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Charlotte is a writing expert with years of experience at Lets Grade It. Being a mom of 2 college students as well as her expertise in writing psychology-related articles help her better understand the needs and pains of students. In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys hiking and spending time actively with her family.

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Far-reaching Consequences of Wartime Attacks on Education

By | April 8, 2022

[April 8, 2022]  War is never an easy subject to discuss, especially when young children are brought into question. Children of all ages are affected by war in different ways, whether they’re in active war zones or exposed to war through media. According to War Childhood, the destruction of major infrastructure leads to direct effects on children’s education… Read More »

9 Tools for Building Resilience in College that Carries Over into Career Leadership Roles

By | September 22, 2021

[September 22, 2021]  “Resiliency” isn’t a term college students use. Yet they experience adversity and setbacks. How they handle them is a matter of resiliency. Can they bounce back from these? If they can develop resiliency while in college, that strength will serve them well throughout their lives, especially when assuming career leadership roles. Here are 9 tools… Read More »