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It’s Necessary to Be a Man: Dr. Jordan Peterson

By | February 20, 2024

[February 20, 2024]  Too many feminists, politicians, and radical leftists are attacking manhood in the West.  However, some are pushing back on this ideology by giving us well-reasoned arguments about why manhood should be preserved.  Dr. Jordan Peterson is one of those who makes plain, common-sense arguments about the good side of manhood. In a short take, he… Read More »

Rich Cooper on the 10 Red Flags

By | February 12, 2024

[February 12, 2024]  The dating game.  It sure has changed over the past decade, and if you’ve not been paying attention, then you’ve missed some fantastic debates among men and women.  Rich Cooper “is an entrepreneur, private equity investor, content creator … and high performance coach.”  He often discusses “red flags” for women and I have a list… Read More »

Jordan Peterson: Symbol of Truth and Freedom

By | February 4, 2024

[February 4, 2024]  The war of ideas is ON.  Dr. Jordan Peterson, psychologist and bestselling author, just lost the appeal that ordered him to undergo “remedial social media training” because of what he believes.  His “debauchery” was for tweeting his opinions, something Canada’s College of Psychologists of Ontario did not like. “Canada’s constitution guarantees freedom of conscience, religion,… Read More »

Photography and Beauty

By | January 14, 2024

[January 14, 2024]  Look to where beautiful things are and where life’s outcomes are lovely.  The Epoch Times covered the winner of the International Wedding Photographer of the Year (link here).  Annually, prizes are handed out for the best photographs in several categories.  This year, the prize went to Tara Lilly of Whistler, Canada, for a superbly well-timed… Read More »

My Thoughts on Evil Leaders

By | January 10, 2024

[January 10, 2024]  Evil leaders exist.  While leadership means many things, it ultimately means getting people to accomplish a goal.  Leaders come in a range of abilities and outcomes in performance – great, good, bad and, yes, evil.  But one category, the evil leader, deserves special mention. Several years ago, I was presented with a DVD of recordings… Read More »