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Great Leaders Don’t Think in Straight Lines

[November 6, 2017]  One of the privileges (some say advantage) of having worked in a senior leadership position in the upper reaches of the Department of Defense is getting to meet some really intelligent folks.  These were great leaders who led soldiers in combat and created a consistent legacy of outstanding performance and service to… Read More »

Good Habits #34: Be Approachable

[June 22, 2017]  Effective leaders make a habit out of those things that work; that sustain them in times when things are tough.  Leaders, therefore, must use their skills at persuasion to enforce standards of excellence.  The only way to do this is to be approachable where people are not afraid to come to you… Read More »

Good Habits #33: Be a Teacher

[May 13, 2017]  Practical, day-to-day leadership is something that must be practiced and that is why I began this series on good habits several years ago.  At the time, I wrote some good advice and my first was to never assume anything.  It was also the time that I wanted to write that one of… Read More »

Good Habits #32: Ask Good Questions

[April 21, 2017]  Here at I like to encourage habits that make leaders effective.  In that context, I’ve found whenever a leader asks good questions, good things happen.  Indeed, this is a significant fact that cannot be overlooked by those who fill the role of leader.  There is, however, some confusion I will clear… Read More »

Good Habits #31: Show Your Passion

[April 9, 2017]  One day many years ago I was visiting Fort Dix, New Jersey; a small U.S. Army base where mostly Reservists and Guardsmen train and located east of Philadelphia across the Delaware River.  The commander of the base was a senior Colonel and a rising star in the military.  He was eager to… Read More »

Good Habits #30: Give a Simple Thank-You

[March 16, 2017]  I remember it like it occurred yesterday.  My maternal grandmother was a kind yet tough individualist who spoke her mind plainly and often.  One day after I was baptized as a young boy in church she said, “Douglas, you’re a good kid, thank you.”  It should be no surprise that the best… Read More »

Good Habits #29: Smile

[February 25, 2017]  Someone once said that a smile is the language of kindness and that is certainly true.  Leaders of all stripes, to be successful, smile in order to be both approachable and motivational.  This is achieved easily for those willing to take the simple step of smiling.  Recent interpretations of ancient writings tell… Read More »

Good Habits #28: Look Like a Leader

[January 10, 2016]  Success comes in many forms and is the result of good habits practiced daily.  Leaders give credit where it’s due, accept feedback, are generous, and treat others fairly.  But leaders should also look like a leader and that is not so easy. “People buy into the leader before they buy into the… Read More »