Wongo Wongo & Purple Heart United

[August 7, 2017]  The many stories of World War II bring us closer to the veterans of that war and to their families … and so it should be.  One story involves a crewmember of the “Wongo Wongo” which participated in Operation Tidal Wave.  The operation was the costliest mission in U.S. Army Air Force… Read More »

Good is the Enemy of Great

[August 6, 2017]  It was instantly recognizable for its meaning to the soldiers waiting their turn to interview for Ranger School; the elite of U.S. Army schools and the one most respected.  Good is the enemy of great, carved in wood and hung above the desk of the most senior enlisted man at the school,… Read More »

Who Was Egyptian Narmar?

[August 5, 2017]  The ability to get into the mind of great leaders – thus to understand both their decision-making and their motivations – is the perfect way toward the wisdom of leadership.  The problem, of course, is doing this is impossible but we can discover hints about them.1  Today, I’ll explore Egyptian King Narmar,… Read More »

A Last Salute for Our Fallen Brothers

[August 4, 2017]  The evening was pleasant, not just with the weather, but to see so many of those who help make our community better at our local National Night Out here in southern New Jersey.  One prominent group participating was Last Salute – those who provide a last salute to our fallen brothers (and… Read More »

Reading List (Update):  The Making of Senior Leaders

[August 3, 2017]  I’ve made some changes to my Reading List (Update) as one can see when I published my last entry on Rudolph Giuliani’s book called Leadership.  The idea was to delve a little more into the content of the book by bringing up some of the author’s key ideas rather than just rushing… Read More »

The Most Essential Leader Trait

[August 2, 2017]  I’ve written before, here in theLeaderMaker.com that the most important leadership characteristic is “caring” about others (see link here).  While I believe that is true, there are many who make the argument that the most important leader trait is having a good moral foundation. Without a moral foundation, the argument states, there… Read More »

Focus on Your Core Mission

[August 1, 2017]  It’s easy to tell the difference in leadership priorities.  One of my favorites, and where I’ve had personal experience, is where the leader has a laser-like focus on the core mission (go figure!).  U.S. Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) James Mattis is a great example of this approach and one who is known… Read More »