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Fear: the Last Frontier

[July 14, 2017]  On my way back from visiting my doctor, I was listening to a local FM station personality talking about how we Americans overrate the fear factor in our daily lives.  For example he noted that tomorrow’s high temperature is predicted to be in the mid-90s and considered “highly dangerous.”  He asked rhetorically… Read More »

Venezuela: Leadership Blinded by Ideology

[July 13, 2017]  From a practical viewpoint, leaders should be free from ideology, dogma, and preconceived ideas so they will behave properly and make the best decisions possible.  In the case of the current leadership of Venezuela, that is not the case.  President Nicolás Maduro, successor to socialist leader Hugo Chávez, is blinded by his… Read More »

Leaders Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon

[July 6, 2017]  Henry Ford was fond of talking about success and how thinking was the hardest part of work which makes it all possible.  That is, he explained, why so few people engage in thinking.  It follows that people are quick to jump onto a popular cause or fad; we just call it jumping… Read More »

The 4th of July and France

[July 4, 2017]  It is incumbent upon all leaders to remember and recognize important historical events for their present-day leadership value and for the significance in our society.  To do otherwise would make us irresponsible, obviously ignorant, and ill-mannered.  Such it is that we should remember the march of U.S. troops in Paris, France exactly… Read More »

Small Town Leadership and the Boy Scouts

[July 2, 2017]  Many young boys have had the opportunity to belong to the Boy Scouts and learn about good character development, citizenship, and personal fitness.  My son Sean and I spent many days camping and enjoying activities that a small town environment encourages through the local Boy Scout program. The scouting experience embodies those… Read More »

Delay in Maintenance: When Leaders Fail

[June 21, 2017]  Today is the first day of Summer and the media is full of stories about people being caught on malfunctioning trains, injured from falling building debris, and experiencing damage caused by road disrepair.  This is repeatedly the result of a delay in maintenance.  But, let’s call it what it really is …… Read More »

If You See a Need … Fix it

[June 20, 2017]  In the army we were always taught to never walk past a problem.  If you do, then you’ve just set a new standard of behavior – a much lower standard.  I thought people knew this but it was given a new lease-on life in my mind when I witnessed two soldiers walk… Read More »

Backlash Against Colleges & Leadership Failure

[June 19, 2017]  Last week I was traveling through the Kansas City airport and picked up the Kansas City Star newspaper.  In it was an article on University of Missouri financial troubles caused, in part, by a backlash from a series of racially charged protests.  Leadership failures at several of the university system’s campuses were… Read More »

Baseball, Coming Together, & the U.S. Congress

[June 17, 2017]  It’s easy to say that great leaders come from those capable of bringing people together for a common goal; it’s another thing to make it happen.  It can take a tragic event to force people to unite and that is exactly what happened after a socialist-Democrat attempted to murder Republicans practicing for… Read More »