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You Gonna Be Called Names

By | July 31, 2021

[July 31, 2021]  No matter who you are, what you do, where you go, you will be called names as a way to make you appear less intelligent, less handsome, or less popular.  Frankly, if you care, you will never be a great leader.  Letting your emotions dominate your thinking inevitably hinders your actions and decision-making abilities.  But,… Read More »

Our Education System is Failing Us

By | July 29, 2021

[July 29, 2021]  The complaint that our education system is failing us has been around since Socrates.  In more recent centuries, when that “system” – the formal application of state-sponsored teaching – is corrupted, the result has been the downfall of nations.  Education is the soul of society. Our failure as responsible members of our communities to address… Read More »

Will I Be Watching Soccer?

By | July 26, 2021

[July 26, 2021]  I’ve been a baseball fan since before I can remember.  My dad and I would watch games, especially when “our team,” the New York Yankees, played.  Last year I stopped watching when players began doing stupid stuff that involved disrespecting America.  Major League Baseball has decided to throw in its lot with the Democrat Party… Read More »

The Cleveland Guardians

By | July 24, 2021

[July 24, 2021]  The Cleveland Indians baseball team has officially announced yesterday that they will be renamed the Cleveland Guardians at the end of this season.  The announcement came in a video on their social media site.  The decision shows us that when you go stupid, sometimes you go stupid all the way. Cleveland opted to change its… Read More »