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Old Sayings That Apply to Leaders Today

[January 5, 2018] Here I am, sitting at my wife’s desk while I write this blog entry (my computer is in the shop). The “bomb blizzard” of 2018 just hammered most of the U.S. East Coast and my little town got its share and is digging out. Today, therefore is devoted more to reflection than… Read More »

Recent Stupid Things Leaders Say

[December 6, 2017]  In September last year during the U.S. presidential elections, candidate Hillary Clinton referred to supporters of her opponent Donald Trump as “deplorables.”  Some say that comment helped doom her campaign.  Yet, politicians are not the only ones who say stupid things. For her campaign, it was one of those moments when clear-headed… Read More »

Under Construction for Next Several Days

[May 9, 2017]  For the next several days I will be reworking parts of blog.  Some of the work is cosmetic and some involves enhancing the speed of the website itself.  I’m also looking into using the site in new ways. Expect several “tests” to occur.  However, you should continue to have full access… Read More »

Top 20 War Movies

[November 21, 2015]  Occasionally it’s good to take a break from the challenge of the study of leadership.  Today I’m providing my personal list of favorite war movies … those that made an impression on me when I saw them.  Yes, they’re English movies so the list doesn’t include some great, non-English movies. For some… Read More »

A Dog-Spider Prank

[September 06, 2014] I don’t normally post about pranks but this one by a Polish man was just too good to pass up. A pooch was dressed up in a fur costume to resemble a large spider. Scenes were staged and when people opened doors, elevators, etc., the pooch would run to them. The immediate… Read More »

Off-Topic: Computer is in the Shop

[June 23, 2014]  My computer is having the real hard-core techies giving it the “full Monty”.  They call it a diagnostic test.  Something was wrong with Windows 8.0 installation.  So, as I type on my wife’s machine, my computer is in the shop.  This will slow down my posting a bit.  Tomorrow I might be… Read More »

Off Topic: A Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon?

[June 09, 2014] Cartoonist Bill Watterson returned briefly as a guest to draw in the cartoon strip called Pearls Before Swine. He did so to raise money for a Parkinson’s charity called Team Cul de Sac. Of course, Bill Watterson is the creator of the superb cartoon series called Calvin and Hobbes1; a strip that… Read More »

Off Topic: ISEE-3 Spacecraft Contacted

[May 31, 2014] Launched in 1978, the International Sun-Earth-Explorer (ISEE) spacecraft was long thought dead in space. However, a group of like-minded amateur “astro-engineers” took control of it recently, according to the Space College Foundation, Inc.1 Is that cool or what? This non-profit organization strives to provide “access to educational resources, career opportunities, and hands-on… Read More »

Those Pesky Website Errors

[May 22, 2014] They always seem to hit at the most inopportune time. For regular readers of you saw my site go off-line for about 2 hours this afternoon. My apologies for any inconveniences experienced. This is the first time in since I began my site late last year. Not a bad record actually.… Read More »

Off Topic: Life Magazine WWII Photographs

[May 17, 2014] Some great colored photographs from Life Magazine showing England and France from May through August 1944 (link here). The Allied invasion took place on June 6, 1944 so we gain a little perspective from them … before and after D-Day. Thanks to reader Cliff for recommending this to me. I’ll pick up… Read More »