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He Called It the Peter Principle

[July 23, 2017]  Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Laurence J. Peter published a chillingly nasty but satirical book that helped shape in the minds of many what they had observed for so long.  The idea was that in any “hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence”1  … and he called it… Read More »

Is the Defeat of ISIS Imminent?

[July 7, 2017]  U.S. President Ronald Reagan once said of his political opponents that if “you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”  Leadership is about solving problems and senior leadership is about solving hard problems.  That is exactly what is happening with the loose coalition of nations led by the… Read More »

Leadership Means Standing up to Bullies

[July 5, 2017]  In early 2004 on the outskirts of Baghdad during one of our firefights with insurgents, a calm voice came over the radio describing the critical situation in matter-of-fact tone.   U.S. Army Captain Steve Bates1 had learned as a Boy Scout that staying calm helped when others were losing their composure.  That was… Read More »

Be Unafraid to Make Mistakes

[July 1, 2017]  Albert Einstein was an remarkable man.  In the recent miniseries “Genius” produced by Ron Howard, the script looks at the peculiar Einstein through the lens of modern-day society.  Einstein, like all great people, did make mistakes but quickly learned from them.  Only those that truly put forth a rigorous effort will be… Read More »

What Young Leaders Lack the Most

[June 29, 2017]  There’ve been several lively discussions on leadership blogs and in popular news stories lately about what young leaders lack the most.  Many say that a lack of relevant experience is their greatest shortfall and others tell us that young leaders are just plain self-centered.  For the sake of a good argument, I… Read More »

Leadership Means Always Being Ready

[June 28, 2017]  I was fortunate to attend one of the U.S. military’s General Officer courses a number of years ago and to develop a number of friendships that endure to this day.  Called CAPSTONE, the four week course covers a number of major issues affecting national security.1  One lesson the course repeatedly reinforced was… Read More »

Political Leadership: Maajid Nawaz

[June 27, 2017]  This is my third in a series of posts dealing with new ideas; especially political leadership ideas that are both difficult to hold and to realize.  Today, I’m presenting the thinking of Maajid Nawaz, British political activist, author, and statesman.  He is also a former member of the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir… Read More »

All Sergeants Step to the Rear

[June 25, 2017]  It was the winter of 1974 when our Military Police platoon lined up for a “police call” for trash that might be around in the company area.  Our unit’s mission was to guard nuclear warheads but today we were picking up trash.  The order was then given for all sergeants to step… Read More »