Leadership in a Bubble

[September 26, 2017]  There is no denying that all leaders live in a bubble to some extent where accurate and timely information struggles to get to them.  A big leadership challenge is whether they are taking effective steps to overcome the disadvantages associated with it.  When leaders fail, often spectacularly, it can be often traced… Read More »

Leadership: Even the Young Can Understand

[September 25, 2017]  I’m writing this after just returning from a three-day campout in a local state park with a Boy Scout troop.  It is always easy to be optimistic after spending a few days with the boys and getting to understand how much they know (or don’t know) about leadership.  I can honestly conclude… Read More »

Dogs of War

[September 24, 2017]  During my first assignment with the 1st Cavalry Division in the Iraqi War, one of our early engineer tasks was to design and build a military dog facility.  Dog handlers and their canine friends were part of our unit and were responsible for local security.  The Iraqi insurgents we captured called them… Read More »

Support the Hard Working People

[September 23, 2017]  I’ve been meaning to write on this topic for a long time but could not put the right words together.  Time was being wasted so I’ll just jump right in to discuss an important issue that has weighed on my mind for decades.   Hard working people are those who make any society… Read More »

Puerto Rico: Leaders Think Ahead

[September 22, 2017]  Hurricane Maria slammed into the island of Puerto Rico two days ago (Wednesday) creating massive destruction including throwing the entire island out of power.  The pressing concern continues to be saving lives and minimizing death and injury in the immediate future.  But the best leaders think ahead in situations like this because… Read More »

Hero of the Week: JJ Watt

[September 21, 2017]  Last year I stopped watching NFL football.  Like all my friends, we are not going to support an organization (or its advertisers) that encourages disrespect of our nation, our military, our flag, and pokes us in the eye every time we watch them at work.  But while I visited relatives from Texas… Read More »

Clearing the Spindle: Politics

[September 21, 2017]  It’s difficult to cover all the topics of leadership and provide good examples so, by the very nature of space limitations, I’m starting a “clearing the spindle” post. Noted here on several occasions I’ve noted how citizens of the United States and many other nations have less faith and confidence in their… Read More »

Leadership Toolbox: The Stand-down

[September 20, 2017]  Back in my early unmarried days, I had the opportunity to take a graduate-level course in Organizational Theory and Practice.  I sat in on one of the most intellectually useful academic courses of a lifetime because of the “professor” (a retired U.S. Marine and now a manufacturing CEO) taught us about useful… Read More »

Race, Leadership, and Moral Failure

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer] [September 19, 2017] In the small circle of government-inspired writers, it is exciting – in its own tortuous way – to know that that you’ve reached an apex of bloggership when theLeaderMaker.com website gives you a special moniker that looks like a cat (smart, sly, seductive) and allows… Read More »

Reading List (Update): The Confederates

[September 18, 2017] Warning for those with a fragile mind, hypersensitivity to reading things about events during the U.S. Civil War, or are a college “snowflake” … this book review may cause you to require mental counseling. I’m just kidding of course; as I don’t expect readers of this leadership blog to be such a… Read More »