5 Leader Laws

By | June 9, 2019

[June 9, 2019] Human life is composed of many factors. The main two are goals in life and effects in human. Some temporize while some want to change reality. Such people are called leaders. They become great b default. Would you like to develop a leader within yourself?

The main thing about leadership is to effect in people in order to achieve a certain goal. Namely, such people invite victory. It is important to learn 5 leader`s law. What are they?

  1. Create great purposes and a mission for yourself

Realizing your goal, you will get to know what kind of person to become in order to achieve it. Realizing a goal changes a person. A level of a goal defines a level of a person above all else. When it comes to the future, we can suppose only. This is why self-belief, desire to achieve, confidence, optimism (or pessimism) reveal themselves within a goal.

  1. Create your image (brand) – for others!

An idea of a personal brand has become very popular lately. If everyone was promoting each other before, it is called branding now. A personal brand (perception of you by people) is a virtual image of a person, which is created either chaotically by public report or a person creates it on one`s own and the public is to catch up. What factors affect perception – appearance, outfits, body language and behavior, voice (a reflection of inner core).

  1. Speak out

Elocution is connected with leadership and self-confidence. In order to do public speaking, one should believe in oneself and one`s goal. One should effect in people so they do what you need them to do. Those words, which sound in their heads, are important for leaders. There are six basic methods in elocution due to which listeners are to hear you out for hours. It is an eye-contact, descriptive, gestures, pauses (in order to give a chance to think it over), a story about a personal experience, comparisons, and metaphors.

  1. Have relations

Create a circle of love, joy, and admiration around yourself. Have relations with people and choose a team out of them. If people love a leader, they will stand beside him because of live for him. There are a few ways to win over people: to take a sincere interest in a person, to smile, to memorize people`s names and to call them by their names, to be a good listener, stimulating others to talk about themselves, to talk about what is interesting for the one you talk with, to let other people feel that s/he is significant.

  1. Inspire and encourage

Top experts in the area of management share one view that an ability to inspire people is a key condition of effective leadership. If you are able to inspire yourself, you will be fine with the inspiration of others. A leader should be able to give sustained energy. Any prosperous man will appraise an opportunity of personal expression, an opportunity to prove superiority.

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12 thoughts on “5 Leader Laws

  1. Melisa Marzett

    Thank you all for your nice comments! I am happy you liked my article. Working on the next project.

  2. Eric Coda

    I’m not so sure about specifically having the goal of developing your own ‘brand.’ The main thing is to focus on those leadership characteristics that make you trusted and respected. The so-called ‘brand’ will simply follow. Sort of like putting the cart before the horse. Don’t focus on your brand, just spend your time and effort on helping others. The rest will come along as you mature in your position.

    1. Nick Lighthouse

      Good point, Eric. If a leader spends their time on their image, they will be missing something else. Image will come to those who provide real leadership and not fake courage or false traits.

    2. Georgie M.

      This is why I don’t trust schools anymore. The teach that children should have their confidence falsely increased. This puts kids on track for greater disappointments later. Instead, spend time building up their honorable traits that make them likeable.

  3. Greg Heyman

    Leadership is hard and especially so if those around you are not in synch with the leader’s vision. If not, the mission will fail.
    Keep up the good work Melisa. Well done! (I’m trying to encourage you here).

  4. JT Patterson

    “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” by Kobe Bryant

  5. Lady Hawk

    Another guest post that is well worth the read. Much appreciated.
    My favorite part of Melisa’s article was the last one to ‘inspire and encourage.’ If I had to pick only one this would be it. Also, others are not as important. Thanks for a fine article.

    1. Harry B. Donner

      I have to agree completely with Lady Hawk. I also enjoyed the article. What I like is, in addition, that it was short and to the point. The good thing about Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog is that each article can be read completely in less than 2 minutes. The comments take a little longer and they also add to the discussion.

    2. Willie Shrumburger

      Right on target with your analysis. I also think that to “inspire and encourage” is at the top of the list. Also, if you are honest and trustworthy, then nothing will stand in your way.


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