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The 15:17 to Paris: What Leaders Do

[February 17, 2018]  While my leadership post today  is not a movie review – a movie called The 15:17 to Paris just came out – it is about what leaders do and what they should do in extraordinary situations.  If there is anything trained leaders are taught, it is that being passive and being hesitant to… Read More »

They Tell You to do the Impossible

[February 14, 2018]  Last week I was sitting in a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) when I overheard several young men talking about their upcoming Basic Training course.  One was saying that the Drill Sergeants will tell you to do the impossible and then yell at you when you fail.  I laughed to myself because that… Read More »

Leader Training: Sapper Leader Course

[February 9, 2018]  Leadership can be taught.  That is the premise on which all leadership training is based and it is the reason so many folks have achieved great things in their lives.  Today, I’m beginning a new series on leader training and today my focal point will be on the Sapper Leader Course conducted by… Read More »

Celebrate the Success of Others

[February 7, 2018]  I was a Private in the U.S. Army due for a promotion in rank.  My Company Commander made the promotion into a special event that I never forgot and thereafter used his philosophy to reward achievements of my soldiers. Good leaders go the extra mile and celebrate the success of others. When leaders celebrate the success… Read More »

Leaders! It’s not about You

[February 3, 2018] That’s what I was told as my girlfriend pinned my Second Lieutenant bars on me at our commissioning ceremony. “Leaders! It’s not about you,” the commandant of the ROTC program spoke to the new military officers at Penn State University. Not about you? The message was unclear but later, after I had… Read More »

Friends can Improve Your Leadership

[February 2, 2018] Good leaders have many friends. Great leaders have true friends. Some say that the best way to succeed in one’s profession is to have a wide network of folks who are helpful. Such a network can be tapped for information, advice, and encouragement. Yet, what the network can rarely provide, something only… Read More »

Rewarding Loyalty over Morality

[February 1, 2018] A few years ago as an Army Brigade Commander, I was called upon to investigate another senior officer who had purportedly stolen from a military warehouse. Despite my experience in this type of investigation, it lasted months longer than it should have because witnesses were placing their loyalty over morality. Doing this… Read More »

Losing Sight of the Big Picture

[January 31, 2018] There are many advantages modern industrial societies provide; some of which have been outlined here in There are also downsides. One downside for many of us is that we are very busy people. Leaders are especially busy at work and home and that can cause them to lose sight of the… Read More »

Signs of Motivation Leaders Should Notice

[January 30, 2018] A number of years ago I had the opportunity to witness new Army recruits training at Fort Benning, Georgia. The Drill Sergeants were yelling at the recruits for them to get into formation and it was hard not to notice the look of fear on their faces. Motivation was being provided by… Read More »

Massacre, Atrocity, Violence … and Leadership

[January 29, 2018] Learning how to be a better, more informed leader is often gained through the intense study of the history of significant events. In the U.S. Army, for example, junior officers study the Mỹ Lai Massacre in Vietnam as the epitome of failed military leadership and how shame was brought upon the United… Read More »