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Respect: a Confusing Concept

[May 6, 2017]  On the afternoon of my first day in the U.S. Army I was taught to “salute all Officers” as a sign of respect.  Earlier in the day, I had been told by one of senior sergeants that if we wanted respect, then we would have to earn it.  At the time I… Read More »

Good Leaders Fix Responsibility … by design

[April 30, 2017]  Winston Churchill once said that “the price of greatness is responsibility.”  Of course it is.  Not only do great leaders accept responsibility, they actively seek it out and are nourished by the challenges that a position of accountability and dependability brings. Leadership also means possessing the skills to fix specific responsibilities on… Read More »

Pay Attention to those Who Ask Why

[April 29, 2017]  In 1935, American R.K.O. movie actress Ginger Rogers agreed to help raise awareness for the crimson flower known as the poppy.  Then as now, the red poppy was symbolic of the sacrifices of those who died in World War I.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars discovered that when they pay attention to… Read More »

North Korea: Kim Jong Un is at it Again

[April 28, 2017]  How do you measure a successful strategy?  That is one of the major issues over changing United States’ policies toward North Korea.  Over the past several weeks, the socialist dictator Kim Jong Un has followed a well-known successful strategy of using verbose and vitriolic rhetoric, threatening the community of nations, and showing… Read More »

Learning Leadership through Stories

[April 26, 2017]  My grandmother enthralled us with riveting stories of bravery, tragedy, and love of family in her travels across the Great Plains of the American Midwest.  She was just a girl when her parents and siblings began their journey in a Conestoga wagon pulled slowly by two large horses.  This was something us… Read More »

How to Fail: Hillary Clinton

[April 25, 2017]  If someone was to write a book on how to fail as a senior leader, then it must include the U.S. politician Hillary Clinton as the definitive example.  Her loss to Donald Trump, who was considered a weaker candidate, is not just about a failure to garner votes against a non-political opponent,… Read More »