning Leadership

[October 29, 2014] An American tradition, one that has historically set the citizens of the United States apart from their European ancestors, is the questioning of their leadership. It is not a sign of disrespect but one of a healthy debate about right versus wrong. Political, military, and business leaders are challenged on their decisions… Read More »

Turning Conventional Logic Around

[October 28, 2014] Explanations on why so many people are attracted to extremist and terrorist organizations have been advanced by Western civilians for decades. The usual explanation is they are recruited to extremism due to poverty and if we were only to provide them with a safety net and means to live our citizens would… Read More »

Leaders Talking … but Saying Nothing

[October 27, 2014] Ever talk with a leader and come away wondering what the heck the person told you? Ever listen to a leader’s speech and wonder if there was any part worth listening to? Well … then you are not alone. Leaders talk all the time and many say nothing. While this is unfortunate,… Read More »

Kicking the Can Down the Road

[October 25, 2014] While stationed in Iraq on a combat tour, one of my junior lieutenants kept a list of corny sayings on the wall in my office. Whenever anyone would use a cornball expression, he would jump up and scribble it immediately on the wall, while smiling as if he had just learned something… Read More »

Is “Tending the Herd” Good Leadership?

[October 24, 2014] A common tendency of many large bureaucratic organizations is to sputter along, avoiding controversy and dodging problems whenever possible. I call this method “tending the herd.” The British call it “muddling through;” where organizations and people just continue doing what they were doing, often despite any difficulties or confusion around them. There… Read More »

Crisis Can Create Opportunity

[October 24, 2014] Seeing that a crisis can create opportunity is the first step in superior leadership. Anyone ever having the honor of being inside a military tactical operations center during a battle can see for themselves that a crisis generates risk and opens new prospects. In battle the risks can be deadly and failure… Read More »

When You’re Actions are Unpopular

[October 23, 2014] During World War II, the Battle of Normandy began on D-Day June 6, 1944. Codenamed Operation Overlord, the battle was the beginning of the end of war in Europe. General Dwight Eisenhower’s strategic decision for the main Allied thrust to start the drive in northern Europe was unpopular since it carried great… Read More »

Leader Wall of Failure and Success

[October 22, 2014] With political elections coming up in the United States and many countries over the next month, I will find plenty to write about here. Sure enough, politicians running for office are providing plenty of fodder for us to see how senior leaders are performing. I’m resisting making the Leader Wall only about… Read More »