Your Past is Here to Stay

[June 5, 2023]  Until recently, a person could relocate to another geographic area, gain helpful employment, and start a family, thereby leaving past transgressions in the past.  The permanency of our past is, however, here to stay.  Many well-known people have experienced a bit of embarrassment when their past behavior and associations were made public. Things that occurred… Read More »

Priorities: Peacetime versus Combat

[June 4, 2023]   It is often said that a leader’s performance in a peacetime environment cannot predict how that leader will act in combat.  This well-known knowledge of human performance has been recorded since the Roman Empire.  Under peaceful, less dangerous circumstances, the military leader has priorities that differ from combat, where death is expected. “Inquiries are… Read More »

Target gets their Own Boycott

[June 2, 2023]   It looks like the superstore Target failed to get the message from parents.  “Don’t mess with our kids.”  In support of Pride Month (was this just Pride Day recently), Target put displays of children’s wear in front of their stores that included a line from a Satan worshiper, including tuck-friendly girls’ swimsuits for boys. … Read More »

Donut Dollies: Some Thoughts

[June 1, 2023]   Did you ever see the face of a troop in a combat zone who sees, for the first time, a young beautiful Red Cross Donut Dolly?  That troop is magically transformed from a mentally hardened, physically grubby and weary Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman or Coastie into a smiling, joking, happy, jolly, friendly person you… Read More »

U.S. Army Values

[May 31, 2023]   By discussing U.S. Army values, selecting an organization that clearly articulates its values is easy. The U.S. Army has seven values that follow the acronym LDRSHIP.  They are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Integrity, and Personal Courage.  There is the expectation that every Soldier, regardless of rank, memorizes and lives by those values. The… Read More »

Douglas R. Satterfield

Letters to My Granddaughter: Part 2

[May 29, 2023]  This is my follow-up letter to my granddaughter.  Shortly, I will be expanding this series to all my grandchildren.  Today, I discuss the beginning of one of the most significant points in my military career and where I learned more about human nature than ever before.  This is only a start.  Feel free to comment.… Read More »

Memorial Day Speech

[May 29, 2023]  Memorial Day is a time of recognizing those military men and women who have given their lives for our nation. It is also a time of parades, speeches, cookouts, and the unofficial beginning of summer.  Below is the Memorial Day speech that I gave nine years ago, at my retirement from 40 years in the… Read More »

Workplace Dysfunctions: Disrespect and Anger

[May 27, 2023]  I originally wrote this blog post with the title “Disrespect to Leaders” but realized that I was leaving out a big part of the picture by not including “anger.”  What brought me to this conclusion was an article entitled “America’s Anger Epidemic: Why?” by Dan Bowens.  It’s really about workplace dysfunction. To buy into the… Read More »