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America’s Donation to the Taliban

By | September 5, 2021

[September 5, 2021]  We tend to forget why American and allied forces were in Afghanistan before our inglorious retreat.  Perhaps some do remember the 9/11 event that occurred 20 years ago.  The Taliban were harboring Al-Qaeda, a Sunni Islamic terrorist organization that killed thousands of U.S. citizens on that date. In today’s new ‘Woke’ culture, we are rewarding… Read More »

Self-Awareness is a Must for Great Leaders

By | September 2, 2021

[September 2, 2021]  Leadership today involves navigating some of the most difficult situations without any signpost markers along the way telling us which way is best.  That means leaders must be, by definition, resilient, tough-minded, and inner directed   Yet, more than anything else, a leader must have the self-awareness to “see” solutions to the obstacles of life. “I… Read More »

Flag Officers 4 America

By | September 1, 2021

[September 1, 2021]  The pushback from real Americans on debacle after debacle coming out of our government is gaining steam.  New organizations of patriotic Americans are at the grassroots level, noting the epic failures of Marxism.  One of these new groups is Flag Officers 4 America. There are many more like them, but today, I’ll highlight some of… Read More »

Intelligence is no Substitute for Good Character

By | August 26, 2021

[August 26, 2021]   While there are many aspects of leadership and good works, intelligence is no substitute for character.  Coaching, teaching, and mentoring are some of the processes that go into the makeup of a great leader and are of such importance that it has been recognized throughout the history of humankind. The United States Marines Corps’… Read More »

When Character Counts

By | August 23, 2021

[August 23, 2021]   In a speech after the brutal U.S. Civil War ended, Army General William Tecumseh Sherman said, “I tell you, war is Hell.”1  He was a man who knew the viciousness of war and the terrible price people pay.  But he was also adamant that when the going gets tough, character counts more than anything else.… Read More »

Great Leaders have Unquestionable Integrity

By | August 22, 2021

[August 22, 2021]    If there is but one characteristic of great leaders that stands tall above all others, it is the possession of unquestionable integrity.  Without it, all the other key leader traits will amount to nothing at all. “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether… Read More »