Manly Sports:  Australian Rules

[May 24, 2021]  Famous American football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant once said that it’s “not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”  This quote is why I love manly sports; it takes enormous preparation to win.  Australian Rules football is one of those sports I enjoy watching. … Read More »

Political Leadership:  Dan Bongino

[May 23, 2021]  Business executive Seth Godin once said, “Leadership is the art of giving a platform for spreading ideas that work.”   That is precisely what Dan Bongino is doing.  Dan is a conservative political commentator and radio show host, Christian, devoted family man.  In the past, he was also as a NYC police officer and Secret Service… Read More »

4 Mistakes that Make a Leader Ineffective

By | May 22, 2021

75% of workers leave their positions because of poor supervisory management, making terrible supervisors the number one reason for employee termination. Why are there so many bad leaders? There are at least two reasons. First, many managers lack leadership skills. Management training was not provided to 58% of managers. Second, the majority of leaders believe they are better… Read More »

Is the Associated Press Morally Bankrupt?

[May 19, 2021]  The Associated Press – a prominent American news agency providing “news reports” – has itself been the subject of mockery since its reporters were exposed acting as Hamas propagandists.  This is certainly not the first time this organization acted in such a manner with other brutal regimes. The organization collaborated with the Nazis during WWII. … Read More »

Ready, Relevant, Resilient Leader Education

[May 18, 2021]  I have been consistent throughout my adult life in recommending a formal college education for those who want to advance themselves, especially leaders.  It’s an easy choice to make.  But today, I question such thinking.  I question it because our formalized education system no longer fulfills the function as designed. Education was once about the… Read More »

What Leaders Can Learn from the Hindenburg Disaster

[May 17, 2021]  Disasters are important and not necessarily for the reasons we might think.  Lessons learned from the Hindenburg disaster, which occurred in 1937, can help us today.  The Hindenburg crashed, killing 36 people at Lakehurst Naval Airstation, New Jersey.  While their deaths were tragic to their families, their deaths helped end a high-risk form of transportation.1… Read More »