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Take a Knee

By | June 10, 2019

[June 10, 2019] Last year while visiting Arlington National Cemetery, I came upon a group of U.S. Marines who had taken a knee next to the grave of their Company Commander who had been killed in battle. They were showing their respect for the man who had saved them in 2004 at the Second Battle of Fallujah. To… Read More »

It’s the Camaraderie

[June 3, 2019] Like many before me who served in the military, I’m repeatedly asked what I miss about being in the service. “Do you miss the action?” is a common question but misses the point about why our military folks miss being around other service members. Military veterans will tell you that they miss the people because… Read More »

The Comfortable Leader

[June 1, 2019] There’s some old advice given to new military leaders (typically, just-commissioned officers) that goes something like this; you can’t become a good leader by being comfortable. Like the fictional character, Robinson Crusoe, who spends 28 years on a remote island, we’ve all encountered great challenges, obstacles, and people who want us to fail. “It is… Read More »