Leaderships Means Being Tough but Fair

[August 17, 2017]  Speaking with soldiers over the past few decades, I’ve heard most of them say that their Commander is tough but fair.  It was always good news to know rank-and-file soldiers believe their commanders were doing the right things.  Good leadership depends upon it.  But what I wasn’t prepared to hear was what… Read More »

Leaders Avoiding Scandal (Part 2)

[August 16, 2017]  This is the last entry in a two-part series on how leaders can avoid scandal (see Part 1 link here).  The best solution to avoiding problems associated with a scandal is to not have them in the first place.  Yes, we must assume a scandal will take place and establish procedures to… Read More »

Imperial Japan:  the Revisionism Continues

[August 15, 2017]  On this date, August 15, 1945, it was announced that Imperial Japan would surrender unconditionally, bringing World War II to a close.1  Called the Jewel Voice Broadcast, Emperor Hirohito personally announced the surrender in a recorded radio address across the Empire.  Yet since that time there has been a systematic revisionism that… Read More »

Leaders Avoiding Scandal (Part 1)

[August 14, 2017]  Somebody once said that one man’s scandal is another man’s creative performance.  Whenever individuals are given the opportunity to break the rules, and a reward awaits, there will be someone who attempts to do so.  It seems that there are always people willing to break the rules as well as those who… Read More »

Google Perplexed:  Picture Edition

[August 12, 2017]  Good leadership in business means doing the right thing for your customers and employees but for some like Google perhaps not.  When senior leaders fail – as in the case of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai – bad things not only happen but the results can be devastating. Many of theLeaderMaker.com’s readers responded… Read More »

Missing Opportunities in Leadership

[August 12, 2017]  In 1776 General George Washington feared the superior British Navy might blockade New York City, isolating it from communications with other territory of the American Colonies.  Yet when British General William Howe attacked and destroyed the Americans at Gowanus Pass in Brooklyn Heights, he failed to follow-up by storming the Patriot redoubts. … Read More »

We Don’t Seek to Win Wars Anymore: by Army Vet

[August 11, 2017]  Army Vet writes today about how America stopped seeking to win wars anymore, rather now it searches to feel good about itself on the world stage. Spoiler alert!  I’m going to tell you something that will piss you off so bad that you will want to strangle me for it.  Ha, frankly… Read More »

The Newsies Strike of 1899

[August 10, 2017]  Legends are powerful stories about the past that are circulated, traditionally, by word of mouth.  Having lived in Brooklyn, New York one legend that always fascinated me was about the Newsies strike of 1899 in which newspaper-hawkers, nearly all young boys, refused to sell newspapers because of a hike in the price… Read More »

When Leaders Lie It Will Follow Them Forever

[August 9, 2017]  A good friend of mine (I’ll call her Jane) lied about her minor criminal background on her application to be a U.S. Army officer; this happened many decades ago.  Jane was commissioned a lieutenant, received a secret clearance, performed well, and years later was considered for the rank of Brigadier General.  When… Read More »