Stealing Good Ideas

[May 24, 2020]  An Army Colonel once told me that his path to success had a lot to do with him stealing good ideas from others.  Initially, I was shocked.  But I realized that we all steal ideas all the time; we call this learning.  We take the ideas of others, make them our own, and integrate them… Read More »

The Organizer of Victory!

[May 23, 2020]  Over the next few months, I will be dedicating space in my blog to discuss the leadership characteristics of George C. Marshall.  After George Washington, Marshall is considered the “most respected soldier in American history.”1  Yet, he never commanded troops in battle, the customary path to greatness for a military leader.  So what was it… Read More »

Reconnaissance by Fire

[May 22, 2020]  There are times in our lives when we are trying something new and innovative that the old methods simply don’t work.  In the military, when we are on the attack, one method of flushing out the enemy to force him into unexpected actions is reconnaissance by fire.  Such a risky technique is what we’ve all… Read More »

Who was George Low?

[May 20, 2020]  It is impossible to forget the day NASA’s Apollo 11 mission launch occurred.  The day at Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida, was bright and sunny on July 16, 1970, and much was riding on the success of the mission.  The man who was key to the success of that launch was George Low, NASA… Read More »