Guest Article Guide [Updated]


Why I publish guest articles:

I see real value in these articles when they are relevant to my readers, informative and particularly when they display good senior leadership in action.  I enjoy reading about how other people tackle challenges and their impressions of the world of work and I’m always on the lookout for fresh new ideas.

What works well for my blog:

Anything that is useful for my readers has the potential to be good content for a guest post.  It can be related to senior executive leadership, great leaders, and ideally be derived from your own personal experiences.

Basic requirements:
  • Originality: Be 100% original – your own work.
  • Topic: Focus on relevant leadership topics of interest to my readers.
  • Wordcount: 400-550 words long.
  • [Updated] Images: I only accept images of the author in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.
  • Formatting: Please send your article as an MS-Word document or pasted as text in an email.
  • Email: Send your article to me at
  • Author Biography:  Include a couple of sentences about you that I can use as the byline.  Due to technical issues, I cannot add links to the biography but I can add it to the text of the article.
  • I reserve the right to choose what I publish.

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