Letters to My Granddaughter, No. 73

[May 19, 2024]  We were on the ground, punching each other, yelling, grabbing, cussing, and rolling around in the dirt as we had just argued over something neither of us could remember.  And the reason we fought was not as important as the fact we could fight and still remain friends despite bloody noses and bruises.  Thinking for… Read More »

The New “Woke” U.S. Navy

[May 17, 2024]  The U.S. Navy has always led our Armed Forces in the “woke” ideology that has infected so many respected institutions.  And now the wokeness is in full display at the U.S. Naval College earlier this week.  The world today is increasingly a dangerous place and becoming more so, with the Middle East, Russia’s invasion, and… Read More »

Can You Be Less Afraid of Death?

[May 16, 2024]  A question posed by Dr. Jordan Peterson goes something like this, “Can you be less afraid of death?”  That is a classic question for Dr. Peterson; he does this for our benefit.  Put another way, in my words, “Do we fear death too much?”  Dr. Peterson attempts to answer that question in an interview, and… Read More »

Jury Duty Selection: An Inside Look

[May 14, 2024] I reported to my county’s Courthouse as a potential jury member in a civil trial this past Monday.  Of course, I am prohibited from discussing the matter.  Still, for those regularly reading my blog, you know that this experience will provide an unintended look into the lives of ordinary people, those same ones who make… Read More »

Letters to My Granddaughter, No. 72

[May 13, 2024]  “We love having you at our house, Little Big Man.”  We called him Granddaddy; he was Bigmama’s husband.  He was a short but strong man, forgiving of my misbehavior, forthrightly religious, a good storyteller, skilled with his hands, able to fall asleep in his office chair, and intense but compassionate.  He was a man who… Read More »

Letters to My Granddaughter, No. 71

[May 12, 2024]  Like so many children nationwide, Mother’s Day is a special time for her children to show their appreciation.  My sister, brother, and I might have been young, not yet reaching the tender age of ten, but we knew our duty to cook Mom a spectacular, delicious, perfectly prepared breakfast, with cold orange juice and hot… Read More »

Baseball Legend Walter Johnson: Sportsmanship

[May 11, 2024]  One of the most celebrated and dominating players in baseball history, Walter Johnson established several pitching records, some of which remain unbroken, during his 21-year career with the Washington Senators.  He is best known for his gentle nature, and to this day, he is held up as an example of good sportsmanship, while his name… Read More »