The Whites of Their Eyes: by Army Vet

By | May 14, 2020

[May 14, 2020]  Army Vet writes to us today about the importance of strength and honor; that we lack these virtues and are suffering for it.  He also emphasizes a common theme of his …  that weak leaders are more common than we might think and they do serious harm. Strength and the next battle:  I have never… Read More »

Leader Trends: Do We Encourage Fear?

[May 13, 2020]  Watching the news on television and reading local newspapers, I have become saturated with health professionals, politicians, and pundits that are encouraging fear.  It matters not where I go for information or about what is happening anywhere in the world; there is a steady drumbeat of dire predictions that the world is about to come… Read More »

The Rats of Tobruk

[May 10, 2020]  In the late 1960s, my friend Wilson and I watched an adventure television episode of The Rat Patrol.  This television series loosely based on the actual World War II exploits of the allied Australian, New Zealander, and British defenders of Tobruk, Libya.  The Siege of Tobruk by German forces in 1941, commanded by Field Marshall… Read More »

How Senior Leaders Gain Respect (Part 2)

[May 9, 2020]  Yesterday, I published Part 1 of this series on how senior leaders gain respect.  It bears repeating, “It is not possible to force people to respect you.”  Everyone seems to recognize that respect helps smooth the way toward getting the mission accomplished.  Thus, the desire for respect will come as no surprise. “How do leaders… Read More »

How Senior Leaders Gain Respect (Part 1)

[May 8, 2020]  Let’s begin with an admission; it is not possible to force people to respect you.  We all would like to be respected, so what does it take for leaders to gain respect?  The reasons we “want” respect are irrelevant for our discussion here, but I do believe that desire is a distant, deep-seated psychological need.… Read More »

Leadership Toolbox: the Red Team

[May 7, 2020]  I started this Leadership Toolbox series in the first month of my leadership blog back in September 2014.  At the time, I saw the value of listing proven tools (regularly used by highly-successful leaders) was a great way to begin fixing leadership problems I saw in the U.S. Army.  Today’s topic is about Red Teams,… Read More »

Flower Wars (Aztec Warriors)

[May 6, 2020]  I’ll be right upfront.  Until last week, I’d never heard of the Flower Wars.  The bias in my study of war has been colored by the classic predisposition to learn from European and Asian-centric warfare.  Today, I’ll make up for this a bit by introducing Aztec warriors into my leadership blog. From the reconstruction of… Read More »