Vietnam Vet Quotes


1.  Inspire or be Inspired…Or Die

2. When you are at the intersection of this way and that way- Go your way.

3.  I pray today that all veteran deaths are due to natural causes.

4.  I pray today that all outbound homeless pick up buses for standdowns return empty

5.  I pray today that all veteran crisis hotlines become cold.

6.  I pray today that there are no new combat veterans created.

7.  We all should experience these 4 things daily- hugs/thanks/love/salutes.

8.  If you take 5 strokes to complete a hole in golf and you report a 4, you have no integrity. If you have no integrity, nothing else that you have matters.

9.  Do not expire before you’re dead! Be Engaged In Life! LIVE!

10.  The first question VA counselors ask the veteran, “Have you thought about hurting yourself, or others ?”. The second question should be,  “Have you tried to help others ?”

11.  Since handshakes will be banned in the US of A for awhile, all American citizens should learn the sign language for “I Love You” and dispense it throughout our great land. “I Love You” day. Pick a date. 360 million to flash the love sign to each other and to the rest of the world’s citizens.

12.  Emotional Obesity- Created by too much thought to unconstructive and unproductive matters that weigh on the human psyche.

13.  Turn road rage into road love- pull over nicely and give them the 3 fingers of love ( sign language for I Love You).

14.  During 50 hours of VA PTSD recovery classes needed to heal unseen wounds inflicted by hate (war), only once mentioned was the word LOVE.

15.  Create MEL’s ( Monumental Emotional Lifts):Your experiences at homeless stand downs, helping disabled veterans make poppys, play bingo, missions of honor, wreath laying at memorials, name reading at memorials ,allowing your creative gifts to flourish so you can distribute paintings, songs, books, jokes to those needing those gifts of yours. The demons will still come on unscheduled visits, with unpredictable force and fury but will have less time to run amok in your head. Think of  MEL’s often ( they are positive mental exercises and affirmations), build them, photograph them, schedule them, attend them, and embrace them. Then walk through them every day to remind you of them and strive to create. more, and more, and more.

16.  I did not start the Vietnam War… and I cannot stop it.

17.  Horoscope- LIBRA “The helium of emotion is so weightless you’re not even aware you’re carrying it around with you. And yet when you encounter those who need your compassion, you have plenty to give”. I asked a homeless man if I could buy something for $5 from him. He said for $5 he would give me all of the pile of belongings next to him. I said I want only to purchase a hug for $5. He stood up, wobbled a bit, then hugged me twice. I told him I only had. $5. God Bless You My Best Friend Today, he said. 2 hugs for $5. Rittenhouse square- 11/20/18

18.  I had a special love and brotherhood with those I served with. I have the same love and brotherhood with those I am recovering with.

19.  Do not throw your napkin away. I carried a napkin in my pocket for 6 months and almost tossed it many times.

MMM… it was lyrics to a song: “Come Home My Vietnam Vets”. A healing song I was inspired to write for veterans. I recorded it and handed out several thousand CD’s so far  in the Philly area.

20.  I pray today that all children in hospitals will be discharged free…free of whatever qualified them for admittance.

21.  I pray today that all soon to be angels and saints in assisted living and hospice care be treated like the kings and queens that they truly are now.

22.  I pray that the protectors of our world citizens need only to watch for random unprovoked violence brought about by mother nature….not human nature.

23.  I pray today for the release of prisoners behind brick and mortar walls, and forgiveness of their past discretions against man made and God make laws and are ready to discern and fulfill their true destiny and purpose.

24.  I pray for the freedom of prisoners behind walls of addiction, hate, violence, ego, $, and distorted ideology, and are ready to discern and fulfill their true destiny and purpose.

25.  The root cause of the 22 per day veteran self inflicted losses :

Is not Nixon

Not the NVA

Not The VC

Not the Military Industrial Complex


It is war.

The wounds can only be healed by compassion and love.

The love and compassion through service and support to and from others.

Only LOVE can quash today’s war.

Only LOVE stands in the way of the next war.



Emotional POW’s/MIA’s

PTS Casualties W/Blunt Force Trauma To The Mind, Spirit & Soul

Help Bring Them Home Before They Become One Of Tomorrow’s 22

Reach Out!


Help Bring Them Home!!!!

No One Is To Be Left Behind!!!!


27.  Help the emotional POW’s/MIA’s find their pearl.

An oyster battles an irritant 3 years to beget a pearl.

I battled my irritant PTS 44 years then wrote a song in 5 minutes- “Come Home My Vietnam Vets”

My pearl is a beautiful, magical, healing melody for you my fellow veterans.

Do not give up the search for your personal pearl if you have not found it yet.



28.  I watched a sole golfer today play a par 3 hole late afternoon.

A bit blinded by the sun, I counted 3 strokes and congratulated him on a par.

No, he said, I took 4- you must have missed one.

He has integrity.

He said he just retired after teaching high school for many years.

I told him that he uplifted me knowing that there are thousands of his pupils now spread out over the USA with integrity.

Imagine a soldier with integrity taking no mulligans.

Imagine a politician with integrity taking no mulligans.

Imagine Wall Street with integrity taking no mulligans.


I can – after meeting Dave.


29.  Letter to “Tiny Dancer” who lost both legs in an accident.

God blesses you and always has, and will be with you every moment of your life.

God Loves You & Always Will!

The world loves you and always will.

I love You.!

Please do not despair as you are destined to save in your lifetime many more souls than Jesus Christ himself in his lifetime.

Jesus only had 33 years to do his work.

You will have 100+ years.

Your eternal friend in Christ.


30.  Letter to performer friend who lost a leg in an accident: Congrats, you made the top of my nightly pray for list. Please recover quickly because many more covet that spot. Also your audiences pray for you and anxiously await your return.


31.  Heading to a gas station to fill the tank at peak pricing, I had a $100 bill in my pocket. At a busy intersection I looked down to see a man with no legs with his hands reaching up. As the light changed I floated the bill to rest in his cupped hands. His quote: “WHOA”


32.  I was able to assist a homeless man with 1 leg secure temporary housing. I asked him, ” Now Frank what is your next big wish- I prayed  for you to be granted that  next big wish”. He said I can’t believe it, but I just did receive it. I said how could that be? He said, he asked for forgiveness and received it!


33.  My bingo partner last month before lockdown at a veterans home fought in 2 wars and lost 2 legs. We won the final game- coverall which gave Sam $ 3 worth of credits at the canteen for candy bars and snacks. One of his last smiles maybe- now in hospice with not a window. No visitors, no drive by. I love you man!


34.  It is not a question of whether the demons will come. The question is will you do battle armed with your lonely self, or be prepared to use all tools and armies available to you in the natural and the supernatural.


35.  The simple one line actionable step for blunt force emotional trauma to the psyche to prevent veteran, opioid, and suicides is love. The cause of battlefield war is hate, the same cause for the opioid wars, and any other self inflicted pain (physical or emotional) is hate of oneself and of one’s condition, and of one’s ….

The solution for both then is the same.


Love heals battlefield emotional trauma.

Love heals the self hate that fuels addictions and all other emotional pains that lead to the 22 daily veteran suicides, the 1217 opioid annual Philadelphia deaths, the…

Our common creator has many millions of Deuce & Halfs full of individual custom packs of that miracle legal, life and soul saving drug.

Get some.

No Co-Pay

The most underused 4 letter word in the English language:





Before you do it.

The people who love you are worth staying around for.

Who will answer the phone if your buddy calls for help or to offer you help -the

next day? Mom…Sister…Wife?

Think of your funeral and your family, friends, veterans who are there.

The profound, immense, immeasurable grief that will be laid on them.


Please reach out, and come home to be loved and healed.

If you think you are alone, think of those who will attend who love you, veterans you know and veterans you do not know but who share the bond of love and brotherhood only you and them understand. Think of the veterans who will grieve and provide you with an honorable resting place for heroes


You are loved and are being searched for right now.

The search teams want to help you, love you, heal you. so that you can recover, and provide assistance to others who are lost and left behind.


You are not forgotten!


37.  Get Inspired. Get Involved. Do something for others with the gifts and blessings you have today. If you don’t you may as well have stayed in bed in the fetal position.


38.  Give a hug ( a nod, smile, prayer, $ 1, or what’s your name ) to the downtrodden- for you it is gourmet nourishment for your soul, for them you may have given them one more earthly breath.


39.  Give a shit about something or somebody.


40.  Author of next quote unknown. One word or a pleasing smile is often enough to raise up a saddened and wounded soul.


41.  Cannot be a PTS patient only. Need to strive to be a PTS patient with a purpose.




Memorials Visits/Name readings

Wreath Layings

Homeless Stand Downs

Poppy Sales

Groups meetings, large and small (2+)

Honor Flights

Diet/Exercise- love thyself

Review and Replay Your miracles Received, Given, and Participated In.


Think about “Love”

Reduce alcohol/drug use

Reduce judgments based on looks and status.

Allow your genie to come out and express his/her self regarding your proper path to board your ” Personal Destiny Train”

You will know you are on it because the burn of zeal and desire to move in the direction ” only you” were chosen to go is center mass chest and not brain.

  • Music
  • Art
  • Plays
  • Act
  • Political
  • Lead Book
  • Speak
  • Preach
  • Fix
  • Build
  • Pray

The “Personal Destiny Train” can be boarded any time before your last breath.


43.  Lynda Van Devanter’ quote next. Vietnam Nurse. Book “Home Before Morning” page 316. I dreamed…thousands of American mothers ( relatives) were walking in the streets of Saigon ( or today’s world) carrying the bloody bodies of their dead sons (relatives). Above the wailing,  screaming and gnashing of teeth, one wonders constantly, repeating: WHY?. I – Each of us has to answer that question for ourselves or we will not ever prevail nor cease man made and God made wars.


44.  Day 50 ( 4/30/20) in my hunker bunker I awoke amazingly with this song playing in my head:

“Top Of The World”

Karen Carpenter


Such a feeling’s coming over me

There is wonder in most everything I see

Not a cloud in the sky

Got the sun in my eyes

And I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream


Everything I want the world to be

Is now coming true….. but not quite!



45.  Last visit with one on one buddy at veterans home before lockdown:

Many advanced stage physical maladies but all of those overshadowed by zeal for life, love of sports and interacting with fellow vets in his wing. He has very advanced stages of courage and love.

I asked what his fav song was ,and did he ever sing it during karaoke.

No, he said.

I said what is the song and whatever it was I said I would love it if he would sing a few bars of it for me.

Of course, he said and belted out without missing a beat a full rendition of “You Belong To Me”.


I gave  him a snow globe, with a soldier saluting the flag, while the National Anthem plays.

I said he deserved to be saluted every morning.

I asked the RN to play it first thing each morning for him.

Upon leaving we exchanged the 3 finger “I Love You” sign language and then I would salute him smartly .

Miss you Ken.


46.  MEL (Low)

Monumental Emotional Low

The event that caused and triggered PTS- (Pain, Violence, Hate, Guilt)

The “beast” lives here.


Snap back out of here soonest and get to an area where the MF’er does not like to roam- like a PTS group breakfast, group veterans meetings, churches, hospitals, memorials, VA clinics, veterans homes etc..


47.  Songs to play over and over and over to bring veterans back from the emotional POW/MIA minefield.


Reach Out…I’ll Be There

He ain’t Heavy…He’s My Brother

You’ve Got A Friend

Come Home My Vietnam Vets


48.  To identify emotional and verbal abuse :


Did you have to hide from words that made you scared, fearful.

Where do you go?

Every day?


49.  Suicide Prevention Button-Help I fell down (emotionally) and I cannot get up.



Of 22 Veteran Heroes Every Day

Name: PTS


A Serial Killer Who Preys On Military Veterans With PTS



51.  A quotation from Robin Williams Jr. 2/22/18:

“The disease in my head will kill me”.

And it will if he lets it…or…

He attempts to deal with it by himself…alone!!!


52.  The soldiers in Vietnam used more “F” bombs than all of the other wars combined!!!






Our Enemy PITS ( PTS) is a nasty MF’ER

He wants to kill us.!!!!



Meet Him

Greet Him

Cage Him

Own Him

Do not let him own you.


Take full responsibility for your recovery and growth utilizing all as needed VA resources/programs/personnel in conjunction with supplemental programs that prove to be uniquely effective to you.




Upper Deck

Bob Reilly


Battleship New Jersey


Vet Springfest


The 2400 boots that housed the feet of the 1200 vets here today left footprints on every continent on this earth for freedom.!

They did what they did to give us this day… and yesterday…and tomorrow. Heroes one and all!! All on an appropriate magnificent monument and testament to enduring freedom.




Bob Reilly


Battleship New Jersey

Upper Deck



There are 2 types of people on this ship today:

Heroes i.e. the 1200 vets

Those that support heroes

Therefore this is a “Ship of Heroes”.

All on this ship today are heroes.

Since those that support heroes become heroes themselves.




56.  OATH

The oath I took to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic…

…Had no expiration date!

In theory then today I am still on “active duty”.


It is consistent with how I felt yesterday, today, and will feel tomorrow.

God Bless All Who Have Taken The Oath!


57.  Chronic Combat Conditions

CEC- Chronic Emotional Constipation

I can’t/don’t talk about it, do not want to talk about it.

CEC -Chronic Emotional Diarrhea

…I do not stop

….Thinking About It

….Talking about it

….Writing About It

….Singing About It

Seems like catharsis-emotional healing thru the arts.

I had CEC for 44 years –  not pleasant progressed to volcanic eruption

Now have a case of CED for last 7 years.




Shit Will Happen To You. All hell will break loose.

You are doing what you are doing because you are driven/obsessed to do it.

It is your purpose. Some rational humans do not do it because it moves the body and mind too close to the fire.

You ,however, are chosen.

Many love you for it, so many you will never know.

May glimpse it in the eyes of a well wishing “Welcome Home” or “Thank You For Your Service” greeter.


  1. There may be pain/agony beyond what you could imagine.

Emotional Pain:




You will be protected from all you cannot handle.


Because you choose to be.


Relentless albeit furious forceful application to heal will lead to healing,

and ultimately love ( love of self, then love of others).


  1. Untreated PTSD Will Lead To:










Victory of the beast



61.  Eulogy ( funeral parlor digital) for my best friend Russ Zlilich in Vietnam.

1 and a half years after his passing 2/23/14.

Never spoke to him after Vietnam.

I lost a lot here.

Russ was my mentor, older bro’ buddy, counselor, and confidante for 2 weeks shy of 1 year..

He attended the 10 week FDC school and trained me when I was assigned to FDC OJT ( on the job training).

He did not save my life, but he would have if the occasion arose.

He did, however, do so much to save parts of my mind, spirit, and soul.

During the early training he would correct me saying, “Get your head out of your ass Reilly“.

Very soon to save words he would say, “Extract”.

Took a while but I did eventually get it.

First training session was on the use of the radio and memorization of the military words for the alphabet.

Numbers were same, except “niner” substitutes for nine.

Had our differences, i.e. he liked Jimi Hendrix and I liked Motown.

He liked race cars and Watkins Glenn, and I liked Pro football, and College Basketball.

But we shared a bunker and most everything else that year.

A profound memory:


0300 hours

Fire Support Base Rifle, south of Hue and Phu Bai

Russ and I sitting on ammo cases in the FDC bunker above 2 feet of water- 

Red Cross calls to notify me that my wife gave birth to a boy- x tall, and x lbs. and Mom and son healthy!

Russ was in the 2 ft of water in a nanosecond when the radio crackled (quelched) to the chart (map tables) thinking it was a fire mission.

Russ sloshed over to me and gave me a firm handshake and congrats.

Man hugs were not yet invented.

In lieu of cigars we shared Slim Jims and in 3 minutes Russ leaned his head back against the dirt wall, pulled his boots back up out of the water, and closed his eyes.

I stared at the quiet radio and was hit with a wave of homesickness as heavy as bricks.

I flipped on the ARVN network on our transistor radio.

“Homeward Bound” by Paul Simon

I Wish I Was.

And 137 days and a wake up I was homeward bound.


India  Lima Oscar Victor Echo.. Yankee Oscar Uniform..Mike Alpha November


62.  Dad sent me a great care package to me in Vietnam.

Sardines, crackers, cheese wiz, cashews, pb and jelly.

Perfectly packed, individually wrapped, and taped tight as a drum similar to the way his department at the Frankford Arsenal packed M16 ammunition.

His attention to detail was consistent with his responsibility as Quality Assurance Supervisor.

Next letter came with the question, “What did you like the best?”.

By far Dad, I responded, the most liked, treasured item was the wrappings.

I laid out the wrappings, collated them, and smoothed them out and passed them out.

A newspaper- The Philadelphia Bulletin!

Dad called in a subscription ( they gave him pro bono) and he gave my San Francisco APO box.

Soon the newspapers came- in cardboard tubes.

Some days depending on delays in the 10,000 mile delivery trek for my paper boy I received 10 at a time.

Reilly, Reilly, Reilly etc…-some I caught, some not, some in the mud.

I sorted them by date, and opened one a day and passed all except sports to the team, and then we rotated them to everyone.

I was following my Alma Mater, LaSalle, who was kicking NCAA hoops ass.


63.  Donut Dollies were recruited out of college by the DOD.

After short training they spent a year in Vietnam visiting troops from base camps, to firebases, to the boonies, hospitals, and the USN off shore.

Their mission was to provide encouragement to the troops.

The DD that arrived at my fire base arrived in a soft hat, a rain slicker, and game board, in penny loafers with 2 cents, 1 in each shoe….and with monumental amounts of compassion and courage.

We were still taking sniper and rifle shots from a 12 hour battle with the NVA the night before.

At least I had a steel pot, a helmet liner, an M16, 20 magazines of ammo, 2 hand grenades, a flak jacket, and combat boots.

Transported just like the grunts, and me (an Arty boy) via helicopter, jeep, deuce & half, 5 ton, swift boat, and slow feet.

And some crashed, were shot up, and there were vehicle accidents, hot LZ’s, and 627 anxious families at home.


There were 627 Donut Dollies that served in Vietnam- 4 gave all…but names not on the wall.

The 623 have the same agent orange , heart, cancer, Parkinson’s, anger, relationship, job issues, of course that many Vietnam Vets have.

But No VA benefits!!


  1. HANNAH CREWS- Overturned jeep
  2. VIRGINIA ‘GINNY’ KIRSCH’-  Murdered by US soldier
  3. LUCINDER RICHTER- Died on hospital ship from Guillain Barre Syndrome
  4. SHARON WESLEY- Died in crash of first “Baby Lift” 4/4/75 on C5 Galaxy…along with 58 other female caregivers of orphaned children of US servicemen…100+ children died.

1. THEY ARE VIETNAM VETS ( God damn it!)- they earned the title with boots on the ground for 365 days just like I did.

They should be able to join VVA Legion VFW as full members (not associate)

  1. They earned a “day”- DONUT DOLLY DAY
  2. They earned a medal.
  3. They earned infrastructure to be named after them.
  4. They earned VA BENEFITS
  5. They earned lead spots in parades
  6. “HELLO DOLLY”- They earned  a theme song. My friend Joe Griffies on his radio tribute show to Donut Dollies 7/28/18 played the song 8 times by 8 artists throughout the show while interviewing some of the survivors.

They embrace the Donut Dolly term as an affectionate endearing way the vets addressed them and loved them for what they did and represented.


64.  I met Joseph, a blind veteran about 50 yards from the nearest building behind him. Can I help you sir, I say? No, says Joseph, “I am doing homework”.

“My project goal is to reach the office on my own”.

What I say, “Joseph, you still have 50 yards to go then”.

Yes, the VA teaches me here every week and it may take me another year to get there.

No doubt about it Joseph you will get there.

Most veterans vision impaired do not know that they do not have to be service connected to receive VA help.

Another blind vet friend, Charles also receives great help from the VA that also aids him in competing successfully winning the Olympic Blind PowerLifter gold medal events.

Again, a veteran vision impaired occurring after military service. yet receiving world class treatment.

The VA was on the Joe Griffies Welcome Home Show recently and confirmed

that they help 400 + blind veterans in the Philly area, but the number should be much higher because veterans believe their sight loss has to be service connected.


65.  An all nighter -11/17/69 Fire Base Fuller – USA vs. NVA

My summary based on ORLL reports, S & S, and personal accounts:

  1. American artillery ruled that night and next morning with a ferocious counter assault from 8 batteries with thousands of rounds expended.
  2. The fog cover restricted all other aerial support except illumination.
  3. Over 100 NVA mortars landed inside the perimeter and did not detonate.
  4. One howitzer pulled from a gun pit to fire beehive rounds.
  5. The only FO directed artillery was provided by Lt. Butte via sound exposing himself to great danger.
  6. He guided the medevac helicopter by sound onto the pad again exposing himself to great danger.


Medals for valor were submitted by the battery commander but the US Army neither approved nor denied.

Congressional supported searches were launched to no avail.


There is no statute of limitations related to expression of sincere thanks to those who risked their lives so that others could return home safely.









66.  Doctor Johnson, Doctor Johnson:

Excuse me, but I noticed at the candle lighting ceremony for the 64 students from Edison HS ( highest in USA) there were only 61 pictures shown. Yes Bob, searches by many, for many years have not located the families, nor pictures.

Would you allow me to try?

Go for it Bob.

Found the first hero in 24 hours ( wow this is going to be easy)

The second hero took 6 months.

The third hero took over 1 year.

All just in time for inclusion in the Stars & Stripes tribute to the Edison 64 in the veterans day issue, and in the book, “Edison 64 “.


67. Not I quote- but so profoundly powerful.

I read this letter on the Joe Griffies Welcome Home Veterans Show tribute to the 64 students from Edison High School in Philadelphia- the highest total in the USA. The 64 died so that 64 formerly homeless veterans could be lifted from the gutters of life and move in 2/28/20 to a portion of the building they were educated in.

Written by Charles Joseph Antonelly, a 19 year old USMC,  to his 4 month old son when he deployed to Vietnam for the second time. Charles was the first of the 64 to die ,11/6/65, The last of the 64 to die was William B Blackmon Jr. 63 months later 1/17/71.

“I know that you are much too young to understand what I say, but they say babies can understand everything for they know God…

We of the United States believe in freedom and have to defend this whenever necessary. I long to be home with you and your mother, but as such God prevents it as it is his will that I am here…

Ask God to protect your mother and yourself until I get home. Tell God that you can be his personal representative down on earth to keep an eye on her and keep her well.”

The 64 students that perished in the Vietnam War is the highest total in the USA.


68.  The creative arts that you are inspired to complete strongly resonant with the intended audience. Remember do not throw your napkin away!

“Come Home My Vietnam Vets” song review by former Vietnam Donut Dolly.

I listened to your “Come Home” song and cried.

I will be taking my comfort dog and your song when I administer to Vietnam Vets in Hospice.


69.  The beast (Satan himself) promotes and markets addiction disguised in many ways:

BOLO- Be On the Look Out!

ALcohol- Hey me name is Al let me buy you a drink, and another drink. Al is a nice guy.

OPIoid- Names OPIE, I am new here  , can you show me around. Opie is a nice boy.

HEROin- You’re a hero you earned a few discretions. heroes deserves party times after such hard times and triumphs.

PTS- The demon (PITS) agrees and reinforces all of the negative events and hits replay over and over. Counterpunch by replaying positive events experienced in the past and present, and plan more for tomorrow. Hang out/participate in veteran events and seek always ways, big and small to help others. Hang out at churches, veteran homes, memorials, parades, where the beast does not like to roam..


70.  My quoted reaction to this B card from my grand ( and she is) daughter last year:

  • Pop Pop thank you for existing!
  • Dear Poppop, Happy Birthday! I’m so thankful to have you as a grandfather and father-ish figure. You are so friendly and loving towards everyone and always chase your dreams! You are inspiring and relentless.!
  • Have another great year!!
  • Love You More!


71.  I have a veteran’s crisis line keychain.

  • It has 22 links.
  • It right now can fit over each finger.
  • The question God damn it is:
  • Are we doing enough so the next reported number of links needed does not cause the  link to loosen more.


72.  Powerful Quote in “Pine Barrens Tribune” 10/19

  • “Our Love one’s loss is immeasurable.
  • But so is the love left behind”.
  • I had the greatest honor of my life unveiling and assisting in the dedication of a “Chair of Honor” at Rothman Institute in Marlton in honor of US Army  Corporal Francis Toner who is still MIA since the Korean War and to honor the other 82,000 of his brothers and sisters who are PRISONERS OF WAR AND MISSING IN ACTION.
  • I had a few comments:
  • I wrestled with what I would say.
  • Actually I realized what was important was what THEY would say.



  • Please do not grieve a lifetime over my shortened life span.
  • I am closer than you know and I love you .



  • Please do not be shackled with guilt.
  • LIVE!! your freedom is my  gift to you for the sacrifice I made.
  • Corporal Toner’s sister, Jeanette Toner Schelberg,  gave a very moving description about her brother and the impact the loss has on the family forever.

73.  The only one that can do IT…is the one who was born to do IT!


74.  I had another huge honor being asked to say a few words at the “Chair of Honor” dedication at Rothman Institute in honor of Vietnam MIA Captain Ronald Leslie Bond, USAF and the other 82,000 of his brothers and sisters who are PRISONERS OF WAR AND MISSING IN ACTION 11/8/19. I was again very humbled by the measure of the man and his accomplishments in such a short life span of 24 years. Little league team – state finals. AAU diving champion. Tri County swimming and diving champ Wrestling champ USAF Academy grad. Richard Jarvis trained with Captain Bond at the academy and said that Ron was one of the best liked of the 50 of them, always with a smile and a great sense of humor. He loved flying, life and the world. Al Wilson was in Ron’s navigator training class and said Ron was a great guy and a real role model. Intimidated by the profile I wanted to earn the honor to say even one word about him. I needed to see if I could walk one step in his shoes. With my wife, who grew up in the same town, we GPS’ed our way to 50 yards from his street where he grew up. Only an unnamed GPS dirt road needed to be crossed. My wife commanded, Stop- the street has a sign and a street name- REILLYWOOD. OK he is now helping us big time. His yard backed directly up tp soccer, baseball,  and football fields, playgrounds and gym stuff, and running areas. OK, now we get it. His first deployment he was “the guy in the back” navigator. On R & R he came home to be fitted for contact lenses in order to become a pilot-” the guy in the front”.


75.  I am an author.

My book, “The Cost Busting Guide For Manufacturing Companies” was not NUMBER  ONE on the New York Times best sellers list.

But I did sell ONE.

I sold it for $ 500.

The book is a 36 page how to reduce costs at a manufacturing company.

I considered $ 5 per book but changed it to $500 considering that I divulged my secrets to save $ that I estimated at one point to be $250 million over 30 years if they continued the projects I laid out.

But at $ 5 I would have sold 100 books.

More market unit penetration would have been a better thing.

I learned that lesson when I recorded my first song, “Come Home My Vietnam Vets”.

I handed out thousands in the Philly area so far and I receive many thanks and compliments from individuals who picked it up at veteran event tables, VSO offices, Phila Vietnam Memorial, Joe Griffies Welcome Home Veterans Show etc..


76.  POEM

June 14, 1969, 1600-1800 hours, Fire Support Base Panther 2. Vietnam’ PFC Robert A. Reilly



  • I Left My Heart with My Wife
  • Went off to war to risk my life.
  • So That Others May Some Day Be Free
  • As We Were So Lucky To Be
  • To Leave Her Gave Me So Much Pain
  • I Only Hope It Is Not In Vain.
  • She Waits Alone Bearing A Child
  • Worrying How I Am All The While
  • Occasionally She Sheds A Tear
  • With Me She Needs And Wants To Be Near
  • A Baby She Knows Will Be No Bother
  • But For Months It Will Know No Father
  • For I Am Thousands Of Miles Away
  • For The Cause Of Freedom I Say
  • I Am Fighting An Enemy, A Wicked Foe
  • He Is Vicious, Mean, And Evil I Know
  • But He Is A Man I Can’t Deny
  • Borne Of God The Same As I
  • Then Why All This Fighting And Mess
  • Killing and War Are Meaningless
  • Why Does Man Pursue These Things
  • When Really No One Ever Wins
  • Man Should Live In Faith And Peace
  • All Hate And Violence Should Forever Cease
  • If During My Tour I Should Take A Life
  • I’ll Wonder If He Also Had A Child And Wife.


77. SONG

  • “Come Home My Vietnam Vets”
  • Written By Robert Reilly
  • Co Writing Credits: June Reilly, Alyssa Perkins, and Joseph Mangold
  • Musical Composition: Joseph Mangold and Doug Evans, owner, Penny Fox Recording Studio
  • Vocals: Joseph Mangold
  • Recorded at Penny Fox Recording Studio, Phila., Pa.


  • Faded photographs
  • Covered now with lines and creases
  • Pictures torn in half
  • Memories of bombs and faces
  • Traces of war that did not turn out right
  • Traces of war that I’m still fighting tonight


  • Homeward bound
  • I wish I was
  • Homeward bound
  • Home
  • Where my mother is praying
  • Home
  • Where the teardrops are flowing
  • Home
  • Where my young wife is waiting
  • Silently for me


  • William, Leo, and Al
  • Come Home, Come Home, Come Home
  • Some say you’re not home yet
  • Come Home Come Home Come Home
  • Come Home My Vietnam Vets
  • To
  • 1 Corps (Pronounced Eye Core)
  • 2 Corps (Pronounced 2 Core)
  • 3 Corps
  • 4 Corps
  • And MAC V


  • To the fly boys
  • The ground boys
  • The arty boys
  • The brown water boys
  • And to the boys on the deep blue sea
  • To the Dollies, the Molly’s, and the Mary’s
  • Who have served so faithfully
  • Come Home Come Home Come Home
  • Come Home My Vietnam Vets
  • Some say you’re not home yet
  • Come Home Come Home Come Home


  • We want to hug you
  • We thank you
  • We love you
  • We salute you


God Is With Us This Day!

Bob Reilly