Minimalist Leadership Skills

By | October 27, 2020

[October 27, 2020]  Our society is unnecessarily complex and, in response, our humanness is in search of something. We search for those things which we are assured we cannot live without. This is equally true in business and can be equally harmful.  If you want to improve your organization’s performance your life, your leadership, and your business model, one way is to take a minimalist leadership approach.

Clearing out Clutter

It is always efficient to clear clutter from your life no matter where you do it. It can be a cupboard, a desk, a computer, or even in your brain. The same result will ensue. You will be able to concentrate on the essentials once and possibly retrieve some useful treasures which have been hidden underneath.

Taking Risks

If you are running your own business you need to be a leader. Being a leader means knowing when to take risks and when to hold off. Risks may be big financial risks or small every day ones but if you shirk them, your life and business will suffer. Discussing them endlessly is a bit like keeping clutter. You go round and round without getting anywhere. Take a deep breath and do it. Otherwise tear up the papers or put them through the shredder, chapter closed.

Leading by Example

Doing so is vital. If you spend half your day looking at social media, personal email or playing war games online, you cannot expect your employees not to follow suit. If there is a big match on TV, consider closing early and letting everyone go home to watch it rather than have them working at half pace and possibly making mistakes. You will have a happier crew in the morning.

Employing Necessary People

Do not think you are a superman. You may be a creative genius or a fantastic engineer but that does not mean you can fill in a tax form or work out next year’s budget or sales targets. If you cannot easily pick up the work, employ someone who can. It will save you time and money in the long run. But do not employ unnecessary people. Take time to look at what really needs doing as opposed to things that have always been done and see what you can ditch or outsource.

Time Management

It is often very difficult. So many things need your attention and there can be a tendency to start half a dozen and finish none. Make a concerted effort not to start one job until the previous one is complete unless it is urgent.

As the leader, you will have to oversee everyone else’s time management and organization too. Try to ensure that each employee has fairly clear cut duties and targets. Once again, no clutter and no vague responsibilities will help to keep everything in order and up to date. If someone is ill or on leave, you should be able to find any information you want in their files or database.

The minimalist approach can undoubtedly help you to achieve what is good leadership skills. It may take a little practice. Be patient and it will soon be second nature to you.

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Author: Richard Woodard

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6 thoughts on “Minimalist Leadership Skills

    1. Mikka Solarno

      I agree, Richard has done a good job for us. Some basics are covered well, the logic is okay, and he makes a convincing case for the minimalist approach. 😊

  1. Harry Donner

    Mr. Woodard, first let me say thanks for writing in Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog. Second, you have something new overall but with some of the basics of leadership. I think what you are saying is that the best way to be a successful leader is to do your best to keep things simple. This is the old KISS principle (keep it simple stupid). Well done.

  2. Randy Goodman

    Interesting take on leadership. Yes, Richard, you’ve done something I’ve not seen before and put forward the proposition that leadership can be in a minimalist way. Something for me to think about.

    1. Tom Bushmaster

      A new twist. Randy, I think I agree. Now this idea should be expanded upon by someone. Maybe Richard can do so for us here in the comments forum. 👍

      1. Len Jakosky

        Yes, very interesting. I never heard of this idea to be a minimalist leader before. Good job, folks in getting me to roll this around in my head for a while.


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