Get a Jump Start

[May 12, 2017]  This may seem rather obvious to most of us but getting a jump start on leader tasks is simply good, practical advice.  Overlooked advice, I might add, is when leaders fail to take the time and effort to prepare themselves in advance when they have the chance to do so.  Timely preparation… Read More »

Leaders Thrive on Overcoming Obstacles

[May 11, 2017]  You’ve been there!  Your boss wants something done right away and a coworker is right there to “help” you … putting obstacles in your way at every step.  Good leaders, it should be emphasized, thrive on obstacles in their path because they have the foresight and confidence to overcome them. In the… Read More »

Leader Effort versus Effectiveness

[May 10, 2017]  The day was August 29, 1974, the temperature over 100 degrees, and the ants were all over us … but we never forgot our lesson that day.  Fort Polk, Louisiana is known for its biting critters and tough Drill Sergeants and on this Thursday afternoon we were low crawling our way to… Read More »

Under Construction for Next Several Days

[May 9, 2017]  For the next several days I will be reworking parts of blog.  Some of the work is cosmetic and some involves enhancing the speed of the website itself.  I’m also looking into using the site in new ways. Expect several “tests” to occur.  However, you should continue to have full access… Read More »

V-E Day and Victory in War

[May 8, 2017]  Those of us not adults on May 8, 1945 have no idea the rejoicing that took place on this date 72 years ago.  Victory in Europe was achieved at enormous cost in lives; so much given the price paid is simply beyond human imagination.  Yet when Nazi Germany unconditionally surrendered, and later… Read More »

You’re Going to Pay for Other Leader Mistakes

[May 7, 2017]  It comes with being a leader … eventually you’re going find yourself paying for the mistakes of other leaders.  New leaders should get used to the idea and present themselves professionally so the least amount of damage is done to them, other leaders, and to their vocation.  Practically, the best way to… Read More »

Respect: a Confusing Concept

[May 6, 2017]  On the afternoon of my first day in the U.S. Army I was taught to “salute all Officers” as a sign of respect.  Earlier in the day, I had been told by one of senior sergeants that if we wanted respect, then we would have to earn it.  At the time I… Read More »

Deferring Hard Decisions

[May 5, 2017]  Timely and accurate decisions are the linchpin to any good organization.  But making decisions, especially hard decisions, is not always easy or popular; moral courage is required.  A general officer and mentor of mine once said that senior leaders often have to choose between two terrible alternatives; it comes with the territory… Read More »

City of Baltimore: When Leaders Fail

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer] [May 4, 2017]  Ahhhh … identify politics continues to be alive and well in the City of Baltimore – a place I described as “stuck on stupid” just a few months ago in June when city leaders were adopting policies that simultaneously drove up crime rates and effectively… Read More »