They Tell You to do the Impossible

[February 14, 2018]  Last week I was sitting in a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) when I overheard several young men talking about their upcoming Basic Training course.  One was saying that the Drill Sergeants will tell you to do the impossible and then yell at you when you fail.  I laughed to myself because that… Read More »

Command Failure and the Little Things

[February 13, 2018]  I learned a valuable lesson in command leadership when I was sent to inspect an army unit that had failed its annual GI inspection.  I often say that leaders can learn valuable lessons from the failure of others and this was a case I would never forget.  The unit commander had decided he would… Read More »

Showing Moral Courage: Cardinal Joseph Zen

[February 12, 2018]  It has been said that the world’s intellectual elites have been attacking Christianity generally and Roman Catholicism specifically for at least a century.  Communist nations led this effort but there is one person who stands up against the state’s efforts and that man is Cardinal Joseph Zen.  Cardinal Zen is well known for… Read More »

Core Values: National Security Agency

[February 11, 2018]  Just a few weeks ago, the U.S. National Security Agency made changes to their published core values (see them below and here on the NSA website).  While the agency received criticism for this change1, that is not as big a problem as we are led to believe by the media.  First, the criticism.  Changed… Read More »

On the Venezuela Border: by Army Vet

[February 10, 2018]  Army Vet has just returned from the border between VENEZUELA and COLUMBIA to tell his story.  Don’t believe what the mass-media talking heads tell you.  There’s a real fight going on, a bloody nasty rock & roll fight that pits the  country of Colombia against the socialist-dictator controlled Venezuela.  If you believe… Read More »

Leader Training: Sapper Leader Course

[February 9, 2018]  Leadership can be taught.  That is the premise on which all leadership training is based and it is the reason so many folks have achieved great things in their lives.  Today, I’m beginning a new series on leader training and today my focal point will be on the Sapper Leader Course conducted by… Read More »

Characteristic # 106: Self-Awareness

[February 8, 2018]  Leadership today involves navigating some of the most difficult situations without any signpost markers along the way telling us which way is best.  That means a leader must be, by definition, resilient, tough-minded, and inner directed  But more than anything else, a leader must have the self-awareness to “see” solutions to the… Read More »

Celebrate the Success of Others

[February 7, 2018]  I was a Private in the U.S. Army due for a promotion in rank.  My Company Commander made the promotion into a special event that I never forgot and thereafter used his philosophy to reward achievements of my soldiers. Good leaders go the extra mile and celebrate the success of others. When leaders celebrate the success… Read More »

War, Politics, the Media, and Leadership

[February 6, 2018]  It has been said many times that war is simply a continuation of politics by other means.  Actually the Prussian theorist Carl von Clausewitz wrote it in his book On War (1832) and is one of the most important treatises on political-military analysis and strategy ever written.  Clausewitz, like so many other theorists… Read More »

Political Leadership: Heather MacDonald

[February 5, 2018] Just a reminder that this section on political leadership is part of an on-going series in which I focus on new and controversial ideas. Today, my focus is on Heather MacDonald, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor of City Journal. She, like so many others on this site, is provocative… Read More »