4 Ways a Leader Can Encourage Positivity in the Workplace

By | April 24, 2021

[April 24, 2021]  A positive leader can do wonders for the firm and turn it into a goldmine of positivity. However, leadership role demands a lot of hard work and can be downright exhausting. Mainly because the position brings a lot of responsibility with it.

A great leader understands that his duties are not limited to giving orders and managing schedules; instead, they are more about positively managing the employees. A positive workplace breeds employee productivity and yields better results.

A manager that promotes positive thinking is more likely to leave an effective and impactful impression on his employees. We bring you 4 ways a leader can bring more positivity in the workplace.

“Our surroundings become better when we work on making ourselves better.”  – William Patrick Slattery

1.  Prioritize Employee’s Health

In a health-conscious society like ours, the well-being of employees is crucial for both the company and the employer. Staying in good health is not all about maintaining a fit physique, but it also means keeping balanced mental health. There are many ways to promote wellness in the workplace and mitigate the anxiety and stress of employees.

One of the major ways is to promote employee wellness plans at the workplace that benefit both the body and the mind. Exercise is the best way to boost both mental and physical health as it releases endorphins, that is, our happy hormones. A 15-minute walk with colleagues can instantly make you chipper and removes the stress of workload.

Examples of a good wellness program includes increased break hours, so employees can engage in other activities instead of staying hooked on their computer screens all day. Large companies have enough budget to offer top-notch benefits such as on-site fitness centers, free massage breaks within the premises, or even office saunas.

Sufficient mental and physical comfort will foster a positive work environment. Providing employees with these luxuries is also a great retaining strategy.

2.  Social Activities can go a long way

Social activities in the workplace encourage the team to make connections and increase teamwork. When the team members connect in a less formal and more social environment, they are likely to build a strong rapport. You must have noticed that meeting a new person in a corporal setting automatically prepares your brain for competition.

This is one of the major reasons we have fewer friends in the office and more trust issues with our colleagues. Connecting people in a social setting breaks that trust barrier, and people are more likely to engage with a lighter mood and be themselves. Once the same people meet in the workplace again, their guards will be lowered and will engage positively.

Team building activities also help build meaningful relationships among peers and encourage honesty and open conversations.

3.  Modelling Positive Behavior

Like leader, like follower. Being the model of positivity is one of the key traits of bringing positive culture to your work table.

There is a famous saying of Ira Chaleff, “Followers and leaders both orbit around the purpose; followers do not orbit around the leader.”

When the leader himself is a beacon of positivity, even the most negative person in your workplace will end up following in your footsteps. Try to keep your team motivated and appreciated by delivering positive feedback.

Remember small details about their personal life or something important to them. Celebrate their small success and always stay positive and optimistic. Showing trust in employees is also one of the major positive traits of a leader.

4.  Hiring Positive People

Every workplace has a cheerful person that enters with a big smile on their face. They are the class clowns who keep everyone laughing and in lighter spirits. Imagine if there are more people like that?

The workplace will be buzzing with positive energy. Companies often prioritize competitive candidates – not to judge a book by its cover – but extra competitiveness and seriousness in a person make them cringingly political and toxic. When interviewing candidates, make sure to keep an eye out for the chipper and happy-go-lucky vibe in people as they are likely to bring more positivity energy to the work culture.

Author: William Slattery

William Patrick Slattery is the President, and CEO of Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors, a life sciences consulting firm. He is regarded as one of the top marketing experts in the Life Sciences industry noted for combining a calm demeanor with a shrewd negotiation skill set that allows for navigating the most challenging business environments on behalf of his client firms.

8 thoughts on “4 Ways a Leader Can Encourage Positivity in the Workplace

  1. Jeff Blackwater

    “Be a beacon of positivity.” Yes, excellent look at they way great leaders comport themselves.

  2. Silly Man

    I agree and when your team mission is extremely important and folks are down in the dumps, understanding the “why” behind what you do helps spread positivity – even on the worst workdays. When the office needs a positive pick-me-up, remind yourself and your team of the “why” behind your company and your jobs.

  3. Pooch T.

    “When interviewing candidates, make sure to keep an eye out for the chipper and happy-go-lucky vibe in people as they are likely to bring more positivity energy to the work culture.” — good advice.

    1. Tom Bushmaster

      Yep, and for those who don’t pay attention to it, they are going to reap the non-benefits of a**Holes working with you. That is a plan that doesn’t work out so well.

      1. Pink Cloud

        Man, has that been a problem for all of us. Hire the darn right people. Don’t hire those that will cause problems just because they have the technical skills, it takes more.

  4. Doug Smith

    William, another excellent article. Thanks for the insights into how to make your workplace more positive.


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