Leadership is Long, Slow, Tough Work

By | September 20, 2019

[September 20, 2019]  The title of today’s article is from a quote by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower.  His sentiments reinforce the idea that leadership is complicated and difficult; an old theme of mind here at www.theLeaderMaker.com.  The longer one practices the qualities of leadership, the more it becomes apparent and, well, the more it becomes obvious. “I’ll tell… Read More »

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

By | September 20, 2019

[September 20, 2019]   The American people have never given up on those who are missing and unaccounted-for in wartime.  Family, friends, colleagues, community leaders, and all those who have maintained their continuous efforts to “never forget” are on the frontlines for a full accounting of what happened to these men and women.  Today, the President of the United… Read More »

Attitudes are Caught, Not Taught

By | September 17, 2019

[September 17, 2019]  It was in late November and early December 2004 that a U.S. Marine Task Force being called upon to push into Fallujah, Iraq.  The 1st U.S. Marine Division’s plan was to crush Iraqi insurgents upon the fortified positions of a U.S. Armored Brigade sitting east of the city; a classic hammer-anvil strategy. “A leader’s attitude… Read More »

Elements of Strong Leadership

By | September 16, 2019

[September 16, 2019]  Looking at mythological heroes and the stories about those heroes, we find that a common trait; they are physically strong.  They slay the dragon that’s been terrorizing villages, kill the shark that was eating tourists at the local resort, and save the city from Godzilla.  It’s an old story of humankind dating back into the… Read More »

I Love Being With the Troops: by Army Vet

By | September 14, 2019

[September 14, 2019]  Army Vet tells us a little about his time with troops in the field during peace and war.  He wants us to know what motivates and what a real leader looks like. Their cocky, exuberant, devil-may-care spirit: I love being with the troops.  There is nothing better than sitting in a foxhole (aka an improved… Read More »

Your Personal Sensitivities are Irrelevant

By | September 12, 2019

[September 12, 2019]  The fastest and most effective way to progress as a leader is to be in a crucible under fire and have your performance critiqued.  Those who lead men and women in our military regularly review their team’s ability to accomplish a mission.  During a review, the leader will receive feedback in its brutally honest form… Read More »