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Race, Leadership, and Moral Failure

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer] [September 19, 2017] In the small circle of government-inspired writers, it is exciting – in its own tortuous way – to know that that you’ve reached an apex of bloggership when website gives you a special moniker that looks like a cat (smart, sly, seductive) and allows… Read More »

How to Write Fabulous Speeches in 20 Minutes

By guest blogger Justin Osborne [see Biography] [September 15, 2017]  Crafting a fabulous speech requires dedication, practice and of course, several tricks to create the best formula. If you want to lead the audience through your words, meeting the deadline is not your only priority. A goal of every good speaker is to make speeches… Read More »

4 Types of Leaders People Should Avoid

By guest blogger Micheal Gilmore [see Biography] [September 1, 2107]  Have you ever seen a successful business owner that is not a good leader? I’ve seen some, but those are just exceptions. Most of them are exceptional people who have managed to build their business according to their vision. They understand that without the help… Read More »

How Great Leaders Develop Their Employees

By guest blogger Maisie Acton [see Biography] [August 23, 2017]  Abstract: Being a great leader in today’s world is just not enough. Not only do you have to be great yourself, rather you have develop your team too. Having good leaders is a key to success for any organisation in today’s tough world. The market… Read More »

We Don’t Seek to Win Wars Anymore: by Army Vet

[August 11, 2017]  Army Vet writes today about how America stopped seeking to win wars anymore, rather now it searches to feel good about itself on the world stage. Spoiler alert!  I’m going to tell you something that will piss you off so bad that you will want to strangle me for it.  Ha, frankly… Read More »

How to Become a Leader in the Student Community

By guest blogger Kerrie Haynes [see Biography] [July 16, 2017] Here are some tips on how to become a student leader. Become a mentor, student ambassador or a peer educator You must have come across peer counselors, mentors and campus ambassadors around your school.  Some colleges offer the opportunity for students to apply as mentors… Read More »

How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking

By guest blogger Christina Battons [See Biography] [June 23, 2017]  Stage fright will prevent you from successful speaking on public and may become a source of problems in your student life and further career. If you have ever noticed that public speaking is too difficult for you, you need to work out this skill to… Read More »