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Slackers, Cowards, and Dummies

By | November 20, 2018

[November 20, 2018]  I was laughing, the kind of laugh we rarely have, while my good friend Frank was telling me about the people where he worked.  You see, Frank is a “character” himself and to hear his stories about acquaintances at work was really entertaining. You see, Frank calls those who he works with, “slackers, cowards, and… Read More »

Chateau Generals

By | November 15, 2018

[November 15, 2018]  Much is to be learned from war whether we want to admit it or not.  Now that we are at the 100th anniversary of the end of the “Great War,” most citizens remain reluctant to revisit the horror so that we may learn valuable lessons.  One lesson is that great leaders do not lead from… Read More »

Lions Led by Donkeys

By | November 10, 2018

[November 10, 2018]  Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.  Today that war continues to provide valuable lessons for those who believe leadership can make a difference.  Lions led by donkeys is a popular phrase used to describe the British Infantry during the war.  It is said that valiant British troops (the “lions”)… Read More »