Top 5 Tools to Become Better Leader

By guest blogger Mary Brians [See Biography] Leadership is a trait that can be taught and improved. Somebody comes to being the idol for millions by occasion, while others deliberately fulfill their life mission and realize the need to organize people around them to achieve this mission. Every person who wishes to influence change and… Read More »

Benghazi Report: Nonfeasance of Senior Leaders

[June 29, 2016]  The U.S. Congressional Committee on Benghazi released its report yesterday and it contains detailed information about what happened and what didn’t happen that should have.  I finished reading the report’s main body and continue to work thorough the annexes (report’s link here).  I do, however, have a good idea of the Benghazi… Read More »

Fire and Forget: A Leader’s Nemesis

[June 27, 2016]  Militaries around the world possess a missile known by the vernacular Fire and Forget.  The idea is that once launched at a target no additional input to the missile is necessary for it to hit its mark.  Great technology … but leaders frequently use fire and forget as a style of leadership. … Read More »

Anthony Weiner: The Fall of a Leader

[June 26, 2016]  I couldn’t resist this topic for a number of reasons and my post today involves the fall of a politician in his leadership as a Democrat from New York City.  I know that it’s not fair to use a politician as an example that epitomizes the fall of a leader but, there… Read More »

Brexit: What Leaders Can Learn from It

[June 25, 2016]  By now everyone has heard of the vote by British citizens to leave the European Union, Brexit, and have listened to pundits about what it means for the future of Britain.  While no one really knows what exactly the future will bring, one thing we do know is that it will create challenges… Read More »

City of Baltimore: Stuck on Stupid II

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer] [June 24, 2016]  I can see the Potomac River from my office in Washington D.C. but it’s the view I see of government that is most eye opening because I see the real story.  Lately the U.S. presidential race has heated up over the issues of race and… Read More »

Does Command Responsibility Still Matter?

[June 23, 2016]  Upon arriving in Baghdad, Iraq in early 2004 with a small team of military engineers I was assigned two additional engineer Captains who were being held over for Courts Martial.  Both would be found guilty, stripped of their rank, and discharged from the U.S. Army.  They had failed to heed an important… Read More »

Why Doesn’t America Fight to Win Wars

[June 22, 2016]  Army Vet reflects today on POLITICS and WINNING WARS. I was sitting at my favorite bar the other evening discussing my favorite topic with a couple of halfwits who thought we fought the French and Canadians in World War II.  The lack of historical knowledge of most Americans (our education system is… Read More »

Leaders Expect Excellence

[June 21, 2016]  During one of my combat tours in the Middle East there was a U.S. Army junior-grade officer that was a poor performer by most measures.  No one wanted him working for them because the time investment was so great to ensure he did his job.  Our Chief of Staff took him in… Read More »