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Do We Treat People Fairly?

[May 17, 2023]  The answer to the question is “no,” we don’t treat people fairly, we have never treated everyone fairly, and never will for many reasons.  One reason is a lack of fairness based in the law.  For example, Asian Americans are widely and openly discriminated against at Ivy League universities for admission.  This contradicts the basic… Read More »

Cow Rampage: a High School Prank

By | April 28, 2023

[April 28, 2023]  There is always room for a bit of light-hearted, cheery news.  The headlines blared, “Cow Rampages Through Illinois Neighborhood In Alleged Senior Prank Gone Wrong.”  From what I heard, the kids also bought a pig and some chickens with the plan to release them in their school hallways.  This is an old prank idea, dressed… Read More »

Dr. Fauci Lies Again

By | April 26, 2023

[April 26, 2023]  It has become increasingly clear that the primary contributor to the draconian COVID lockdowns was due to advice given by Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Since his retirement, Dr. Fauci has been active in trying to debase that fact publicly.  He does so again in a recent interview with a reporter from the New York Times Magazine… Read More »