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Who was Wilhelm Röpke?

By | January 25, 2019

[January 25, 2019]  Leadership comes in many forms.  Yet, of the more undervalued leaders, those who provide moral and intellectual arguments for or against a particular idea hold a special role.  Their advocacy can be compelling as it was for Professor Wilhelm Röpke (sometimes spelled Roepke). Wilhelm Röpke (1899 – 1966) devoted his life to combating collectivism in… Read More »

Command Presence

By | January 11, 2019

[January 11, 2019]  You don’t need a chest full of medals, possess a fabulous resume, or have a handsome face to have it.  Command presence is a leader’s projection to everyone present of an advanced form of authority, trust, and respect.  Often described as an allusive quality, command presence is plainly noticeable when you observe someone firmly in… Read More »

Characteristic # 106: Self-Awareness

By | February 8, 2018

[February 8, 2018]  Leadership today involves navigating some of the most difficult situations without any signpost markers along the way telling us which way is best.  That means a leader must be, by definition, resilient, tough-minded, and inner directed  But more than anything else, a leader must have the self-awareness to “see” solutions to the obstacles of life.… Read More »

Who Was Mary Edwards Walker?

By | December 30, 2017

[December 30, 2017] My intent here at is to not only discuss the core attributes of leadership but to also provide outstanding examples; those people we can look at to improve our skills and inspire us. Today, I will be recognizing Mary Edwards Walker, born 1832, American abolitionist, prohibitionist, prisoner of war, and surgeon. Mary Edwards Walker is… Read More »