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City of Baltimore: When Leaders Fail

By | May 4, 2017

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer] [May 4, 2017]  Ahhhh … identity politics continues to be alive and well in the City of Baltimore – a place I described as “stuck on stupid” just a few months ago in June when city leaders were adopting policies that simultaneously drove up crime rates and effectively dismantled its police… Read More »

The Iraq Military Finds its Nerve by Army Vet

By | March 2, 2017

[March 2, 2017]  Army Vet reflects today on the IRAQI ARMY that has found the NERVE to take on the ISLAMIC STATE terror group. The pursuit of a military victory in Mosul, Iraq has meaning for the free world that it neither appreciates nor wants to understand … perhaps cannot understand, because of its social contradictions.  Such is… Read More »

Feminization of the Army by Army Vet

By | November 26, 2016

[November 26, 2016]  Army Vet reflects today on the FEMINIZATION of the ARMY. Yep, it’s true!  The world-renowned, war-winning U.S. Army is going the way of the extinct dodo bird and probably for the same reason; they were too slow, inflexible, fragile, and kinda dumb.  The U.S. Army might have survived such a decline with good senior officer… Read More »