Leadership Comparison: Biden vs. Trump

By | October 28, 2020

[October 28, 2020]  In this article, I compare the leadership qualities of Joe Biden and Donald Trump; both running for the U.S. presidency.  Alas, hype defines this election, mostly driven by a media accused of both political partisanship and prejudicial censorship.  Any leadership comparison is a difficult task, one that data mining, analysis, and the application of seasoned judgment.

To make a clean and fair assessment of these two men is possible.  A reading of their websites, analysis of their speeches, and their campaign strategies over the past one year can give us a glimpse into their leadership today.

A few comments before the analysis:

First, a note about my biases.  I readily admit my bias against the destructive and insidiousness of socialism as an ideology.  I also am a patriot and am unapologetic about it.  And, lastly I support our police and other first responders and do so without reservation.  I also believe that our federalist system and the U.S. Constitution is the best and deficiencies can be addressed within its current design.  I believe our American values define us.

Second, I have done my research with care.  The qualities of leadership I use here, follow leader themes taken from articles in my senior leadership blog written over the past seven years.  Please refer to both the articles in the blog, my recommended readings (which I have carefully read), and other outside material written on leadership.  After several decades in leadership roles, I know a bit about what it takes to be a successful senior leader and what follows is not just about leadership but about senior leadership.

Third, there is little here about specifics of the Presidency in terms of political policy or strategy.  For example, there is no judgment on foreign policy, environmental regulations, immigration, oil and gas exploration, etc.  This analysis focuses on leadership qualities.

1 Experienced Judgment 47 years in politics. Defined by leftist political positions. 50 years in business & 3.5 years in politics. Defined by conservative values.
2 Being Present & Visible Puts a “lid” on appearances.  Often stays at his home without public comment. Highly visible, conducts many interviews, willing to talk with a hostile press.
3 Clear Vision “We’re about to go into a dark winter.” “Make America Great Again.”
4 Drives a Positive Culture “America is a racist country.” “I love the American people.”
5 Accountability Changes positions when viewing his record. Says US citizens will hold him accountable.
6 Decisiveness Slow to make a decision. Uses committees or commissions. Makes big decisions quickly.
7 Intellectual Competence Smart but has cognitive impairment.  Difficulty articulating thoughts. Smart and articulate.
8 Inspirational Sees a dark future and drives a “hunker down” approach to life. Wants to open society and reject fear.
9 Gets Results No one can name a significant accomplishment in his tenure. Middle East peace, no more wars, tax reductions, growing economy.
10 Honesty & Integrity Caught in numerous lies about his education and family background. Unfaithful to his wife many years ago.
11 Adopts American Values Rejects values like hard work, religion, staying out of trouble with the law, etc. Fully embraces American values and speaks about them often.
12 Dealing with Unknowns Deals with unknowns by studying the unknown with the “experts.” Willing to make decisions without all the information.
13 Humility Says he is the best at everything and exaggerates. Says he is the best to be President and exaggerates.
14 Mental Toughness Forgets when under pressure and avoids unscripted events. Can be nasty when pressed but doesn’t avoid critical situations or events.
15 Has Big Ideas Yes Yes
16 Zealous Commitment Only partly committed to running for president. Highly committed.
17 Adaptable Yes Yes
18 Great Communicator No, too much time avoiding the press and other means of communication. Yes, esp. in his use of Twitter.  Criticism that he may communicate too much.
19 Builds Trust & Confidence Difficult to judge this because he does not communicate his positions well. Yes, but only in a narrow group of dedicated fans. Abrasiveness is a problem.
20 Spinoffs Media gives full support.
Hollywood celebrities are on board.
Spontaneous Trump rallies unrelated to Trump campaign


Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

Hello. I provide one article every day. My writings are influenced by great thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget, Erich Neumann, and Jordan Peterson, whose insight and brilliance have gotten millions worldwide to think about improving ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog.

76 thoughts on “Leadership Comparison: Biden vs. Trump

  1. Winston

    Sir, you nailed it. Pres. Joe Biden is EVIL, corrupt, senile, and destructive in everything he touches. Even Obama knew this, and did nothing to stop Biden.

  2. Phillip LeConte

    “Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation.” Retired US Navy Adm. William McRaven to Donald Trump

    DT has emasculated his followers.

    1. Julia

      Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in this one. — Darth Vader

        1. Laura Mosier

          She is a product of her environmental leftist mentality–can’t see beyond the great beliefs and actions of our forefathers and all who actually defended–by war–Julia’s right to freely speak her opinion, in every arena in the US.

  3. David Michael Fink

    Donald does not love the American people. He loves the money American people have and you should give yours to this noble grifter. This is because you are brain dead and even the Donald functions better than you do.

    1. The Observer

      …. and Joe Biden loves Chinese money. Your point? Might want to spell it out to us less smart, knuckleheads.

  4. James Rodgers

    Some leader that Trump fellow,.,; he cajoled and led thousands to an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol which was an attempted coup within our country. Sorry General it’s best that you stick with General Aubrey Newman as your guide to real leadership and not expouse the traits traitor.

    1. Army Captain

      Gen. Aubrey Newman was a real man’s man. He reminds me of what real men are like and one of his traits was that he never ever whined or complained. Gen. N was a man of action. This article does a great job of making leadership trait comparisons between Trump and Biden. And, I do believe we can now “see” the results of an incompetent, dementia patient as POTUS (great division among Americans, high inflation, open borders, high crime, attacks on police, grooming small children to be transgender, incompetent retreat from Afghanistan, giving $100k each to illegal immigrants, return to energy dependence, authoritarian covid mandates, war on parents, attacks on the nuclear family ….). Need I say more? Only a blind man would ignore this. Let the liberal, neo-Marxist whining begin.

      1. Laura Mosier

        Amen Captain–you speak volumes for the Americans who know AND appreciate the sacrifices made for EVERYONE to speak freely without fear of reprisal… while understanding that all words and actions have consequences–good and bad–you’ve seen it up-close and personal. Thank you for your service and thank GOD for the USA.

    1. Unwoke Dude

      Gen. Satterfield is a stand-up guy who puts his cards on the table. Good for him and for us. Great list.

  5. M D

    You can put a successful infrastructure bill under Biden’s accomplishments now. Trump has several ‘infrastructure weeks’, but could never be bothered with the actual process of building law. Trump was infrastructure weak. Biden got it done. And he’s got the lowest jobless claims since the 1960s. So, there’s that, too. Also, I severely question the rejects religion comment. He’s a practicing catholic. Trump doesn’t go to church. He can’t even name a bible quote. Also, under honesty and integrity you simply put that Trump cheated on his first wife a long time ago. Really? He’s cheated on all 3 of his wives. His ‘foundation’ was shut down, just like his ‘university.’ He has been proven to have lied over 10,000 times while in office. Also, you can add “led an insurrection against the capitol” to your list.

  6. Cat A Miss

    Great article and should be posted on every workplace bulletin board for all to read and think about. There will be those disposed to ignorance and can be ignored. All others will see the poor leadership in Joe Biden and now also in Kamala Harris. Poor leadership leads to serious problems and we are seeing it.

    1. Joe Joe

      He doesn’t care about the US, he cares about his own $. Are you that blind.

      He thinks the American people are stupid, and the accountability they will have is non-existant (which is why he lies non-stop, he thinks he will NEVER be held accountable).

      Clear vision: Make America Great Again
      That is not a clear vision, that is a moronic campaign slogan.

      Most laughable thing I’ve read in a while

  7. KenFBrown

    I can only hope that the corrupt and decrepit hack and a depraved opportunist Joe BIden doesn’t get elected.

      1. The Observer

        Hmmmm, not much of an argument using name calling. That’s the sign of …. Well, you know, the thing.

      2. Mother Picasso

        Specifics please, David. Show us a mature argument not child-like name calling.

  8. Harry B. Donner

    Very good analysis. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else.

    1. Willie Shrumburger

      Reading this article, Harry, makes me suspect that most of the US population only votes out of pure emotion. And that, my friend, is a dangerous way to exist.



        Go to my website read the material and look at the videos on YouTube about the conscious and unconscious motivations if you are interested in learning more.

  9. Pink Cloud

    Hi Gen. Satterfield. I want to compliment you on this article dealing with ‘senior leadership.’ I have looked around for a site for a long time like this. The 20 items you have a helpful for those like me who are just beginning their leadership journey.

  10. Gil Johnson

    Great analysis, Gen. Satterfield. No matter which side you decide to vote for, this analysis of leadership should be something you first read. Leadership matters a great deal because it is the grease that lubricates the wheels of political policy. And, Joe Biden has the wheels of socialism as his policy base.

    1. Roger Yellowmule

      True! I re-read these 20 items again to see if I missed anything and found them spot-on. Highly recommended for those studying leadership, esp. at the senior levels.

  11. Sadako Red

    All items on Gen. Satterfield’s list is worthy of our attention. No one can argue these make up most if not all major categories of leadership. Well done, Gen. S !!. What I want to point out is one of them in particular. “Decisiveness” It’s buried in as No. 6 but probably the most crucial leader characteristic. You can be the smartest, strongest, most resilient, and most honest but if you cannot make decisions quickly and accurately, you will fail miserably. Just keep that in mind when you go to vote this coming Tuesday. Trump is out there making decisions, campaigning, and doing the good fight. Biden is hiding in his basement and when he does come out his people hustle him away before he says something stupid.

    1. Fred Weber

      We miss you Sadako Red. Please write more on the Portland antifa protests along with their allies like Nancy Pelosi and BLM.

      1. William DeSanto

        Yes, we do miss big RED. The sooner you write another article, the better place the world will be. Your insights are wonderful and enlightening.

  12. Albert Ayer

    Excellent, hard to argue with this. I will nitpick a bit and say that more details and references would have helped.

    1. Anthony "Tony" Benson

      True but still a great article that no one else has done.

  13. Drew Dill

    Another exceptional article from this leadership blog. Well researched and documented. Thanks.

  14. Randy Goodman

    Gen. Satterfield tells us, upfront about his biases. That is the mark of a good man. However, I will add that most of us here have the same biases. We want good people to be leaders, those with the right skill sets, the courage, and the intelligence to be a great leader. Who wouldn’t want that? These biases are what distinguishes a great leader from a mediocre leader.

    1. Doc Blackshear

      Leaders have biases, period. If you know them, you may want to adopt those same biases. For example, I believe in hard work to get ahead. That is a bias. If you want to be a leader, then you must work hard, period. Think about it.

      1. Bill Sanders, Jr.

        True statement Doc. I haven’t seen you in the comment forums lately. Great to have you back.

  15. Lynn Pitts

    Regardless of who you plan to vote for in this upcoming election on Nov 3, pay close attention to what Gen. Satterfield has created as a leadership checklist. I found it, in itself, to be the best part of today’s article.

    1. Janna Faulkner

      Yes, like ‘who has big ideas.’ This is a relative concept but tells a deeper story. Good comment, Lynn.

    2. Jonnie the Bart

      My favorite on the list is “dealing with unknowns.” That is what is really really tough for a leader to handle well. That is the mark of the great leadership traits.

      1. JT Patterson

        Jonnie, I’m with you. Those leaders who cannot adjust to unknowns and find solutions and direct people to how to solve those unknown problems, are not very good leaders. Keep these articles coming our way, Gen. Satterfield. Some may think you are partisan but we know better. This is how you discuss leadership and learn how to best implement leadership responsibilities.

    1. Scotty Bush

      Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement:
      President Trump is rallying in Tulsa with thousands of energetic supporters, a stark contrast to the sleepy campaign being run by Joe Biden from his basement in Delaware. Sadly, protestors interfered with supporters, even blocking access to the metal detectors, which prevented people from entering the rally. Radical protestors, coupled with a relentless onslaught from the media, attempted to frighten off the President’s supporters. We are proud of the thousands who stuck it out.

      1. Jerome Smith

        “Sleepy Joe” what a nutjob. Or is he just mentally impaired. Why doesn’t he release his medical records. I don’t give a crap about his tax returns (for now any way). I want a leader who has the mental facilities to do the job.

        1. Sean Matthews, Jr.

          We may try to let others know that we don’t have biases but we all do. It’s about being human; only a robot is without bias…no, they have bias too (in their programming). For those who are sane, we adopt biases that serve us well and promote us, our family, communities, and the nation in whcih we live. So, let’s not disparage bias. It’s always there. Adopting bad biases like laziness, wickedness, etc. is not a good thing ……

        2. Yusaf from Texas

          Yes and of course. Slow Joe, as I call him (ha ha, others too) is the worst presidential candidate in the entire US history. He’s like a rock.

  16. Jonathan B.

    #20, spinoffs, just a comment. I’ve been watching a bit of YouTube and found many many videos of spontaneous Trump car rallies across all sectors of the nation; from Brooklyn NY to small-town America. The crowds are saying “I Love You” to Trump when he speaks. The rallies are uplifting spiritually. Just go and search for them and you will see for yourself.

    1. Mike Baker

      My bad, I’d like to read more about this list that Gen. Satterfield has laid out for us. This is the first I’m seeing it. I don’t think, IMHO, that anyone could argue with this list of 20. I would like more on them. Yes, yes, I know that Gen. Satterfield has written about them in the past but more now would be great. Anyone have any leads?

      1. Dead Pool Guy

        Hi Mike. There is plenty of info on leadership studies, both professionally written and in blogs like this one for you to read up on these issues.

      2. Dale Paul Fox

        We could, of course, add to this list but it stands as an exceptional body of analysis you will not find anywhere else. I searched and couldn’t find anything to compare. Well done, Gen. Satterfield.

  17. Kenny Foster

    Joe Biden does drive any of this, so don’t get too much on your high horse, folks. He truly wants what is good for America. But the problem he has and his people and those that want him as President, is that he is having mental problems. Imagine, if you will, someone who is mentally deficient being president? I can’t. America will suffer. If Biden had any sense, he would quit.

  18. Willie Shrumburger

    Just WOW, WOW, WOW…… this is one of the more detailed analysis that I’ve seen when comparing Biden and Trump. I recommend that Gen. Satterfield now compare these men on politics: immigration. foreign affairs, welfare, govt bureaucracy, etc. Those are the topics I’m interested in reading about.

  19. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    I enjoyed today’s blog post by Gen. Satterfield. I hope that he keeps doing more of these.

  20. Max Foster

    People want leadership. It matters not what our station in life is, we desire leadership (teaching, coaching, and mentoring as Gen. Satterfield says) —- maybe because of some inherent feature of humanness but we do need it to survive better and easier. Great article.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      I agree with all you wrote, Max. Thank you! I will add that Gen. Satterfield has been on top of this since the beginning of his blog. He goes for the throat about those who are corrupt (I mean that in the widest of terms) and is not opposed to naming names. Sometimes I only wish he would give more details. This articles starts that process. Now, it’s up to us and him to take it further.

      1. JT Patterson

        Very true Yusaf. And we should all take in as much info as we can. That is what real leadership is about. These 20 items by Gen. S. are just a beginning but they signal what we should all strive for.

        1. Eric Coda

          My bet is that it won’t go viral. The media suppresses anything right now that goes against Joe Biden. I’ve seen it and others have written about it. If you find anything, it’s way down on any list and covered up as much as possible by the social media companies. My bet, personally, is that this article will also be buried.

      1. old warrior

        I guess most of us have figured out this leadership thingie !! Ha Ha. In all seriousness, anyone with a brain cannot vote for the decrepped, mental deficient, old man Biden.

  21. Tom Bushmaster

    POW, powerful … what else can I say. The differences in “leadership” are stark. The contrast could not be more obvious.

    1. Nick Lighthouse

      I was about to write the same thing, Tom. This article is powerful. It goes to the heart of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Yes, the contrast could not be more obvious but too many folks cannot see it for their ideological blindness.

    2. Newtown Manager

      Well put and yes I agree this is the kind of comparison you will not see anywhere. Rarely do your find such a website that actually has the author (with tremendous experience) go to the trouble of laying out the key qualities of a leader. Then, go thru and rate people by name. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Thanks. Regardless of which side of the political divide you are on, this will help you understand key leadership qualties.


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