Remember 9/11: We Stand for Freedom

By | September 11, 2023

[September 11, 2023]  Ten years ago, USAF Colonel Scott DeThomas, 6th Air Mobility Wing, gave a 9/11 speech that took the nation by storm.  His comments went viral and can still be appreciated today.  Here is what he said that day.  Always, Always remember 9/11. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and veterans from across the area. Webster’s dictionary… Read More »

Why Women are Dumb: Pearl Davis

By | September 6, 2023

[September 6, 2023]  It’s hard to make this up.  Social media content creator Pearl Davis has been giving us some great ideas about how women function from a woman’s point of view.  She is interesting and funny and has also taken a lot of heat from feminists who think she is anti-woman.  I disagree with the anti-woman description… Read More »

Strong Female Character

By | September 5, 2023

[September 5, 2023]  I’m a fan of movie critic Scotsman Will Jordan, aka The Critical Drinker.  I like how he slams modern films because they are written by immature, narcissistic, selfish, woke man-children.  Last year, I wrote about one of his videos explaining why modern movies suck (link here), and it was very popular.  Today, I’m highlighting something… Read More »

My Blog’s 10th Anniversary

By | September 3, 2023

[September 3, 2023]  I started this Blog precisely 10 years ago, shortly after receiving notice from the General Officer Management Office (GOMO) that I would be retiring from the U.S. Army the following May of 2014.  Like everybody at senior rank, I thought I had many more years in me.  I was indeed popular among Soldiers, I had… Read More »