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Sun Tzu:  Win Without Fighting

[May 5, 2021]  A recent article in War Room, a U.S. Army War College’s professional publication, addresses an important strategic issue.1,2  With global proclivity to deter all war, senior political leaders must come to grips with a new age of economic, informational, and political competition. “The majority of military theories that underpin modern U.S. strategy and doctrine are… Read More »

The Downside to Politicizing the CDC

[May 4, 2021]  Throughout the West, we are witnessing an unusual trend.  Organizations of all stripes are being politicized, where their mission changes depending upon political party affiliation.  The downside to politicization is the usefulness of that organization. A recent example is the U.S. Center for Disease Control.  Tasked with protecting American health, safety, and security threats, both… Read More »