This is How to be Happy

By | March 12, 2023

[March 12, 2023]   People are not after being happy.  They are interested in not being hurt.  Most folks do not want to be bubbly, enthusiastic, and full of laughter and smiles.  That is not what they mean by “I want to be happy.” They mean, “I don’t want to be anxious or in pain.”  People want to avoid… Read More »

Reading List (Update):  Black Rednecks

By | March 9, 2023

[March 9, 2023]  Yesterday, I saw a Robin in my backyard for the first time this winter.  The annual arrival of birds, especially Robins, heralds springtime’s arrival and affirm that life continues.  And so it was, as I grew up in the Deep South with so many of my relatives who still live there, influenced by “southern culture”… Read More »

Thoughts on the Death Penalty

By | March 8, 2023

[March 8, 2023]   “Saddam Swings” blared the headlines of the Daily News.  In the early morning hours of December 30, 2006, disgraced Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging.  I was in Iraq at the time, just a couple of miles away.  His hanging changed my thoughts on the death penalty. There are “crimes” that the proper… Read More »

Getting History Right: the Vietnam War

By | March 7, 2023

[March 7, 2023]  Can we learn from war?  What lessons can we learn for future wars?  Is war inevitable?  Do we get our history right about war?  Of course, there are exceptions about getting history right and Mark Moyar does exactly that in his latest book, Triumph Regained: The Vietnam War, 1965-1968 (700+ pages) and answers these questions. … Read More »

Great Stories

By | March 6, 2023

[March 6, 2023]   Since a young age, as far back as I can remember, I was fascinated by stories told by my mother and grandmother (Bigmama, as we called her).  But also those told by the many military veterans who lived in the small town where my family settled.  I would call them ‘great stories’ in my unsophisticated… Read More »

Passport Bros

By | March 5, 2023

[March 5, 2023]   For decades, being a U.S. military man and having lived overseas has allowed us to date and marry women from other nations.  Go to any military base, and you will see this for yourself.  Recently, that phenomenon exploded into a massive trend of men from all walks of life going elsewhere outside the United States… Read More »