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The Unsinkable Molly Brown

[April 15, 2017]  We deserve a little levity today.  In the United States, this date is when our annual taxes are due.  Today is also the anniversary of the RMS Titanic sinking, U.S. President Lincoln dying from an assassin’s bullet, and terrorist bombing the Boston Marathon; among other infamous events.  It is also the day… Read More »

Profile: General Raymond Odierno

[December 31, 2016]  Ending the month of December with a senior leader’s profile is a good way to push into next year’s leadership topics.  It is somewhat difficult to get an accurate idea of leadership qualities in modern senior leaders due to a number of factors.  However today, I’ll be profiling U.S. Army General Raymond… Read More »

Profile: Fidel Castro

[November 29, 2016]  Late last week marked the end of Fidel Castro, who governed the Republic of Cuba from its revolution in 1959 to 2006.  Many senior politicians across the world have marked his death with comments branding Castro as either an enlightened statesman or evil dictator.  But, there are some personal characteristics that can… Read More »

Profile:  Hillary Clinton

[October 21, 2016]  Great leadership means being capable of bringing people together to achieve a common goal.  Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for U.S. president, exemplifies this and other key leader qualities that are traditionally found in those individuals most successful in life and in politics. Clinton was expected to be the Democrat nominee from… Read More »

Profile:  Donald Trump

[October 20, 2016]  Great leaders are those that can simplify complexity and chaos, who can cut through to the heart of an argument, and offer solutions that everyone can understand.  This is what the best leaders from business, the military, and government do day-in and day-out.  Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman, is the Republican candidate for… Read More »

Upcoming Profiles on Clinton and Trump

[October 19, 2016]  Here at, I occasionally write a short “profile” on senior leaders.  Over the next few days I will provide a leader profile on Hillary Clinton and on Donald Trump.  I don’t normally give advanced warning on subject matters but given the interest in this upcoming election and the debate tonight, I… Read More »

Profile: Lord Robert Baden-Powell

[August 17, 2016]  Great leaders are made, not born.  Leaders have been told this from the time they were young children and those who believe it do well because they are proactive, demonstrate ingenuity, personally bravery, and trustworthiness.  Lord Robert Baden-Powell was a British General and founder of the modern Scouting movement.  His outstanding leadership… Read More »

Profile: Idi Amin

[July 28, 2016]  It is often that we hear about leaders who are evil, often narcissistic, and have caused widespread death and destruction.  It is our responsibility as good leaders to study them; their background, their leadership traits, and their accomplishments.  Idi Amin, President of Uganda 1971-79, is a classic case where culture meets evil… Read More »

Profile: Genghis Khan

[May 22, 2016]  The special characteristics that exemplify a great leader are no secret.  And so it is with the infamous Genghis Khan; conqueror of more territory than any man and feared by his enemies.  But does he deserve the harsh and unflattering portrayal as a ruthless, bloodthirsty savage like we’ve come to believe? Genghis… Read More »

Profile: Ronald Reagan

[March 17, 2016]  “Trust, but verify.”  This quote is classic Ronald Reagan, 40th President to the United States.  It exemplifies his ability to precisely put his thoughts into short, clear sentences and it tells us he understood the psychology of humans.  Reagan is considered to be one of the best U.S. presidents of the 20th… Read More »