Join the Army, Smoke a Joint: by Army Vet

By | August 31, 2018

[August 31, 2018]  Army Vet writes today about how the Secretary of the U.S. Army is considering a change in regulations to allow those who smoked marijuana into the army.

Join the Army, Smoke a Joint!  It’s only a matter of time before the “pussy” senior leadership of the proud United States Army (the one that kicked butt at Bunker Hill, San Juan Hill, the Battle of the Bulge, and Inchon) decides its okay to smoke a joint and get high.  Right now, as I write this screed, the U.S. Army’s Secretary Mark Esper is seriously considering allowing dopers into the army. Haven’t heard about this yet?  Yeah, I know, these guys and gals aren’t supposed to use it ever again but we all know how this will end.  The average young American man is a wussy at heart, lazy, self-centered, and has an oversexed, overrated, and entitled attitude.

Leaders are a model of clarity!  Secretary Esper let it all out with the Army Times when he said, “I will deal with the issues as they come up, as I recognize them as issues.”  Was that clear?  Nope!  Well now kiddies, I don’t know about you but I would like a little more specifics here and when it’s not there, I tend to err on the side of being a pessimist.  For me?  A marijuana-smoking doper is not someone I want behind a machine gun, driving a 70-ton tank, or flying an attack helicopter.  Nor would I want to be around someone who did this in the past because as we all know, once a doper, always a doper.  Yeah, look at the scientific studies on this and you will find that there is a deep physical and mental addiction to drugs in our culture and marijuana is the most used and abused.

Army Strong!  Hogwash!  The U.S. Army is going down the same route that other liberal institutions have gone.  Recent cultural doper trends are embraced and cultivated.  They do this to attract more recruits in the hope they will join and stay.  News flash … the purpose of the U.S. Army is to defend the United States of America.  They defend the nation in a variety of ways but it is a core principle never violated.  It requires a strong, resilient, flexible army; one that is far superior to any other army of any country in the world today.  Hey guys, even the army has recognized that its soldiers are weaker than expected and so now they are lengthening the basic training and making improved physical fitness and combatives a central part of that change.  Senior army leaders have known for a while that potential recruits lack some of the basic toughness that they possessed only a generation ago.

I Want YOU for the US Army!  This famous slogan came about in the middle of World War I; a real slugfest against a real evil empire with designs to crush freedom in Europe.  Failure to properly deal with this resulted in an even bloodier World War II.  Soldiers were tough and they came from everywhere and in all sizes and shapes.  Today is a different world; richer, more advanced technologically, and more educated and yet at the same time less likely to meet entry requirements for the army.  You would think that means people would be less likely to indulge in risky behaviors like voluntarily using mind-altering drugs.  In this modern America, maybe we don’t want YOU for the US Army!

There’s a message here for those who want to be a real leader.  Don’t be stupid too quickly.  Think about cultural trends that should and should not become part of the U.S. Army because it’s cool and everybody’s doing it.  Mind-altering drugs of any kind should never be part of the soldier’s daily life.  It was for some during the Vietnam War and the results weren’t pretty.

Hey!  Have a great Labor Day 2018.

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Author: Army Vet

“Army Vet” is, of course, a pseudonym. He is real. The only way he would agree to write for was anonymously. As you will see, he’s not afraid to name names and tell it like it is but he does fear for his family, thus the fake name. His experience in with militaries around the world is extensive but more poignantly, he originally served in the Israeli Army and then the U.S. Army; fighting in wars of both armies. He will write on military leadership but I think you will find him to be somewhat unconventional and certainly controversial.

27 thoughts on “Join the Army, Smoke a Joint: by Army Vet

  1. Greg Heyman

    Great article by a heck of a great guy. Thanks Army Vet for making my day.

  2. Doug Smith

    Good article today, General Satterfield. Well done!

  3. Maureen S. Sullivan

    This article is why I keep coming back to website. I do love it when Gen. Satterfield posts his blogs here but those like Sadako Red and Army Vet are among my very favorite. Thanks for entertaining and helping us think.

    1. José Luis Rodriguez

      Same here. Good to hear from you again, Maureen.
      😉 😉

  4. Janna Faulkner

    What an entertaining and educational article for us as we go into Labor Day weekend. Thank you very much Army Vet for such anti Political Correctness. I really do appreciate it and feel like it is something that I really believe in and hold close to my heart.

  5. Nancy J

    I might be late commenting on Army Vet’s article but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it! Keep it coming Army Vet.

  6. Army Vet

    Hi folks. Thanks for all the great comments and a special wink to my small but powerful fan club. Nothing makes me happier than reading such supportive comments. Except, of course, a stronger more brutally effective US Army.

    1. Danny Burkholder

      I’m your biggest fan and read all your articles. Thanks for being a straight shooter.

  7. Shawn C. Stolarz

    Another fabulous article by Army Vet. We could read more of your work, sir. Please write more and consider writing a book on what the US military should NOT do. Thanks.

  8. Bryan Lee

    I know from past posts that many of the readers here are big fans of Army Vet, as am I. Just wanted to note that at some point Gen. Satterfield might want to create a separate page for all the Guest Bloggers. Some are quite good and actually profound. Some like Sadako Red, M.r Kennedy, and Army Vet are some of the regulars. Their work should be highlighted. Thanks all.

  9. Kenny Foster

    Nice work on this direct and insightful article. Much appreciated.

  10. Bill Sanders, Jr.

    Another hard-hitting blog post by Army Vet and one everyone should be reading. I recommend everyone here send a copy of it to their friends and acquaintances with a note that this Army Vet knows what he’s talking about.

    1. Darryl Sitterly

      Yep, spot on. Another great article by Army Vet. I wish he would publish more. He is so non-PC. I showed some past articles to liberal friends and their heads exploded (ha ha ha).

  11. Gil Johnson

    A really great article today. Thanks. TGIF !!

  12. Mr. T.J. Asper

    A must-read for all my friends. I sent them the link with a note to read this immediately. Thanks, Army Vet for a great column today.

  13. Joey Holmes

    I like your article. Showed it to my dad and he liked it too. Cheers!

  14. Doc Blackshear

    If I remember correctly, back a few years ago on this leadership blog, Gen. Satterfield wrote about how those young men entering the military during WW2 were weak also. The war changed all that. America became a greater nation because the men and women learned to be strong, not weak and effete.

  15. Max Foster

    Great article Army Vet. Wow. You sure know how to get directly to the heart of the subject. Is the US Army in decline? Apparently so, from what you write. But, I think you would agree that it can be turned around. Recruiting more and more people is not the way. Getting back to the basics of soldiering is the only way. To fight and win a war means that soldiers (and all the other troops) must be tough bastards. Nothing short of that will work. Enemies will fear us then and leave us alone. If they decide to take us on, then they must know they will die and their culture destroyed.

  16. Army Captain

    Hey, great to see you’re back with us, Army Vet. I’m a big big fan of yours. Keep writing for Gen. Satterfield’s blog or let us know where your other writings are located. Thanks for making my day. Hooah!

    1. The Kid 1945

      I agree with you. Big fan of Army Vet and your’s too Army Captain. I would like to see more of this kind of writings.

    2. Ronny Fisher

      Well written and to the point. Thanks for getting your comment in early, Army Captain.

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