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Eating Meals with Others

By | June 10, 2022

[June 10, 2022]  Long before I was introduced to the “business luncheon,” I’d found it professionally productive to eat meals with others.  Yet, I took ‘eating meals with others’ for granted and overlooked the many not-so-obvious benefits.  Some nihilists would say I do this to enhance my career; they would be wrong. In an earlier article titled Eating… Read More »

The Ukraine War: old-fashioned Attrition Warfare

[June 5, 2022]  The behavior of Russia’s leaders before and during this Ukraine War has been predictable.  They do classic Russian kinetic warfare, better known as old-fashioned attrition warfare.  Yet, every one of the West’s “experts” was wrong and often spectacularly wrong about what Russia would do in such a conflict. The Soviet Union and now Russia’s method… Read More »

Dimensions of Senior Leadership

[June 2, 2022]  During the last U.S. Presidential election campaign, I compiled a list of leadership qualities that define senior leadership.  I’m opening them up again because it’s time to re-think what I wrote at the time.  I developed these ideas over a long period of my military career. This “list” can compare and contrast politicians and others. … Read More »