Can We Learn from a Blind Veteran?

[August 1, 2015] The message of optimism and perseverance is what Scotty Smiley shares with us in his personal journey from an explosion in Iraq that blinded him to Ironman competitor.   Now a retired U.S. Army veteran, Scotty continues to give back to his country by encouraging us to overcome obstacles through grit and determination.… Read More »

Core Values: Boys and Girls Clubs of America

[July 31, 2015] If there is one thing that I’ve learned as a senior leader it’s that the best predictor of success in leaders is how those adults fared as children – did they grow up in a stable family and have the right experiences? Many leaders have begun to emphasize the importance of developing… Read More »

Leadership in Action: Medicare Legislation

[July 30, 2015] My grandmother turned 63 years of age when President Johnson signed Medicare into law 50 years ago on this date – July 30, 1965. That was a good thing because she relied on it for her healthcare and that’s probably why she lived to just a month shy of 100 years. Most… Read More »

5 Bad Habits of Senior Leaders

[July 29, 2015] A little over 43 years ago there was an break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. President Nixon along with his administration were responsible but attempted to cover-up their involvement in the illegal action. As a result, two years later Nixon resigned from his… Read More »

Reading List (Update)

[July 28, 2015] As of late, I’ve been reading a number of books that will not make my recommended reading list. The heat of this summer is neither the cause of my reading selections nor is my new dog … which does take time that is certainly enjoyable. Today’s reading is a book on strategy.… Read More »

The Most Misunderstood Trait of Leaders

[July 27, 2015] A number of years ago, several friends of mine were being mentored by a senior Flag officer, a two-star Army general, about how to succeed in command. Each was a new brigade commander and recently promoted to the rank of full Colonel. Like many good leaders they had developed a keen sense… Read More »

Attracting the Best People

[July 26, 2015] Attracting the best young folks to join the military has special challenges; it’s a dangerous job with long hours and below-average pay. Fortunately, military recruiters have been successful and I will share some of their secrets here. Elsewhere, an entire business sector has grown up around helping civilian organizations recruit the best… Read More »

Trial by Fire

[July 25, 2015] “Beware of leaders who’ve experience no hardships,” one of my dad’s old friends once advised me as I was entering military service. This Korean War veteran had learned about untested leaders the hard way during the United Nations’ retreat from the Chosin Reservoir in late 1950. Trial by fire is what we… Read More »

Operation Gomorrah 1943

[July 24, 2015] The study of the Torah and the Bible sheds light on the city of Gomorrah that received the divine judgment by God when it was consumed by “fire and brimstone” because “their sin is very grievous.”1 Operation Gomorrah, named for the Biblical story, was the World War II Allied codename for the… Read More »

Leaders Saying the Right Thing

[July 23, 2015] Leaders know that personal relationships are more important than ever in today’s complex and uncertain world. That is why it’s crucial that leaders are saying the right thing to those around them and building close relationships in their professions. For those who’ve experienced combat or been through a disaster realize that you… Read More »