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Power of the Truth

By | November 22, 2022

[November 22, 2022]  The ancient sages of the past gave us some darn good advice, and that is, “find your own words.”  And, if those are truthful words, then there is nothing that can stop you.  The power of the truth rings throughout all cultures and at all times. Are you a sovereign individual?  Or not?  If you… Read More »

Danish War Movie: April 9th

By | November 21, 2022

[November 21, 2022]  On April 9th, 1940, the German military machine invaded Denmark.  I enjoy watching movies about war for many reasons but subtitled films of any kind are not on my watch list.  A Danish war movie, April 9th (2015), is a war film that depicts the invasion.  It follows a Danish bicycle Infantry unit sent as… Read More »

Election Day 2022: Finally!

By | November 8, 2022

[November 8, 2022]  It’s finally here; Election Day 2022.  In preparation, I was at a friend’s house yesterday – Frank & Terry – to pick up credentials that allow my wife and I into any polling place in our town as “poll challengers.”   We believe that making a difference in our community, state, and nation means going out… Read More »

The Importance of Family

By | November 4, 2022

[November 4, 2022] Interestingly, human children have the most prolonged dependency period of any animal creature.  This makes the social bond between mother and child of primary importance.  And from that, we find the importance of family. Around that mother-child bond is the need for a structure for it even to be possible for children to survive the… Read More »

Andrew Kull on the Color-Blind U.S. Constitution

By | November 2, 2022

[November 2, 2022]  Andrew Kull, a distinguished Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law, is a distinguished author.  In 1998 he published one of my favorite “intellectual” books of the 90s, The Color-Blind Constitution, which can be appropriately labeled a terrific book.  In his book, he lays out the history of how Americans… Read More »

“Good People” Supporting Race Discrimination?

By | November 1, 2022

[November 1, 2022]  Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard historic arguments on several legal challenges to anti-Asian race discrimination by Harvard and the University of North Carolina.  What is most interesting was many “good people” took the position and are standing with those universities in support of policies that support race discrimination. That may be a bit of… Read More »

A Bit of Military Recruiting Humor

By | October 16, 2022

[October 16, 2022]  Lately, I’ve been poking a bit of fun at the “woke” military recruiting ads.  I think these woke ads are driving men (and, yes I mean “men”) away from joining the military.  Maybe that is their intent.  Nearly every commercial ad incorporates a LGBTI+ person in their efforts to appeal to the newest woke generation. … Read More »

Principles of The Cowboy Code

By | October 5, 2022

[October 5, 2022]  My wife and I have been watching several shows that cater to those interested in the lives of cowboys.  One recent show, Ultimate Cowboy Showdown (2019 – current), is a competition that judges who is the “best cowboy.”  Both men and women compete.  In this competition, we see the cowboy code on display and the… Read More »

Another School Succumbs to Gender Theory

By | September 25, 2022

[September 25, 2022]  Early last week, the Galloway Township Public School formally adopted gender theory into their program for grades K-8.  This was a blow to parents who stood against introducing an unproven, malevolent theory into their schools.  We are seeing this acted out across the nation. One “Love” t-shirt wearing school board member said that it was… Read More »