Hero: James E. Williams

By | June 10, 2018

[June 10, 2018]  I don’t highlight heroes enough on my leadership blog.  What we can learn from them is beyond the value I could ever state but I wanted to draw attention to U.S. Navy Boatswain’s Mate First Class James E. Williams who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Vietnam. James E. Williams is… Read More »

How To Be A Successful Online Student

By | June 9, 2018

By guest blogger Katherine Brown [See Biography]  [June 9, 2018]  Online classes may be the greatest thing the internet has given us right after memes, challenges, and cat videos. While online courses may be different from physical classes in many regards, there is one significant similarity between the two – the all-encompassing procrastination and the risk of failing… Read More »

Leadership of the Graybeards

[June 7, 2018]  My subject today is not that kind of gray beard (shown in the thumbnail) but the kind you might find helping a military general work out a complex strategic problem.  Graybeards is a term of endearment applied to retired U.S. military Flag officers who have returned to lend assistance to current, active duty Flag officers.… Read More »

D-Day: Classification BIGOT

[June 6, 2018]  There are very few men alive today who participated in the largest amphibious invasion in human history.  D-Day, June 6, 1944, was the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany; a day that will live in the chronicles of truly great human endeavors. Operation Overlord, what we informally call D-Day, surprised everyone on its success… Read More »

Practical Knowledge and Leadership

[June 4, 2018]  Practical knowledge is incredibly important to any leader and life in general.  Not only is it useful in its immediate application to a laundry list of everyday problems but it can be achieved only through personal experience in failure.  You read that right … only through failure. “Besides the practical knowledge which defeat offers, there… Read More »

Start with the Problem

[June 3, 2018]  A friend of mine from New York City conveyed a story to me that framed a problem leaders often encounter when they rally people to a cause.  He was at a political townhall to discuss public issues of concern to the residents.  People jumped right in to complain to their elected officials but failed to… Read More »

Showing Moral Courage: Tommy Robinson

[June 2, 2018]  Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) is a British activist and journalist who exposes the downside of Islamic immigration in Europe.  He recently came to prominence worldwide when he was arrested and jailed for reporting on a rape trial of Muslims in Leeds, England. Apparently, in England, the courts can ban the public from knowing… Read More »