Importance of Books in our Lives

By | July 8, 2021

[July 8, 2021]  Books are said to be a person’s best companion. Especially to a student, who acquires knowledge from it and gets help to overcome particular failures of life. Books brings about a positive change in a persons’ life by changing his perceptions towards different situations.

Either in a good or an adverse condition, books prove to be a man’s best friend, by not expecting anything in return, rather always rendering peace of mind and stability. It always has an advantage with no cons ever.

The importance of reading books is explained in the given points below:

  1. Self-confidence – The value of books is such that generates positivity and creates confidence in oneself. With more consciousness comes more awareness of what is right or wrong. This makes us a better human being with more developed mind and thinking ability.
  2. Increased vocabulary – When you read any sort of books, there is a different style of writing with more new words and vocabulary. Reading developed brain power and imaginary skills. It promotes mental exercises and gives a boost to the brain by sharpening it.
  3. A student’s information storage centreImportance of books in a student’s life is immense. Mind remains active and communications skills are developed. There are many assignment help that show us the right manner of proceeding to choose the right kind of books to read according to one’s taste.
  4. Books bring in positivity – With good books comes good knowledge which automatically leads us to be better human beings. There are some books that spread and awaken spirituality and make us a better person in life.
  5. More love, less stress – Book’s importance in a student’s life is engaging that it aims at shutting down the negative doors of life and creating a room for more love and enrichment. This very good habit inculcates good moral values and duties of a good lifestyle.
  6. Good fluency – In today’s world of fast developing technology, has changed methods of providing knowledge that can be gained online as well. Books are read online and there are certain points elaborated to help the reader acclimatize to better fluency and reading.
  7. Better at communicating – Those who know the importance of books, also acknowledge the experience it provides in developing a good communication skill. Therefore, it is often said that in order to have a better communication skills, it is good to read more and more books.
  8. Be wiser and socially sound –There are surveys that show the true nature of a person is reflected by his opinions on societal matter and their way to perceive others. The importance of reading books actualizes the fact that readers are more authentic social persons who can judge correctly human behaviors, body language, experiences and their implied repercussions.
  9. Improves concentration – There are a number of distractions in the world today, ranging from social media to complex situations. But you can have a run away from all of these via entering into the world of books and focusing attention there.
  10. Understanding history better – There is no better way to learn about history than through reading books. A lot of things about our own culture and how it has grown over a period of time can be read and learnt. One might also learn about other’s culture and gain appreciation of how it has evolved with time.
Author: Harvinder Puri

I am Harvinder Puri certified content writer and digital marketing person. Pursing Ph.D. in Computer science. Reading books, blogs and writing content are my passions. I am serving many businesses and individual to achieve their business goals for last 12 years.

12 thoughts on “Importance of Books in our Lives

  1. Leo Oliver

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  2. Len Jakosky

    9. Improves concentration. I agree with this item on your list but lets’ be more specific. A person must “practice” reading by reading and concentrating in order to improve. Improvement is not automatic. It must be consciously a goal of the person reading. Thanks for writing in Gen. Satterfield’s website.

    1. Eduardo Sanchez

      Good point, Len. I agree. That is why we should have mentors in our lives that encourage reading, thinking, and writing. If you can do these three things, the world will beat a path to your feet.

      1. Harvinder Puri

        Books can play significant role in our lives so we must have habit of reading books…

    2. Harvinder Puri

      Hello Len, Thanks a lot for braking your time to this read article.

  3. Eva Easterbrook

    Thank you sir, for your article today. This is a very good list.

  4. Jeff Blackwater

    Mr. Harvinder Puri, thank you for a clear, concise article on the importance of books. One thing you will see about this website by Gen. Satterfield, is that he emphasizes learning, especially through books. Just look at this review of books (normally a monthly feature) and his READING LIST:

    1. Harvinder Puri

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for introducing another feature. I went through reading list and found that helpful too.

  5. Max Foster

    The importance of reading is underrated today. Why? I’m not so sure but I think it has to do with the lowering of academic standards across the board. In our pursuit of pulling up even the dumbest and laziest of people, we have simultaneously forgotten about or discouraged advancement of ourselves and others by encouraging reading/study/thinking.

    1. British Citizen

      So true. We are purposefully dumbing ourselves down. This is pandering to black leaders who secretly know they are not as smart as others in society.

      1. Darwin Lippe

        Cheers, BC. Yes we do pander to minority groups. Of course, people are free to be voluntarily stupid. That’s okay, but don’t expect me to be stupid with them. Joe Biden and his sidekick VP, are two of the greatest examples of the US Whitehouse pandering, lying, and pushing ignorance on us.


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