The Green Book

[December 31, 2014] The 2014 edition is now available.

The Green Book on Senior Executive Leadership (2014 Edition) is published and accessible via this webpage.

This year’s edition is in a similar format but is updated with new senior leader characteristics. You can still download the 2013 edition from the link below.

As always, the Green Book is FREE for downloading and is this version is approximately 1.8 kb in size.


[December 31, 2013]  It’s here!!

The Green Book on Senior Executive Leadership (2013 Edition) is finally published and available on this page anytime.

In it, you will find all my “characteristics” of a senior executive leader from the year.  What a great way to easily access all the main articles from the past year.

Best of all, the book is in PDF format and is FREE for downloading.  Please take some time to sit back and relax to take the time to read some of my older musings on leadership.

Note that it is approximately 1.4 kb in size, so it may take a few seconds to download depending on your download speed.

As always, thanks for visiting me at






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