Not Everyone Can Be a Leader: 7 Hidden Signs That You’re Cut Out For Leadership

By | October 20, 2018

[October 20, 2018]  There is no recipe that would make you a good leader. Many entrepreneurs and managers have made their journey to top leadership positions feeling doubts about whether or not they fit for them. On the other hand, there are many people who have what it takes to be a leader but never even consider such a role for themselves.

The truth is, leadership doesn’t require you to have any extraordinary qualities. It’s all about experience and knowledge. We decided to help you spot some leadership qualities in you.

Hidden Signs That You Can Be a Leader

  1. You work on relationships
    Leaders understand the value of relationships. They consider relationships an opportunity to learn something and they put a lot of effort into understanding other people. They know that strong relationships can help you grow both as a person and a leader. Leaders create an environment where relationships can thrive, investing their time, effort, and emotions.
  2. You are not afraid of being yourself
    Real leaders are not afraid of being themselves and they don’t try to create a more likable persona to hide behind it. However, there are many entrepreneurs who spend a lot of time trying to make their public profile perfect. They put so much effort into it that they may forget about actual problems in their business. You should understand that self-promotion doesn’t make leaders successful.
  3. You get back on your feet after hard knocks
    Resilience is a crucial quality for any leader. If you want others to follow you, nothing should stop you from moving on. The life of a leader is full of obstacles, and you should be ready to meet them and to overcome them.
  4. You give credit to others
    Rachel McCarthy, an HR manager at College-writers, notes: “Effective leaders don’t try to take credit for everything so they could say ‘look how good I am.’ Quite the contrary, they stress the importance of teamwork, and they always give the spotlight to their team.”
  5. You work hard
    Leaders don’t hide behind the backs of their hard-working employees. Instead, they always place themselves on the frontline, demonstrating the example for others. If all you do is just criticize and control others, being afraid of getting your hands dirty, employees will never respect you, and real leaders know it.
  6. You are a compassionate person
    If people trust you and ask for your advice when they have problems, it means that you can be a leader. Leaders understand that everyone has their problems and feelings, and they never ignore things that bother members of their teams.
  7. You enjoy the company of other people
    You learn from people, you like people, and you like making others happy. Effective leaders understand that lives of their employees cannot be all about work all the time. They know when it’s time to take a break, and they are happy to spend this time with their team.


If you have never considered leadership positions because you think you don’t have enough experience, or just because you’re too self-critical, then maybe, it’s time to reconsider your beliefs. Many of us have all they need to become effective leaders. Many qualities that make you a good person can make you a great leader as well.

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Author: Ester Brierley

Ester Brierley is a QA Engineer in software outsourcing company and a competent virtual assistant for College Writers. She knows the secret for balancing freelancing and her full-time job. Enjoys creative writing and blogging. Follow her on Twitter ( ).

12 thoughts on “Not Everyone Can Be a Leader: 7 Hidden Signs That You’re Cut Out For Leadership

  1. Anita

    Very good article today. Glad I popped up on Gen. Satterfield’s blog.

  2. Nick Lighthouse

    Sitting back in my home-office sipping coffee and reading your blog post this morning. Well done by the way and thank you for your well-written article on leadership in Gen. Satterfield’s blog. We have a number of guest bloggers here and you are one of the best.

    1. Gil Johnson

      Cute comment, Nick. Good to see you on this early in the morning.

  3. Danny Burkholder

    Hi Ester. Loved the article. I agree with you that all of us “have all they need to become effective leaders.” This is so true and thank you for putting it out there to reinforce an overlooked idea.

  4. Drew Dill

    Good job, Ester. Nice Twitter site. Do you have your own website? Thanks for writing.

  5. Army Captain

    Leadership is a great place to be. Be confident and step up and be counted among those who are willing to put themselves into the breach of the leadership environment. Ms Ester Brierley has an article that give us some great comments to make us better.

  6. Kenny Foster

    “2. You are not afraid of being yourself.” This also means you cannot lie to yourself. I see this as a problem more with young people who believe just about anything they are told or read on the Internet.

  7. Georgie M.

    Yes, for potential leaders it is time to ‘reconsider your beliefs.’ Focus, hard work, stay out of trouble; these are the things that make you successful and are more hidden signs. Great work here Ester. Thanks for being part of General Satterfield’s leadership blog.

  8. Darryl Sitterly

    Ms Brierley, great article but one minor point; there IS A GOOD RECEIPE for being a leader and you have identified them here.

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