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Advice for Junior Leaders

By | July 15, 2020

[July 15, 2020]   Good news; junior leaders are given a high quality, respectable identity, and significant freedom provided by society.  There will be no other time in the life for such a leader to have this much opportunity.  Today, we all have full access to the most celebrated thinkers civilization has ever assembled, perhaps even beyond human comprehension.… Read More »

Who is Robert Woodson?

[July 7, 2020]  A good leader is someone who can show another how to reach their potential.  A great leader helps that person discover their potential for themselves.  That is what Robert Woodson is all about.  Controversial, tough-minded, creative, and patriot; these words describe the man, but who is he? Former civil rights leader Bob Woodson is a… Read More »

You’re a Coward

[July 6, 2020]  There are no words in the English language that is worse than being called a coward.  Growing up in a culture steeped in military customs and populated by veterans, I feared being called a coward or, worse yet, a yellow-bellied snake.  The rhetorical references are explicit; if you are a coward, then there is nothing… Read More »

Work Hard, Play Hard

[July 5, 2020]  I first saw the men of 111th Sapper Company on the outskirts of Baghdad back in late 2003.  What these Soldiers did was hard work.  They had just returned from a grueling mission of finding and destroying roadside bombs and were getting their baseballs and gloves out for another fun game.  Their commander, a red-haired… Read More »

Commander for a Day

[July 2, 2020]  It’s familiar practice for senior military leaders to provide a day for junior enlisted men or women to step into the Commanders’ role.  Being “Commander for a Day” is an opportunity to open one’s eyes to leadership responsibilities, hard work, and effort necessary to shoulder such a position.1  It also allows a Commander to walk… Read More »