Be Like a Lion

By | July 16, 2022

[July 16, 2022]  Be like a Lion; that way, you walk with the awareness that nobody will mess with you.  Stand up straight.  Look directly ahead, and you will be feared.  Learn to defend yourself in a fistfight and against others with weapons. Be like a lion; dangerous, courageous, willing to fight, a hunter, and perhaps someday, a… Read More »

Grooming Children for Crime

By | July 15, 2022

[July 15, 2022]  Sheila Qualls of AlphaNews1 has some shocking analysis of what is happening in St. Paul.  A video caught several children acting like grown-ups (all the worse characteristics).  It sets the stage for grooming children for crimes in their future. A short video, one of the most shocking things I have seen in a long time,… Read More »

Be the Most Dependable Person in a Tragedy

By | July 14, 2022

[July 14, 2022]  Inevitably, there are tragedies in life.  They are unavoidable; the death of a loved one, terminal cancer, serious injury, etc.  As free human beings, we have two primary choices in the face of tragedy.  One is the nihilist, who would believe there is nothing to do but accept a world destined for destruction.  The other… Read More »

A New Direction of my Leadership Blog

By | July 13, 2022

[July 13, 2022]  Hummmmm, I’ve been hinting about changing the direction of my leadership blog for several months.  For regular readers, you certainly noticed some changes; more are due to appear over the next several weeks. What is this all about?  Why would I change my blog, when it has been successful? The truth is, I’ve wanted to… Read More »

What Sleeping Beauty Teach us About Leadership

By | July 11, 2022

[July 11, 2022]  Ancient tales can teach us much about ourselves and propel our puny understanding of the world to a higher level.  The tale of Sleeping Beauty, popularized in the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty (1959), is one such story that can teach us something about leadership. There is an evil element in our world populated by humans… Read More »

Heads Up: taking a Week Off

[July 3, 2022]  Heads up!  I’m taking a week off to visit family.  This week will be the first time I’ve taken off this many days in a row since I began this blog more than eight years ago.  Even when I was in the hospital, I didn’t take a full week off.  I’ll be enjoying the time. … Read More »