Article Guide (Updated)

Guidelines for Guest Writers:

Why I publish guest articles:

I see real value in these articles when they are relevant to my readers, informative and particularly when they display good senior leadership in action. There is an expectation that all guest articles are of high quality and professionally written.  Those that are inadequate will be rejected.

What works well for my blog:

Anything that is useful for my readers has the potential to be good content for a guest post.  It can be related to senior executive leadership, great leaders, and ideally be derived from your own personal experiences.

Basic requirements:

  • Your article must be a COMPLELLING STORY, or discusses unique, interesting, and unusual information.
  • Originality: Be 100% original – your own work.
  • Topic: Focus on relevant leadership topics of interest to my readers.
  • Word Count: 450-550 words long (articles that are too long are the MOST COMMON mistake)
  • Images: Provide a clear image of the author in .jpg, .gif, png, or pdf format.
  • Formatting: Send your article as an MS-Word document or pasted as text in an email.
  • Email: Send your article to me at
  • Author Biography:  Include a couple of sentences about you that I can use as the byline.  Due to technical issues, I cannot add links to the biography but I can add it to the text of the article.
  • I reserve the right to choose what I publish.
  • By sending your articles to me for publication, you are agreeing that I retain the right to publish, retain, edit, or remove the article from my blog.
  • (Update) Third party articles are no longer accepted.  I only publish articles from the author that are personally submitted by the author.

There is no cost for publishing a Guest Writer’s article.

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3 thoughts on “Article Guide (Updated)

  1. Samuel Cox

    Coming up on the 40th anniversary of an opinion piece published in a May 1982 Sunday edition of the Washington Post titled, “Where are your responsible white leaders?”, by the late Reverend Ambrose I. Lane, Sr. You may be willing to consider an exception to your rules/guidelines for this article considering how it speaks to current events and the split in the country caused by the ‘big lie’ that is unraveling with greater speed daily. Give it a quick google and decided if you agree.

    1. Douglas R. Satterfield Post author

      Although published 40 years ago, most of it still rings true. I’ll highlight the article in my Daily Favorites. Thank you Samuel for bringing it to my attention.


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