Kicking Butt and Taking Names: by Army Vet

By | January 11, 2020

[January 11, 2020]  Army Vet writes to us today about the importance of strength and how it keeps us and others out of trouble.  He takes on SJWs, college snowflakes, and weak leaders.

Peace through strength:  I must study war so that my sons can study engineering and art.  My profound apologies to Founding Father John Adams; I modified his quote because I like it.  The normal position of mankind is conflict, whether it be on the battlefield, in the boxing ring, or commercial competition.  Peace is abnormal.  Instead of asking, “Why is there so much war?” the more important question is, “Why is there so much peace?”  Philosophers have tried to answer that question since Adam and Eve.  But, like so many of my comrades in arms, I know the answer.  The United States and its allies are ass-kicking SOBs.  Dirtbags and little-shit countries know that if they pick on the American giant bear, they will get eaten.  We kick butt and take names.  We do that when necessary to protect the innocent, never to expand an empire.  It should come as no surprise to anybody, anywhere in the world, that is why everyone wants to live in America.  President Trump did exactly that when he killed Iranian General Soleimani (I smiled when I heard about the drone strike).  Remember that peace exists only through a strong military and free, robust economy.

When the going gets tough:  The world is a tough place and it’s complicated.  Good leadership will get us through the hard times and that was why we won the major wars of the 20th century.  Franklin Roosevelt, George Patton, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, these were the men who gave us the vision and resources to utterly destroy the Nazi and Japanese empires.  Yes, they were empires and getting bigger by the day until the good ‘ole USA stepped in.  These wars were not easily won and they weren’t for the faint of heart.  In America, there was a peace movement during WWII, aggressively run by socialists and communists.  Fortunately, good men prevailed.  We were strong through a combination of being resource-rich and by the strength of willpower.  Along with the United States, I’m proud of England, Poland, Australia/NZ, China, and Norway for really stepping up when needed during WWII.  France, Italy, most of Africa, Mexico, and Switzerland were weak-kneed pussies when it came to standing up to the Nazi war machine.  When shit hits the fan and the going gets tough, the tough get going … and the weak get eaten.

When others speak of fear, we speak of warriors:  Fear destroys.  I loved it when warrior General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis was asked on CBS “Face the Nation” what kept him up at night.  His answer was, “Nothing, I keep other people awake at night.”  Ouch!  It must have stung a bunch of those tiny-wiener SJWs and their liberal-progressive snowflake friends when he said that.  Those losers must have been in shock and were awed.  I would have given a month’s salary to have been there in the basement of their mom’s house when the pussies heard from Mattis.  Come on folks, when things are going to hell, a warrior will step forward; the question is, will that person be you?  Warriors don’t have regrets, they don’t run away from trouble, they are not victims (like so many pantywaist, sissy men), and they don’t pee their pants when a real man steps into the room.  Strength matters.  That is why we value strength so much in America.  A strong man gets things done.  That is the heart of being a warrior and I like real warriors.  Real warriors are out there every single day kicking butt and taking names.

Author: Army Vet

“Army Vet” is, of course, a pseudonym. He is real. The only way he would agree to write for was anonymously. As you will see, he’s not afraid to name names and tell it like it is but he fears for his friends still in the military and other 3-lettered federal agencies, thus the fake name. He has worked with leaders of other militaries around the world and served several decades in the U.S. Army. He writes on military leadership but I think you will find him to be unconventional and controversial.

25 thoughts on “Kicking Butt and Taking Names: by Army Vet

  1. Mikka Solarno

    You are the best, Army Vet. Keep writing. I’m one of your biggest fans. Thanks.

  2. Danny Burkholder

    I copied Army Vets article and will hand it out to my friends this coming Monday at work. I’m sure they will have a great time reading it, as I did. Army Vet, you are the best and I’m one of your dedicated fans. Anytime you want to tell us more about yourself, please do so.

    1. Greg Heyman

      Yes, I too enjoyed the article and will be giving it to my friends too.

    1. JT Patterson

      You make me laugh Eric. Yes, this is classic Army Vet and one of the smartest folks to write for Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog. Good for us who are reading on Saturday morning. Thanks.

  3. Kenny Foster

    Excellent website that is another way to get mentorship (and with this forum), a little bit of entertainment, some facts about leaders, and a good idea of what it takes to be a leader who is successful, gets the job done, and cares about his people. Reading the fake news today makes me sick when they support anti-Americans like Nancy Pelosi in the US House of Rep.

    1. Willie Shrumburger

      Spot-on comment about the Democratic Party and their un-American activities. They need to be told they are out of step with what makes leadership work. Their reward in the end will be that they will be despised by the world; except for a few nuts.

      1. Joe the Aussie

        Willie, you got that right and also what I was thinking. You beat me to the punch this time. I will add that Army Vet called out a number of countries that failed dramatically to support the Allied efforts to stop Nazi Germany and Japan. Shame is a good thing for them. Cheers!

  4. Gil Johnson

    Really enjoyed today’s article. Made me laugh out loud and think too.

  5. KenFBrown

    “When others speak of fear, we speak of warriors.” Great quote. I’ll be putting this one on my refrig at home. This is exactly why I like this leader website. Not only does it have great articles by Gen. Satterfield but it also has some fantastic stuff by guests like Army Vet. Not that I agree all the time but this is very much worth the few minutes it takes to read. ?

    1. Dead Pool Guy

      Yes, and there are more. Here is my favorite quote “Warriors don’t have regrets, they don’t run away from trouble, they are not victims (like so many pantywaist, sissy men), and they don’t pee their pants when a real man steps into the room. “

  6. Len Jakosky

    Hi Army Vet, you are my hero. I just adore your articles that address manhood and what it takes to be strong; standing up to evil and ‘dirtbags.’ Keep up the great work you are doing and for your service to the USA and Israel.

  7. apache2

    I’m one of the newest readers of Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog and this is the first time I read one of these articles by Army Vet. I’m impressed. Funny too and I like that. I went back to read more of his articles and found them exceptional. Please, Gen. Satterfield, have Army Vet write more on your website for us. Thank you for the consideration.

    1. Darwin Lippe

      Me too and I appreciate the to-the-point writing style. Good reading here and most entertaining in a humorous sort of way.

    2. Watson Bell

      Thank you apache2. We have a good group of regular contributors to the forum but are always looking for others to give their thoughts too, up or down. What matters is the discussion and learning.

      1. Tony Custer

        Watson, yes, and thanks for complimenting apache2. We all want to encourage others to join the discussion and provide their thoughts without fear of being put down.

  8. Janna Faulkner

    LOL, this is the best guest column I’ve read in a long time. I just love this Army Vet guy! ????

    1. José Luis Rodriguez

      And I’ve been one of his biggest fans. The only thing I don’t like is that there is not enough of him to write more articles like this.

    2. Harry Donner

      Witty, entertaining, and spot-on. That’s what Army Vet does. He doesn’t pull any punches. I would like to have had a friend like him growing up. He would have helped make my life better by encouraging me to develop a fuller, more successful character.

    3. Roger Yellowmule

      I is a wonder to read some of the thoughts of our service members, especially those of someone like Army Vet who has been around the world kicking some serious butt and taking real names off the dead bodies of freedom’s enemies.

      1. Mark Evans

        I agree and wow, another great article by Army Vet. Gen. Satterfield certainly knows how to pick some of the best bloggers with real experience. Keep up the great work guys. I keep coming to this leadership website for exactly this reason. Also, thank you for your service.


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