Exaggerating Your Background or Résumé

[December 2, 2017]  As a 5-year old child I told a fib about a large catfish I’d caught in a nearby pond but somehow my grandmother, a great lady, knew I was exaggerating.  As a child, I could get away with a little padding of my fishing résumé but as an adult, the effect can… Read More »

What is Fair? The Military Way

[December 1, 2017]  The idea that life is fair was expunged from me in Army Basic Combat Training during my time in 1974 at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  Drill Sergeant Bryant was a rigid disciplinarian that I intensely disliked because he was hard on us … but looking back, he was also the fairest man I… Read More »

Old but Good Professional Guidance!

[November 30, 2017]  This morning I was flipping through a favorite book that I’d bought in 1983 just after being commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.  The book, the 42nd Edition of The Army Officer’s Guide, is probably one of the best overall books providing countless lessons for the junior leader.  Those lessons… Read More »

Will Iraq Finally “Destroy” ISIS?

[November 29, 2017]  A year and a half ago I wrote that most Western countries had taken their “eyes” off Iraq and their fight against the ISIS terror group.1  Today, the Iraqi military is about to crush the remaining strongholds of ISIS yet not much has changed in either the news coverage (very little) or… Read More »

Spending Effort Unlearning

[November 28, 2017]  The Greek philosopher Antisthenes once said: “The most useful piece of learning … is to unlearn what is untrue.”  As a new trend, many educators have jumped on the unlearning bandwagon and also began simultaneously misleading us regarding what it is and the merits on which it is based. “Unlearning is the… Read More »

North Korea: a Dash to Freedom

[November 27, 2017]  As I watched the video of a North Korean soldier escape into the South, I’m reminded of the East German guard’s “leap to freedom” in 1961.  Both have something in common and that is the desire to flee communism and its dehumanizing effects on its captive citizenry.  Communist North Korea is no… Read More »

Showing Moral Courage: Nick Cave

[November 26, 2017]  My grandmother was fond of telling all of us grandkids to never fear when standing up to bullies.  And so it is always my pleasure to highlight a person who has done just that.  The “blogosphere” was alive recently with news1 about the Australian musician Nick Cave who played in Israel and… Read More »

Advice: a Positive Attitude, Respect, and Humility

[November 24, 2017]  I regularly get calls from young military veterans who have a new job in the civilian world and want some simple advice on how to be successful.  My recommendation is straightforward; have a positive attitude, treat everyone with respect, and maintain your humility. “Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you… Read More »

What Leaders Do on Thanksgiving Day

[November 23, 2017]  In the early days of my military career, I thought it important to copy the behavior and speech of those known to be the very best leaders.  It came naturally, it seemed to me at the time, to find out what those leaders did when they were not “working” – for example,… Read More »