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Profile: H. Ross Perot

By | July 25, 2019

[July 25, 2019] Great leaders don’t suddenly arrive on the world’s stage; they work hard to get there. So it was with H. Ross Perot, a complex man of many talents, but because of his daring, I am highlighting him today as one of those special people we should all consider emulating. A hero in many aspects, Perot… Read More »

Don’t Learn Bad Habits

By | July 20, 2019

[July 20, 2019] New and young leaders are often placed in a position where bad habits are easily learned and encouraged. As regular readers of my leadership blog know, I’ve been at Scout Camp for the past week where most of the scout counselors are not yet 18 years old. One challenge adult scout leaders were facing was… Read More »

The Thinkers Club

By | July 18, 2019

[July 18, 2019] Great leaders think about the future and imagine great possibilities. Their job is to envision something exciting and even ennobling. In this way, they get buy-in for their ideas and enthusiasm for the way to get there. Several years ago at a company called Juniper Networks, a senior staff member created a group called the… Read More »