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Stop Race Discrimination!   

By | July 20, 2023

[July 20, 2023]  Good news for all Americans.  With the recent Supreme Court anti-race discrimination decisions in colleges, our nation’s long march to crush race discrimination has been revitalized.  The winds have changed, and although the SCOTUS decision deals with college admissions and didn’t touch on employment, we now can see the argument is beginning to shift.  And… Read More »

Talking About Free Speech

[July 6, 2023]  It is not surprising to those paying attention that the U.S. Government has been using social media platforms to suppress free speech.  They have encouraged media giants to remove what they see as “misinformation.”  Gee, what could go wrong with the government telling us what is misinformation?  Plenty. On July 4th – our Independence Day… Read More »

Pick the Best Dog

[July 3, 2023]  As a young man, I trained dogs, earning my way after High School.  My job was to pick the best dog for the grueling task of personal bodyguard to “special dignitaries.”   Doing so implies, of course, that the best dogs exist.  Some trainers claim all dogs are capable and worthy.  A practical way to think… Read More »