Collective Responsibility and Leadership

[May 6, 2019] Two things came together yesterday that got me to thinking about a post-modern rallying-cry of many young people today. Collective responsibility – individual responsibility for the actions of others – is not new but its application to a range of modern problems is now more noticeable. Earlier in the day, I was listening to a… Read More »

7 Strategy Tips Every Leader Must Know

By | May 5, 2019

[May 5, 2019] Brand identity and effective marketing might be important, but paying attention to these aspects is just scratching the surface of expansion. With a leader who has the will to improve on a personal level, any company can thrive. If you’re having trouble defining a culture and creating a battle atmosphere, you might have to make… Read More »

Leadership at K9 Warriors Inc.

[May 4, 2019] Since the beginning of the War on Terrorism after the attacks on America, there has been an increase in the number of organizations that fill needs the military cannot handle. One need is post-service veteran needs related to combat injuries. This is where K9 Warriors, Inc. comes in. Last week I attended a Veterans Administration… Read More »

Entitlement is Crushing Leader Development

[May 3, 2019] Michael Ramirez political cartoons often take on a biting quality when the subject matter hits close to home. In the thumbnail to this article is an older one of his drawings, titled ‘Change,’ that shows an Uncle Sam getting ready to repair America’s image. The cartoon is about entitlement and its destructive influence across the… Read More »

Trying to Please Everybody

[May 2, 2019] There’s an adage that says you can’t please everybody, but I regularly experience leaders who attempt to do so anyway. I see this all the time. Many psychologists have suggested that this trait might be innate to explain the power it can hold over us. “When you stand alone and sell yourself, you can’t please… Read More »

The Leader and the Cowboy

[May 1, 2019] I’ve always enjoyed working with people who grew up and worked on a farm or ranch where they learned the value of hard work. They learned all about nature and spent long periods outside in the harsh elements, are self-educated and worked with their hands. This is the leader and the cowboy. Contrast these men… Read More »

To Know an Idea without Accepting It

By | April 28, 2019

[April 28, 2019] An elemental part of intelligent leadership means being able to hold an idea in your mind and not accept or reject it. To examine an idea for its value and to entertain its significance is difficult. Nothing is more challenging than the ability to study, debate, and think through a concept without immediately accepting or… Read More »