He Called It the Peter Principle

[July 23, 2017]  Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Laurence J. Peter published a chillingly nasty but satirical book that helped shape in the minds of many what they had observed for so long.  The idea was that in any “hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence”1  … and he called it… Read More »

A Lifetime of Relationship Building

[July 21, 2017]  In the twilight years of senior leaders, they often reflect upon what it was that allowed greater success compared to other leaders who were just as smart, motivated, and talented as they.  In each case that leader will tell us it was a lifetime of relationship building that made the difference. Many… Read More »

Character versus Leadership Skills

[July 20, 2017]  As I sit here at Boy Scout summer camp the temperature is hot and the humidity oppressive but I’m thoroughly enjoying myself … and getting an education.  The experience does remind me why I’ve always had great respect for those adult leaders who happily volunteer their time to teach Boy Scouts the… Read More »

Core Values: Delta Airlines

[July 19, 2017]  Whether we know it or not, we all have core values and those values are a foremost influence on our ability to thrive at what we do and succeed in those things we love.  Delta Airlines is one of those organizations that has managed to instill crucial core values into their leadership… Read More »

Delegating: It’s Hard to Do

[July 18, 2017]  It is no surprise that leaders who have risen to the top of their professions, if asked, would tell us that the key element in their success would be the delegation of their authority to others.  The tasks in any organization are simply too complex and difficult for a solitary individual to… Read More »

Lessons of Respect

[July 17, 2017]  My mother used to tell me to learn all I could about history because “its value far exceeds its fun factor.”  That was her way of acknowledging that the topic of history was probably boring to a child but its importance to me as a man was high.  My first recollection of… Read More »

How to Become a Leader in the Student Community

By guest blogger Kerrie Haynes [see Biography] [July 16, 2017] Here are some tips on how to become a student leader. Become a mentor, student ambassador or a peer educator You must have come across peer counselors, mentors and campus ambassadors around your school.  Some colleges offer the opportunity for students to apply as mentors… Read More »

Fear: the Last Frontier

[July 14, 2017]  On my way back from visiting my doctor, I was listening to a local FM station personality talking about how we Americans overrate the fear factor in our daily lives.  For example he noted that tomorrow’s high temperature is predicted to be in the mid-90s and considered “highly dangerous.”  He asked rhetorically… Read More »