Wanted: Adult Supervision at Columbia

By | June 25, 2024

[June 25, 2024]  One of the most difficult challenges to a new Army Company Commander is an external evaluation of his leadership abilities.  I don’t know if these are conducted anymore, given the horrific stories coming out of our woke military today.  A recent opinion piece by the Washington Free Beacon editors strikes to the heart of leadership.  Wanted: Adult Supervision at Columbia.

When I underwent my first evaluation as a Mechanized Company Commander, I was graded on many leadership markers like command climate, platoon and squad combat performance, mission analysis and execution, maintenance and logistics, general Infantry-Armor-Artillery combined-armed tactics, and a long list of skills required to successful conduct combat operations.  I was given good marks but told I “micromanaged” my company.  This comment was an insult to me personally.

If being called a micromanager was the only thing Columbia University leaders had on their watch, then I’m sure they would have smiled and moved on.  But the recent opinion article hit them hard.  The Beacon asks, “Are there no adults in the Columbia administration?”  Regardless of whether we think this is hyperbole, the accusation should be addressed.

“[T]he dean of Columbia College, Josef Sorett, put out a statement on Friday addressing a series of disparaging text messages he and several other top university administrators exchanged during a panel last month about Jewish life on campus.” – Washington Free Beacon Editors, June 20, 2024

Later in my career as a Flag Officer, I advised anyone who sends an email (or any form of communication, like a text) to seriously consider how that communication would look on the front page of the New York Times.  Would my mother be proud of me or ashamed of my writing?  The answer tells the story.  I wouldn’t have blamed the NYT in this scenario but myself for improper communications.

But the Dean of Columbia doubled down on his insults by blaming the photographer who took snapshots of his phone.  What did he do?  Four university deans were trading anti-Semitic barbs as Jews discussed their experiences on his campus as an “invasion of privacy.”  Sorry, Dean, take your lumps.

“The messages were exchanged during a May 31 Columbia College reunion panel discussion called “Jewish Life on Campus” focused on “the climate on campus since the October 7 attack.”” – The Independent, June 23, 2024

Three of the Columbia University deans have since been placed on leave over their anti-Semitic texts.  This comes on the heels of the university’s president, Minouche Shafik, coming under fire for her failure to handle student protests over the Israel-Gaza war.

News flash.  If you are going to be stupid, try not to put it in writing so it gets aired on the front page of the Washington Free Beacon or the New York Times.  Common sense, long ago left the woke administrators who believe they are better than everyone else.  Nothing will come of this except a sternly worded letter to those deans.  And that is why it will continue.

When there are no consequences for anti-Semitism, then anti-Semitism will continue.

This is what happens when you put weak leaders in positions of authority.  Columbia University President Minouche Shafik is weak and ineffective in overcoming the violence, intimidation, and anti-Semitism on campus.  We are still looking for adult supervision at Columbia.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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23 thoughts on “Wanted: Adult Supervision at Columbia

  1. Randy Goodman

    Let’s be very clear. There is no adult supervision at any of the so-called Ivy League institutions of “learning.” They should be renamed as the “Propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.”

    1. Kerry

      You got that right Randy. Let the trolls begin their cancelling efforts.

  2. Bessel Treeter

    Crazy bad leadership and this lady is still there. Why?

  3. Eddie Gilliam

    “Well said my friend Gen Douglas
    This is what happens when you put weak leaders in positions of authority. Columbia University President Minouche Shafik is weak and ineffective in overcoming the violence, intimidation, and anti-Semitism on campus. We are still looking for adult supervision at Columbia.”

    1. Jerome Smith

      Got that right, Eddie. And, thanks for your support of Gen. Satterfield and making thoughtful comments.

  4. JT Patterson

    Gen. Satterfield, thank you for highlighting this article from The Washington Beacon. And it is true that after the abject failures of women ( mostly women) and in particular LGTBQI+ “persons” to stem the tide of anti-semitism, they are coming under fire from those with common sense. But who the heck put them in charge anyway. We’ve all had bad bosses in the past. The idea is that either the bad boss either improved or was removed. Not at universities, they hold the old classic “screw up, move up.” And here we are. And here we don’t want to be. The universities brought this upon themselves. Too bad only the Jews are paying a big price for that today. Tomorrow it will be the Christians.

      1. mainer

        At this rate, the “ivy league” universities will be local community colleges teaching the new hippies how to read and write, since high school no longer prioritizes it. Just a note, don’t go to college. You will be sorry you did, unless you are dead set on being a medical doctor or engineer, or some other very very hard science major. You also have to have strong American values because they will do everything they can to subvert your good family, Christian value.

  5. ashley

    If this is what Columbia’s confrontation with anti-Semitism looks like, we can only hope that next year the school will be unburdened of the taxpayer funding that requires their feigned concern for the Jews on their campus.

  6. Georgie B.


  7. The Golly Woman from EHT

    Embarrassing for women. Just another university president failing. And she failed so spectacularly, women all over the world are ashamed.

  8. Good Dog

    Shameful to have this woman in charge of anything. I’d not put her in charge of a dog kennel. I’d be afraid for the dogs.

    1. Watson Bell

      Good Dog, you made me smile this morning. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    2. Max Foster

      You made my day, Good Dog. This is the problem with woke ideology. It is ALL about who you are, woman, black, lesbian, queer, trans, POC, and so forth. Nothing about your ability or talent or experience. Of course, putting someone like this in charge when things are going well means little. But when times are tough, these clowns (and they are clowns) will fail and when that failure happens, the fall is proportional to the amount of responsibility they think they have. So it is with Columbia. In charge of the entire University … okay. Now fix your antisemitism problem. Nope, can’t do it. Surprise Surprise Surprise.

      1. ijore

        Got that right, Max. And yet, they cannot even see their own failures starring them in the face.

  9. Edward G.

    There is one common denominator here. These “women” are weak leaders, without much experience, untested, and don’t have a solid foundation in good Christian values. Now, we see the result. But But But, they can say they have “the first woman to be (fill in the blank).” How’s that working out for ya?


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