Navigating Hot-button Issues (Part 2)

[May 8, 2022]  Navigating hot-button issues in the politicized environment that we live within today makes it difficult to discuss them, at least logically and professionally.  Emotion rules.  But, can we do anything about this problem? There are several common ways to deal tactfully with hot-button subjects.  It makes finding useful, fact-based decisions difficult to find when so… Read More »

Protect Other People’s Backs

[May 6, 2022]  Be loyal.  Never betray.   The idea of loyalty is as ancient as human association with others, although often revealed in its opposite (disloyalty, betrayal, ingratitude).  The world’s greatest thinkers have studied the notion of human commitments, whether to God or each other and regard loyalty, as a remarkable virtue worthy of true wonder. This concept… Read More »

Exercise Daily, Stay Fit

[May 5, 2022]  Strength.  The value of human physical strength is universally accepted.  We respect those who are stronger than us, especially those who can harness their strength to protect themselves and safeguard others.   There is only one method to achieve physical prowess, and that is through proper diet and exercise. There is no substitute, no magic pill,… Read More »

Stop Acting like a Child

[May 2, 2022]  Stop acting like a child. Grow up and go on an adventure.  Take on some responsibility.  You are answerable to your own destiny. The mature adult is the one with the innate desire to adopt responsibility for one’s self and others voluntarily.  That person is the one interested in the unknown, has the yearning to… Read More »

Get off Your Butt

[May 1, 2022]  Get off your butt and move on with your life.  It’s your turn in the “box,” the box of life is calling.  Decision time.  Either you choose full responsibility for your life, or you don’t.  There are no maybe, kinda, or half-measures; this is an all-or-nothing idea. Life is about having a family, friends, a… Read More »