Lazy Leadership

[October 6, 2017]  Trustworthiness …  it all boils down to whether people trust a leader and that trust becomes the interconnectedness of reliability, believability, and respectability.  We have all seen it.  Each of us has had the displeasure to observe the destruction that lazy leadership brings the workplace, the home, and those things we’ve built. … Read More »

The Catalonia Independence Movement

[October 5, 2017]  Who is Carles Puigdemont and what is Catalonia?  Until just recently, Mr. Puigdemont was an unknown outside Spain and parts of Europe.  He is currently the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, a province of northeastern Spain and the person leading the Catalonia independence movement. This independence movement of Catalonia to secede… Read More »

Leadership Means to Know Your People

[October 4, 2017] My wife has me watching a British detective series called Inspector Lewis. It must have been successful because it went nine seasons. In this episode, while visiting a police officer in the hospital, Inspector Lewis gives an injured officer a box of chocolates but realizes she is allergic to them. Lewis asks… Read More »

Sports Lessons: Manly Ice Hockey

[October 3, 2017]  If there ever was a poll taken of senior military leaders asking whether they played a sport growing up as a child, I would wager that each and every one would answer they participated in at least one sport.  Leadership is something that requires an experience of a lifetime and the sooner… Read More »

How to Become a Purpose-Driven Leader

By guest blogger Brenda Savoie [October 1, 2017]  What’s your purpose in life? What’s your purpose as a leader? Can you make a connection between your private and professional life? “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others” – Albert Schweitzer Yes, the purpose of… Read More »

How Leaders Show Respect

[September 28, 2017]  I was approached yesterday by a group of young military veterans attending a local college to ask if I had any advice on how to address the recent surge in disrespect of people across this nation.  My answer was that the solution is in the long-term and not about those who now… Read More »

Leaders Fix the Small Broken Things

[September 27, 2017]  The growth of violent crime in many American cities has been in the news lately; a surprising change to a decades’ long decline in crime.  There are as many theories as to why.  One explanation, however, has gained popularity and the argument is that leaders of those cities have failed to fix… Read More »