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Good is the Enemy of Great

[August 6, 2017]  It was instantly recognizable for its meaning to the soldiers waiting their turn to interview for Ranger School; the elite of U.S. Army schools and the one most respected.  Good is the enemy of great, carved in wood and hung above the desk of the most senior enlisted man at the school,… Read More »

Who Was Egyptian Narmar?

[August 5, 2017]  The ability to get into the mind of great leaders – thus to understand both their decision-making and their motivations – is the perfect way toward the wisdom of leadership.  The problem, of course, is doing this is impossible but we can discover hints about them.1  Today, I’ll explore Egyptian King Narmar,… Read More »

Focus on Your Core Mission

[August 1, 2017]  It’s easy to tell the difference in leadership priorities.  One of my favorites, and where I’ve had personal experience, is where the leader has a laser-like focus on the core mission (go figure!).  U.S. Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) James Mattis is a great example of this approach and one who is known… Read More »

Best Advice from Junior Leaders

[July 29, 2017]  This article has been a long time in development.  It took me nearly a year to get results back from over 250 soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and coastguard personnel and then “rack and stack” the results on their best advice.1  I asked them a simple question; “If you were to give one… Read More »

Intelligence is no Substitute for Character

[July 28, 2017]  The United States Marines Corps’ leaders are fond of saying that the foundation for leadership is character, intellect, and integrity.  They also make it clear that character is higher (meaning of greater value) than intelligence as a foundation for leaders.1  In doing so they have based their understanding on many of the… Read More »

They All Need Mentors

[July 24, 2017]  An interesting development in the area of leadership growth in the U.S. military occurred last week when a gathering of colonels and navy/coast guard captains was convened to discuss how to more effectively develop leaders.  For the uninitiated in military affairs, there has been a wide-ranging dialogue on matters related to the… Read More »