Reading List (Update)

[July 05, 2015] Well, the 4th of July came and went without any terrorist attack on American soil. How much of these predictions by the experts were based on bureaucratic posturing to protect their careers if it did happen, is hard to tell. Nonetheless, the day turned out to be full of those things we… Read More »

Independence Day Message: July 4th

[July 04, 2015] Driving over the Hudson River on the George Washington Bridge between New York and New Jersey, one can see the world’s largest free-flying American Flag hanging from the iron support beams. The tradition dates back 65 years to let everyone know that the people here are proud of the flag and what… Read More »

Leadership, Ignorance and Freedom

[July 03, 2015] Tomorrow is the much celebrated Independence Day in the United States. As a prelude to this day – independence from England and won with great sacrifice – media analysis Mark Dice shows us a video he made about the ignorance of average people about this special day1 (see video here). I was… Read More »

Leaders Asking the Right Question

[July 02, 2015] For the military, superior communications is one of the greatest advantages one can have over the enemy. When I joined the army, we talked with others using a short-range FM radio. Communications were based on the radio and required the person we wanted to speak to being in a certain place –… Read More »

Leadership in Action: Healing the Christian Split

[July 01, 2015] One of the oldest disagreements in human history is possibly about to be resolved; or at least the possibility exists that a long-running religious split might begin some healing. What is known as the East-West Schism or the Christian split is the break between what is now the Eastern Orthodox and Roman… Read More »

Corruption and Leaders (Part 4): Honduras

[June 30, 2015]  A few years ago, a group of senior U.S. military officers flew into what is considered one of the world’s most dangerous airports (not in a combat zone) – Tegucigalpa, Honduras. While their mission was fairly benign, they were to discover that the level of violence and corruption in that country was… Read More »

20 Mistakes That Can Brand You Unprofessional

[June 29, 2015] A few years ago I was asked to give a presentation on those things that were likely to brand senior military leaders as unprofessional. Putting aside for the moment that many senior officers have failed because of basic violations of law or due to bad personal habits, leaders also fail for more… Read More »

Core Values: Tyson Foods

[June 28, 2015] I’ve often written about how an organization’s core values help drive the conduct of its people and its external relationships with customers and stakeholders. Many examples were offered to help illustrate this fundamental fact about organizational behavior. Today, I will depart somewhat from my earlier format to bring forward an example of… Read More »

Profile: Edward Murrow

[June 27, 2015] I remember my family sitting in front of our black and white RCA television set each evening to listen to Edward Murrow on CBS Evening News … and we only got good reception on that one channel. In the 1950s, Murrow was a favorite of my dad who insisted that we all… Read More »

When Insulated Leaders are in Charge

[June 26, 2015] In 1978 I saw the comedy National Lampoon’s Animal House starring John Belushi who, with his friends, joins the worst fraternity on their college campus. I’m reminded of the movie’s college dean who is an insulated leader and not very ineffective when it came to dealing with the antics of John Belushi… Read More »