Reading List (Update): on Manliness

By | April 20, 2019

[April 20, 2019] It’s been since February when I posted a book review last and, yes, I have been remiss but unintentionally so. Fortunate for me, I live in a community with strong military veteran’s organizations, so there is always a long list of reading material … with strong recommendations. The book I’m reviewing today is by Dr.… Read More »

Know Your Limits

By | April 18, 2019

[April 18, 2019] While leaders are good at pushing the limits of their ability, they are also fully aware of their own boundaries. History is full of stories where people and nations have gone beyond the point where success is no longer possible. That is why it is a rare quality to truly know your limits. The Korean… Read More »

Leadership is making Good People Better

By | April 17, 2019

[April 17, 2019]  The 10-man squad of recruits was crawling through mud and under barbed wire while being continuously screamed at by U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Bryant.  If the recruit failed to complete the obstacle course within the allotted 20 minutes, he had to start over.  Sergeant Bryant was politely telling everyone that his job was to make… Read More »

Leadership: on Being Likable

By | April 15, 2019

[April 15, 2019] I was in the Rayburn Building in Washington D.C. this past week visiting members of Congress. The variety of political philosophy, ideology, and backgrounds was surprising to me. What I discovered, however, was that each elected member of Congress that I spoke to were exceptionally likable. “Some people are inherently likable. If you’re not –… Read More »

Understanding Team Chat Culture and Its Place In The Workplace

By | April 14, 2019

[April 14, 2019] Workplace communications have adapted and developed across time and have certainly entered a new phase in recent years, with the development of so many more communication features, such as web-conferencing and instant messaging. Team chat is one such development, allowing workplace teams to be in constant dialogue. Here are a few things you should know… Read More »

Why Employers Should Invest in Personal Development

By | April 13, 2019

[April 13, 2019] Many employers simply don’t see the benefit of building personal development into their business strategy. There’s an assumption that it can be a costly affair and in many industries, there seem to be very little gains to be made from it. There’s also a widespread belief, in smaller companies, that the simply cannot accommodate developmental… Read More »

Are Leadership Styles Changing?

By | April 12, 2019

[April 12, 2019] When Mongol leader Genghis Khan and his armies swept across central Asia and China, his brutal leadership style was necessary to effect the subjugation of millions. The current wisdom is that leadership styles have dramatically changed since then, as have the conditions of leadership. Yet, perhaps the change is less than we might think. Extraordinary… Read More »