Setting the Example

[June 12, 2017]  One of the most important traits of any leader is their ability to set the example for how others should act and what to believe in.  People look to leaders for inspiration and as a model for the right kind of behavior.  Setting the example has always been the hallmark of leadership… Read More »

Is Political Leadership a Contradiction?

[June 11, 2017]  Most people have a pretty good idea what leadership is about; they know it when they see it and know when it is missing or misused.  Political leadership, despite what we’ve seen in the news, is not that different than leadership in any other institution. Some experts tell us that political leadership… Read More »

Lessons Learned: A Leader Duty

[June 10, 2017]  An older gentleman I met earlier this year asked me to look at a book of his dated 1944-1946.  Upon opening it I was expecting to see journal entries about the war and occupation of Europe; those things that those men wrote who survived the crucible of combat, its exhilaration and its… Read More »

Leadership is about Taking Risks

[June 9, 2017]  My grandmother was fond of telling me to “try new things;” otherwise I “would live to regret my life.”  She was right and had put her mind onto something few think about and that is concerning risks as essential for those who successfully lead ourselves to do good things.  One powerful trait… Read More »

Imams Refuse to Perform Funeral Rites

[June 8, 2017]  United Kingdom Imams have refused to perform funeral rites for the three Muslims who perpetrated the London terror attacks this past weekend.  For those unfamiliar with the Islamic faith, this refusal is unprecedented.  Furthermore, a number of Imams have publically called for other religious leaders to join them. “If you choose the… Read More »

Freedom Center: Serving Our Heroes

[June 7, 2017]  As I traveled about several states over the past four days, I was lucky to come across the Freedom Center in the North Terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  My wife and I have traveled in nearly every major airport in the continental U.S. and look forward to stopping by to visit USO… Read More »

When Problem Leaders Migrate

[June 6, 2017]  When Lieutenant Shawn McFarland began his career as a young officer at Fort Polk, Louisiana, he was a mess; often failed to complete his assignments and tasks given him by his commanding officer.  His commander once wrote in an annual evaluation that McFarland was untrustworthy and unrealizable.  Like McFarland there are a… Read More »

Profile: James Mattis

[June 3, 2017]  In December last year I profiled U.S. Army General Raymond Odierno.  Senior military Flag Officers in the U.S. are similar in many of their key traits, but also differ significantly in other areas of leadership.  One that differs is James Mattis, retired U.S. Marine four-star general and current Secretary of Defense under… Read More »