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Clearing the Spindle: Wokism

By | January 21, 2022

[January 21, 2022]  I’m sick of wokism.  Wokism, a pernicious ideology that has wrecked grief and misery upon all of us because it requires, at its very core, a soft tyranny bordering on fascism, destroying the unfaithful and crushing our souls.  It is the forced acceptance of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference as the fundamental defining characteristic… Read More »

Dougisms: Some Not-so-Random Thoughts

By | January 19, 2022

[January 19, 2022]  Occasionally, I offer some not-so-random thoughts in writing that I’ve stored away in my mental rucksack.  My “rucksack” will never be retired.  Today, I’m pulling out a number of these for comment.  I like them.  Regular readers will instantly recognize the list.  Some have taken to calling them “Dougisms.” Dougisms: Tell the truth or you’ll… Read More »

Getting After It

By | January 15, 2022

[January 15, 2022]  Shortly after returning from my first deployment to Iraq in 2005 (documented in my recent book), I was notified of another pending deployment.  2006 and 2007 would find me again in Iraq with about a year off for “good behavior.”  A good friend told me that I should be happy ‘getting after it again. He… Read More »

Off-Line for a Few Days

By | January 14, 2022

[January 14, 2022]  Yesterday, I had no post on my blog, something very rare.  I make it a point to post each day.  Part of posting is the discipline making it so.  But due to a sudden medical condition, I spent many hours in my local hospital Emergency Room.  I’ll be off-line for a few days. A few… Read More »

Find Your Next Mission

By | January 1, 2022

[January 1, 2022]  I believe it most appropriate to look ahead to the future in this first article of the New Year.  The year 2022 will bring unexpected challenges to advocates of liberty, self-determination, and prosperity.  Those who chose the most challenging way ahead to this end will be rewarded as we find our next mission in life.… Read More »

Our Ignominious Retreat from Afghanistan

By | December 28, 2021

[December 28, 2021]  The image of U.S. Army Gen. Chris Donahue departing Afghanistan will forever connect his actions to America’s ignominious retreat from Afghanistan.  Major Gen. Donahue, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, stepped aboard a C-17 transport and left Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on August 30, 2021. History will not be kind to those in… Read More »