How You Can Use the Power of Storytelling to Enhance Your Leadership

By | March 30, 2019

[March 30, 2019] Within the world of business, we all understand the importance that the art of storytelling has when it comes to getting results. However, when it comes to being a leader within your business, many average leaders will fail to see the importance that the art of storytelling has on their role. It’s the successful leaders that will harness its potential, and therefore maximize their success.

With this in mind, today we’re going to explore the key ways you can use storytelling to enhance your leadership capabilities and bring success to you and your team.

Connect on a Human Level

Stories have been told from one human to another since as long as humanity has existed; even as far back as cave paintings, which just goes to show how important stories are. Bring this knowledge and benefit with you into your leadership role.

“Whether you’re explaining something that happened within the business, you’re trying to inspire a group of people to do something, or you’re trying to give someone an insight into a certain topic or subject, telling someone a story can be a great way to send your message in a way that connects on an emotional level” shares Ryan Hardwell, a business writer for WriteMYX and Brit Student.

It Portrays Passion & Enthusiasm

When you tell a story, you don’t tend to be monotone when discussing it, but will instead convey passion and enthusiasm for what you’re talking about. This gets people hooked into what you’re saying and makes it far more likely they’re going to listen to what you’re saying.

“Using the power of stories you can take people mentally into situations which they are unfamiliar with because the people you’re talking to don’t have to have experience with what you’re saying because you can tell them in a way that they understand” shares Taylor Smith, a team leader for 1Day2Write and Next Coursework.

It Enhances Communication

Hand in hand with what we’ve spoken about above, the more someone is listening to you and what you have to say, and the more captivated they are by the story you’re sharing, the more effectively you’ll be sending your message.

This is because you’ll be using emotions to drive home your concepts, and it’s a far better tactic than merely relaying figures, numbers, and statistics which is just dull and, to many people, just uninteresting.

It Builds Better Relationships

There are far too many managers and leaders that have the ‘just tell them’ attitude, but this is proven time and time again, even if not instantly, that this is a poor approach that people don’t respond well too. People get bored and upset with direct communication, and this harms relationships.

As a successful leader, it’s your responsibility to nurture and develop the relationships with the people who look up to you. The better your relationships with your team, the better your results will be.

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10 thoughts on “How You Can Use the Power of Storytelling to Enhance Your Leadership

  1. Tony B. Custer

    Note that there is a difference betw/ storytelling and story reading. When you tell a story directly to an audience, the people are focused; not so much when simply and plainly reading a story.

  2. Shawn C. Stolarz

    Storytellling is an ancient tool that works! It still works.

    1. Wilson Cox

      Thanks Kenny, you’ve provided some great references. I also enjoyed the article.

  3. The Kid 1945

    The psychology of the human mind is in its infant stage. Much to still be explored. Yes, I believe as you do Emily that storytelling is one of the greatest and most effective means of getting our message across. No surpise, it should be, to anyone who has read the Bible that it is full of stories. Thanks for a wonderful article.

  4. Willie Shrumburger

    This is excellent. I especially like the fact that you highlighted that storytelling enhances communication. I think that is the whole point of storytelling. The better the storyteller, the better folks remember what was said.

    1. Scotty Bush

      Well said. Good to see you on this weekend, Willie. Thanks.

  5. Anita

    Emily. Nicely written and thoughtful. Thanks for your effort here and we “regular readers” here at Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog appreciate his allowing of different perspectives.

    1. Kenny Foster

      Spot-on comment. Emily did a great job with this article. I followed her links too. Very valuable.

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