3 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs a Leader to Grow their Business

By | July 23, 2019

[July 23, 2019] I have grown up listening to stories about the rise and fall of startups. Entrepreneurs launched their startups with great enthusiasm and passion but lost their energy within a year or two. Why?

Because they don’t lead their startups as a leader. They focus on work and think that they would grow successful with work and only work. However, it’s not true.

When you own a startup, you must work on the other aspects of the company, which includes thinking the vision of the company and focusing on the things that matter. That’s why it’s important for startups to get leaders in the team who strategize and plan to grow the business.

If you think that your startup can grow without leaders, then here are three reasons that will help you to know the importance of the leaders in your startup.

Let’s Start!

  1.   They Encourage Ideas

An innovative mind in the startup is essential to create market-driven strategies, launch products, and think long-term for the company. Even if the problems are the same, the leaders will take a different approach to solve it. And instead of asking their team to follow what’s asked, the leader will give the creative edge to innovate. Even when the leaders aren’t working in the office, their minds will be churning out ideas to push forward their startups, and they will always be excited to discuss with their team members. Or if any of the team members share the idea, the leader will encourage and appreciate him to do more.

  1.   They Will Never Compromise Values

There are some quality aspects of a leader that makes him successful out of which one is valuing the company’s vision, mission, culture, and never making a compromise on it. A good leader instills the company’s vision in every employee of the company whereas the boss will be concerned about working only. Some customers aren’t always looking for discounts or sales but something that changes their perspective or adds meaning to their lives. So, if you have a leader in your startup, no one can try to shatter your company values.

  1. They Will Always Listen

What’s the essential traits of a great leader?

“It’s listening,” says Adam Bird, Cronofy CEO and Co-Founder

When a leader listens carefully, he makes himself open to ideas, challenges, employee’s performance, and the resources that will help him to grow his startup. Listening allows entrepreneurs to make better decisions and breakdown complex challenges into small ones. Unless the leaders listen properly to the complexities of the business, either indirectly or directly, they will have a hard time navigating their startups. Therefore, listening makes a leader superior to others and helps in making decisions that are fruitful and adds to the sustainability of the company.

In a Nutshell

Leadership doesn’t have to look like leadership in the startup. It should be something that your employees adopt willingly and aren’t forced to follow. It is the best traits of a successful leader. He makes things easy, drives the entrepreneurship spirit in the employees, and help them grow.

If startups don’t lay a strong foundation of their business by driving strong leadership, they will soon fall. The sound knowledge of the niche is therefore good to have, but if you don’t work on focusing on the factors mentioned above, then survival will become a question.

Summing it up, if you’re thinking to start your venture, it’s vital that you plan wisely for the company even if it’s a Web Design Company in Dubai or a tech startup, leadership matters.

Author: Zubair Hassan

Zubair Hassan is a digital marketing expert working at Branex. He loves to work for companies who need his skills in the marketing domain to market their product and make a mark for itself. He can offer you tools and strategies so that you can get in touch with your customers and able to communicate with them through all the popular social media platforms of your choice.

11 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs a Leader to Grow their Business

  1. JT Patterson

    Mr. Zubair Hassan, thanks for making your article focused on a single, important idea and then make your point quickly. Those of us who are leaders in business don’t have time for drawn-out articles with a bunch of mishmash that gets in the way of the idea. Thank you.

  2. Janna Faulkner

    Mr. Hassan. Thank you for an enjoyable and educational article.

    1. Jerome Smith

      I liked the blog article too. Short and to the point. That is what I like most about this leadership website, Janna. You are on it too. This blog has short, entertaining, and fast-read articles that are perfect for the busy person. Like most of us here, I work at least 75 hours per week and have a family. I don’t have time for frills like pictures and long, slow articles. Thanks Zubair for a focused article.

    2. Willie Shrumburger

      A good guest article worthy of our time.

  3. Harry B. Donner

    I like the idea that you have “encourage ideas” as your first mark of a good entrepreneur/leader. Leadership is a key part of their success whether they realize it or not. I believe that is what you’re saying. Good message for us all.

    1. AutisticTechie

      Agree with you Harry. All three of Zubair’s keys to leadership are here. I don’t think anyone who wants to be successful in any sphere of life can sacrifice (or be without) any of these will make it.

  4. Greg Heyman

    Enjoyed your article, Zubair. Thanks.

    1. Nick Lighthouse

      Yes, enjoyable read as I sit here with my old dog, a cup of coffee, and my iPad reading before I go into work.

    2. Yusaf from Texas

      Yes, enjoyable but also educational. Mr. Hassan’s article reinforces much of what we read here and also gets to the point fast without thrills and wordiness. I’m glad that, as a guest blogger, he knows how to do this. Otherwise, I would be hesitant to read guest articles.

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