5 Greatest Leaders of Modern World

By | June 24, 2018

By guest blogger Emily Watts

[June 24, 2018]  How does our modern world and society develop? Well, it is not an easy question. However, it is safe to say that the world of today is highly interconnected, profit-oriented, and extremely fast-paced. What are the main influences on these processes? Is it scientific discoveries? Maybe politics? Or even sport?

While it is very difficult to give a definitive answer, we can certainly name some of the most important personalities of the present-day world, based on their effect and the changed they bring, not the specific field they work in.

There is no specific ranking on this list due to the complexity of the issue. But we can surely state that all of the people we’ve mentioned have a great impact on the dynamics of the contemporary reality. 

He did not invent the computer itself, but he certainly brought technologies into everyone’s home. In 1975 Bill Gates who co-founded the Microsoft Company, which definitely shaped the world that we know today. It all started with just that regular PC standing in your room. Today, Bill Gates is a famed philanthropist investing in projects connected with public health and sustainable energy development, which certainly makes him one of the great leaders of today. His innovative ideas and designs showed the capability of merging great

brains with scientific knowledge and business.

Mark Zuckerberg

Continuing the topic of technological advances, Mr. Zuckerberg brought us one of the biggest and most influential social media platforms in the world. One of the first “internet” billionaires, who made their fortune with virtual projects, he is also doing a lot of charity work. In the recent years, Facebook has also been under fire, shaping the discourse of cyberbullying, censorship, privacy, and information safety.

Tu Youyou

In terms of how much can one person influence the world, Tu Youyou is the one that affected millions of people. In fact, she saved their lives by inventing an anti-malaria drug that helped to avoid numerous deaths. She is the first Chinese woman to be awarded Nobel Prize, which she received in 2015. She attributes the success of her studies to the traditional Chinese medicine. Saving lives is definitely a feature of the modern leaders we want to see more of.  

Donald Trump

Being a high-profile businessman and a famous reality TV personality, Donald Trump is on our list of the top leaders due to his at times controversial policies. After his election as a president of the United States, everyone expected exactly this type of governing from him – a controversial one. While some of his innovations actually work, his personal attitudes in the form of Twitter rants, his foreign policies and disputed views on women, race, and immigration earned him quite a spotlight at the world arena. With the recent summit with North Korean leader, Donald Trump is undoubtedly an influential person of the present-day.

Elon Musk

Nowadays, it is not highly popular and noble to just do business. According to https://customwriting.com/write-my-essay – people strive for more social impact and mindfulness in their endeavors. Elon Mask is an example of the great leaders of today who do business in a highly innovative way that brings changes and discoveries even. He is involved in a PayPal creation, SpaceX project, and Tesla motors, promoting space research, alternative energy spread, and technical innovations. Pushing the boundaries, Musk is always on the edge of the newest inventions and mind-expanding projects.

So what characteristics are crucial to the most influential world leaders? Usually, it is a passion for innovation, a combination of the entrepreneur spirit and charisma, as well as a will to change the world and help those in need. We could expand this list by adding some more personalities, especially from the high-tech sphere, as the modern reality rely heavily on the world of the Internet. But we will conclude our list with the statement that whatever occupation and profession anyone chooses, it is really important to have a strong affection for it, and it inevitably will bring you to the success.

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Author: Emily Watts

Emily Watts is a specialist in programming and testing. She works in the IT industry dealing with multiple tasks on a daily basis. Being also a team leader, she has attended many courses and self-improvement programs, including public speaking seminars, writing academic texts, composing art.

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    I applaud you actually naming names with your article on leadership. Today, too many are too timid to actually call out leaders who are truly successful, especially those who have been successful in multiple careers. Thanks, Emily for your straight-forward approach and educational style.

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    Leadership is about influence and you have helped make this clear. Thanks for being a guest blogger on Gen Satterfield’s leadership blog. It is always a pleasure to read how young folks think about leaders.

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    I like the fact that you picked some modern day leaders to highlight for us. Good job in laying out how they are senior leaders that have made a positive and big difference in people’s lives.

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