Leadership in Improving Student Achievement: Pros and Cons

By | September 8, 2019

[September 8, 2019]  Skills learned during childhood make the best investment for life. Leadership is one such skill that when excelled at a tender age helps in defining the character for the future.

Character building is an important ingredient for success. Incorporating some of the most imminent survival skills like time management, punctuality and leadership at a tender age prove to be beneficial for ages. Reprising the roles of leaders so early in their lives has some pros and cons too:

1.  Conceit

Sometimes becoming a leader is detrimental to a student. Students have a tendency to let the power go to their heads, which is eventually a harmful trait in the longer run. A good leader sets the example, but a conceited one sets the record for unpopularity. The worst part is that once they are done with the tenure of their leadership, they have to face a lot of hardships when trying to readjust with their peers whom they were bullying earlier and also with the fact that they are no longer the foremost.

2.  Failing to acknowledge

A leader has the biggest responsibility to support the others underneath them. A team captain has to realize that the performance of the team entirely depends on the performance of each player. In case another player is better than the captain, then it rests entirely on the captain to acknowledge the same and promote the talent more. Being the captain, the leader cannot simply believe that they are the most important part of the team. It is imperative to boost the spirit among all the members of a council or a team, and this responsibility primarily rests on the shoulders of the leader themselves.

3.  Boost to the self-confidence

Becoming a leader is a highly appreciative move for a student and is a great way to boost their self-confidence and esteem. Leadership positions often come to those who have sown excellence in their respective field and acknowledgment of the same is always a great help for the student in enhancing not only the skill but also his overall self-image and confidence. Battling these scars in the nick of time enables them to be mentally stronger for the entirety of their lives.

4.  Radiant resume

Leadership qualities are often required in any company. Hence, recruiters are most often on a lookout for job applicants who have taken some forms of leadership roles during their school time. Most individuals at a company have to take up some form of leadership roles when managing a team. Hence, students who are already adept at such skills are most favoured by the recruiters.

5.  Personality development

Leadership skills help students overcome their inhibitions. It is a great opportunity for an introvert student to come out of the shell, face people, try public speaking and also empower others. Leadership enables students to explore their hidden talents and skills and let them come to the surface while handling daily challenges. Leadership greatly empowers students for the future and makes them comfortable with whatever life has in store for them.

Author: Jennifer Broflowski

Jennifer Broflowski is a well-established writer who has been writing about leadership and college life for several years. She has been writing for both CraftResumes (https://craftresumes.com/) and PaperLeaf (https://paperleaf.ca), helping students in acquiring their dream jobs with by offering them her excellent writing skills and expert knowledge.

7 thoughts on “Leadership in Improving Student Achievement: Pros and Cons

  1. Tracey Brockman

    This article is an example of someone who understands that being young does NOT mean being handed everything on a silver plate. It requires effort and that begins in childhood.

  2. Bill Sanders, Jr.

    Very good article. Welcome to Gen. Satterfield’s leadership website. You can also make comments to clarify or respond to those of us who comment here. I think you will find some of the comments to be enlightening. I encourage you to keep writing and publishing.

  3. Yusaf from Texas

    Well done. I appreciate you taking on the big task of pushing some crucial ideas about improving student achievement. Most of them simply are too intellectually lazy to do much because the expect something for nothing in return.

    1. Harry Donner

      I agree and like Ms. Broflowski noted, students need to be prepared to make a good impression on a recruiter or employer directly. If not, they have failed themselves and perhaps the company they are trying to get hired into. Well done. Thanks.

    2. Willie Shrumburger

      Spot on article and thanks Yusaf for getting us started off on this topic. I find that far too many students at the university level are not prepared for life in general so they have a really hard time resisting liberal professors who are brainwashing them.

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