Reading List (Update):  The Wind Blue Yonder

By | August 30, 2021

[August 30, 2021]  In three weeks, we will be privileged to celebrate the birthday of the U.S. Air Force, created on September 18, 1947.  The National Security Act of 1947 was a U.S. law enacting several major restructuring of our military and intelligence agencies following WWII.  This is why, for example, that the Air Force shares its birthday… Read More »

General Mark Milley Must Resign NOW!

By | August 29, 2021

[August 29, 2021]  The American military no longer trusts you.  The American people no longer believe what you say.  You are a disgrace and embarrassment to the uniform and remain a standing beacon of failure for all to see.  U.S. Army General Mark Milley, you must resign NOW! Tear those four stars off your new nostalgic uniform and… Read More »

Douglas R. Satterfield

America Needs a Real Leader

By | August 27, 2021

[August 27, 2021]   America is pointed in the wrong direction.  Only a sycophant, willfully blind to reality and acting the part of useful idiots, believes otherwise.  And this is no temporary misstep or just a fluke.  America is headed in the wrong direction because Marxist leftists run it. Now, more than ever, America needs a real leader. The… Read More »

Intelligence is no Substitute for Good Character

By | August 26, 2021

[August 26, 2021]   While there are many aspects of leadership and good works, intelligence is no substitute for character.  Coaching, teaching, and mentoring are some of the processes that go into the makeup of a great leader and are of such importance that it has been recognized throughout the history of humankind. The United States Marines Corps’… Read More »

4 Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in Practice and Useful Tips For Building a Career

By | August 25, 2021

[August 25, 2021]  The development of professional, technical skills is necessary for a successful career. But hard skills alone are not enough to achieve the level of a top manager or an effective businessman. It is necessary to learn how to lead people, how to take responsibility for the work of the team, and how to be proactive.… Read More »

Advanced Book Announcement [Update]

By | August 24, 2021

[August 24, 2021]   In September, I will publish my first book, “Our Longest Year in Iraq.”  This is an advanced book announcement.  When my book hits the stores, it will be first available for your Kindle device.  You can read it on other electronic devices as well.  And a paperback version will come out as well. Below is… Read More »

When Character Counts

By | August 23, 2021

[August 23, 2021]   In a speech after the brutal U.S. Civil War ended, Army General William Tecumseh Sherman said, “I tell you, war is Hell.”1  He was a man who knew the viciousness of war and the terrible price people pay.  But he was also adamant that when the going gets tough, character counts more than anything else.… Read More »

Great Leaders have Unquestionable Integrity

By | August 22, 2021

[August 22, 2021]    If there is but one characteristic of great leaders that stands tall above all others, it is the possession of unquestionable integrity.  Without it, all the other key leader traits will amount to nothing at all. “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether… Read More »

Great Leaders Take Responsibility

By | August 21, 2021

[August 21, 2021]    If there had to be one common characteristic of leadership, basic to great leaders, taking responsibility would be it.  Only the very best leaders “own” what happens on their watch.  Excuses for not getting things right are the sign of weakness and cowardliness.  Every leader knows this. “The buck stops here” is a phrase… Read More »