Importance of leadership and management skills for growth of businesses

By | August 24, 2019

[August 24, 2019]  The managers in any organisation are responsible for implementing and forwarding the vision and mission of the company. Hence, managers with excellent leadership and management skills are critical to achieving the business goals of the organisation. Companies around the world realise the importance of leadership and management courses. Experienced managers and individuals aiming to pursue a managerial career can opt for leadership and management courses to add to their skill sets.

Managers need to obtain or have a specific set of skills so that they can further the business growth of their company. They need to be decisive, dedicated, firm, empathetic, quick thinkers, responsible and should possess a wide range of knowledge on their field or the company.

Top 5 reasons why gain leadership skills:

It can boost productivity.

The right leadership skills can improve the productivity of the individual. The courses can help the students set realistic goals, strategize more effective work plans, and be more decisive. They also teach the students how to manage their existing teams or future teams well. The students become better at extracting the best out of their teammates and handle deliverables better. Hence the productivity of both the manager and the team goes up.

It leads to team retention.

Managers with leadership training provide better employee retention by being more empathetic and emotionally invested in their teammates. A decent employee retention rate can save a company thousands of pounds on costly recruitment expenses.  According to a recent Leadership Lad study by the ILM, a leading company, providing leadership training in the UK, more than 53% of employees switch to different jobs because of their frustration with the management of the existing company. A significant 24% of the employees feel that their managers were unequipped to deal with their problems, and 23% of the sample size were unsatisfied with the managers’ leadership.

It can improve employee engagement.

An engaged employee is a happy employee. Leadership courses help managers assimilate this fact into their managerial behaviour. These also instruct managers on how to give negative feedback to a teammate without hurting their feelings. The students can also learn how to provide feedback to motivate and improve the productivity of their team members.

It helps to develop a unique leadership style.

These courses also encourage managers to develop their unique style of leadership that would supplement their careers in the future. The training teaches them to assess, understand, and change their way of mentoring as and when required, enabling them to understand the intricacies involved in leading their teams. The result is a motivated and productive team that has a higher retention rate and better resolution of conflicts.

It makes them take better decisions for the company.

A company’s growth is ultimately dependent on the decisions taken by its managers daily. Leadership training can ensure better decision- making by providing managers with a highly functional emotional intelligence and a different perspective to make informed and intelligent decisions. The managers are also trained to make better evidence-based decisions. Doing so minimises risks and uses data effectively to determine the best solutions for any business problem.

Leadership and management courses are essential for imparting practical skills to manage teams effectively. These are ideal for existing managers wishing to enhance their skills or aspiring or new managers to develop their managerial skills.

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  1. Gil Johnson

    5 great reasons. Well written. Much appreciated, Mr. Simon. Have you written other articles? If so, can you send a link?

    1. Janna Faulkner

      Yes, I’m always interested in their websites or Twitter pages to read. That way you can another perspective; often that reinforces what you read here in Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog. 😉

    2. Tracey Brockman

      I agree. Good blog post that gives us another view of the importance of thoughtful leadership.

  2. Jerry C. Jones

    Leadership training is important but also picking up the right experience also matters. Thanks KV for a great article.

  3. Nick Lighthouse

    Business growth is an important subject and one that we should pay closer attention to as the world modernizes. It takes more than introducing new technology, it takes people to make things happen.

    1. Roger Yellowmule

      Good point, Nick. KV and others who write about how to make our lives better – thru mgt and ldrship – are assisting us all to live better, more efficient, and worthy lives.

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