Remember your Faith

[May 18, 2022]  Faith in God is mocked as primitive and superstitious; at its best, faith is, we are told, for the uneducated and gullible.  No one who has seen the great scientific advancements in medicine, engineering, agriculture, and such, can believe in an unseen higher being.  Despite all this, remember your faith We can observe that we… Read More »

The Children of WWII Veterans Tell Stories

[May 16, 2022]  We rarely have the honor today of speaking with WWII veterans.  Nearly all have passed away, with only 240,000 still alive of the 16 million who served.  The War was the deadliest of all wars, lasting about six years and causing 70-85 million deaths worldwide.  It was the greatest generation who served, but we are… Read More »

Find the Dragon: be Responsible

[May 12, 2022]  “Be true to yourself.”  “Do your best.”  “I’m okay; you’re okay.”  No!  Wrong.  You are far more than you are; you are much better than you could ever believe you could be.  This is the old idea of personal responsibility; compete with yourself to better yourself, find truth where you can (and don’t be easily… Read More »