Shame on U.S. Army Leaders: by Army Vet

By | June 3, 2021

[June 3, 2021]  Army Vet writes to us today to warn us of the destruction of readiness in the U.S. Army and, by extension, all our Armed Forces.  He places the blame on the wussification of our military on the shoulders of weak senior military leaders.

Good leadership is NOT about creating a safe environment where people feel a sense of belonging.  That’s what a bunch of pussies will tell you.  Oh, you don’t think so, then go ask any HR employee (an easy job for life) in any sizable organization.  THE job of the U.S. Army is to defend the nation against all enemies.  Period.  Now it is up to me and others like me to defend our military against leftist dogmas like the new Critical Race Theory (what a piece of crap).  I won’t stand for our military falling for this woke ideology anymore.  Fortunately, I’m not alone.  Several military veterans in Congress (few women are standing up) have launched a whistleblower webpage.  Good for them.  Or, as I do, just write a letter with an old-fashioned pen – good enough.  It’s a start.  For too long, staff weenies in our higher officer and enlisted ranks have called the shots for our warfighters.  Spineless Commanders are letting it happen.

Wussies are joining the U.S. Army, and wussy-leaders are smiling.  Yeah, I wrote about this several years ago.  Go find the article at General Satterfield’s blog unless you’re too much of a lazy ass.  I wrote then that the world is a dangerous place, and we are actively recruiting weak men and women into our military.  The results are predictable; rapidly falling military readiness, wasted resources, and a focus on our feeeeellings, not warfighting.  I know a lot of those wussy leaders.  I was appalled at the time they would get a promotion at all.  Kicking their asses out would have made my day, but I was overruled.  But you know who they are.  One of them just became the SECDEF under Biden and another the Superintendent of West Point.  My solution was to stop appeasing the progressives in our Army by training hard, tough caring, hardcore discipline and restarting the draft.  Would this be popular in our America?  Hell no.  But defending our nation against the likes of China, Russia, and North Korea demands it.  Hey, don’t think these countries aren’t on the offensive.  See the recent U.S. Army recruiting ad compared to the Russian ad (a world of difference) on Twitter.  You don’t need to understand Russian to get the point.  I didn’t.

The key to winning any war in the real world lies in defeating your opponent in their minds.  They must know you will crush them unmercifully.  Fear is the name of the game.  The little girl Army Corporal in the recruiting ad has no clue what is happening.  She is proud of her gay “parents” – who cares?  I certainly do not.  The U.S. Army ad has nothing whatsoever to do with warfighting.  No enemy of the United States will dilute their armies’ abilities to match our diversity.  They aren’t that stupid.  We all know that nothing is respected as much as strength.  Nothing.  If you want to be a force in your town, then you must be the strongest, meanest SOB there.  Only then will people walk on the other side of the street to avoid you.  That is what the U.S. Army should be, not some social experiment.  The wussification of our Army is here.  Our flag officers and politicians are encouraging it.

Shame on the U.S. Army’s leadership for being weak.  So many have given so much for us–their tomorrows for our today. Sadly, right now, too many of our citizens are demonstrating that they are not worthy of the sacrifice.  I am reminded of the closing scene of Saving Private Ryan.  May the rest of us live our lives trying to live up to what they gave.

Author: Army Vet

“Army Vet” is, of course, a pseudonym. He is real. The only way he would agree to write for was anonymously. As you will see, he’s not afraid to name names and tell it like it is but he fears for his friends still in the military and other 3-lettered federal agencies, thus the fake name. He has worked with leaders of other militaries around the world and served several decades in the U.S. Army. He writes on military leadership but I think you will find him to be unconventional and controversial.

30 thoughts on “Shame on U.S. Army Leaders: by Army Vet

  1. Eagle Eye

    I’m very happy I read this article. One of the guys recently pointed out that there is a Mini-Series here by Army Vet. This article is great and gives me some ammunition to use against those who oppose a standing army.

  2. Greg Heyman

    We’ve certainly missed Army Vet and his insights. With such practical experience, it is hard to find any one else out there who is willing to tell it like it is. Too many fear being cancelled. I was told that much of Gen. Satterfield’s website has been hidden by the likes of Google and other search engines because he is willing to name names and say things that need being said.

    1. Pink Cloud

      Pow, you hit that one out of the park. 👍👍👍👍

      1. Colleen Ramirez

        👍 And just another reason we should encourage others to read Gen. Satterfield’s leadership website and THINK about what they read.

  3. corralesdon

    Shame on the U.S. Army’s leadership for being weak.” You got that right, Gen. Satterfield. Too many are only interested in their careers and they don’t mind giving up on the US to do it.

    1. old warrior

      You got that right, corralesdon. Thanks for posting what I was thinking. 👍
      Army Vet’s article is spot-on and a real butt kicker.

  4. Lynn Pitts

    “Embrace Socialism.” The new Army slogan for joining. Ha Ha Ha …. I am just thinking that Pres Biden would approve. Embrace Marxism is a contender. The point is that our military doesn’t any longer need to fight and win wars (heaven forbid) but they are there to support the lower classes and to improve their moral being and making us all feel good. /sarc

  5. Willie Shrumburger

    I agree with you Army Vet that the US army leadership should hang their heads in shame. But they will not do so becuase they are fully WOKE. How far has our military fallen in only a few years!

    1. Delf A. "Jelly" Bryce

      Willie, you are right. I talked with a friend’s son who is an Infantry Mayor at Fort Bragg, NC. He tells tails of senior officers, as well as senior enlisted soldiers that are fully woke in their on-sleeve ideology. They make no bones about it. He just keeps his mouth shut and is careful about posting on any social media platform. In fact, he shutdown his Facebook and Twitter accounts to avoid any possibility of a misunderstanding. He fears the tattletail woke minions of the left reporting him for something they “perceive” as being out of step with the new Biden-Harris whitehouse. Now there is a political test for being in the army.

      1. Darryl Sitterly

        Such a sad state of affairs. Delf, we haven’t heard from you in a while. Please write an update on the FBI for us. We know they are WOKE also like our military. What’s happening there?

    2. Descendent of Columbus

      Now they are part of the new marxist wokeitopia. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. E.T.

    Great article, Army Vet. I’m one of your long time fans. Keep these articles coming our way.

  7. Valkerie

    General Satterfield, thank you for getting Army Vet to write another article. He’s the best.

    1. Dennis Mathes

      Valkerie, you’re right. And this is another reason that I keep reading this leadership blog. There are other similar blogs but they are just not up to giving us a little snippet of leadership every day. AND, on occasion, entertaining as well.

  8. Tom Bushmaster

    “The key to winning any war in the real world lies in defeating your opponent in their minds. ” I had to read this a couple of times to get it. An enemy is only defeated when he is defeated in his mind. Otherwise he will keep on fighting even if he cannot win (when he thinks he can win).

  9. Max Foster

    I’ve been reading Army Vet’s articles since the beginning and I can say, IMHO, that this is the best one. So, thank you Army Vet for your writing “skills.” And thank you for getting to the point quickly. I agree that the US military’s senior leaders are failing us because now they are drifting away from the mission of any military. Sad Sad Sad. Why is it that the fall of our military is led by four star generals?

    1. Kenny Foster

      They fail us because they are not patriots. Pure and simple.

      1. Laughing Monkey

        Kenny and Max, I think they fail for this reason but more so because they are “woke.” They bought into the propaganda of Marxism and now they ‘feel’ good about what they are doing. Goes to show that their character has a deep flaw.

        1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

          LM, perhaps but I’m not so sure this is the case. I agree they have deep character flaws but the cause is allusive. Careerism might be one of several factors as well as fear. Yup, fear. Fear of being skewered in the leftist media. Why is it that the most vulnerable of our military leaders are black? Just an observation.

      2. Harry Donner

        Good points, folks. If I was in the US Army, I would be ashamed. 😢

      3. JT Patterson

        Too many fall for the Marxist trap. I would have thought that more of our military had better strength of character than those two mentioned by Gen. Satterfield.

        1. rjsmithers

          I agree. It’s the pull of the Marxist ideology that “guarantees” good things for us all ……. but delivers only misery.

  10. Doug Smith

    POW! Another one hit out of the park with Army Vet again telling us the unvarnished truth with a little cussing too to make it flavorable.

    1. Audrey

      Yep, typical ‘Army Vet’ great article. 👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Albert Ayer

        Of course, and we would not expect anything less. I suggest that Army Vet also write about the new standards for entrance into the military surrounding the transsexual community. I can see no benefit whatsoever for allowing drug-dependent “men” into our military. And then paying DoD funds to trans them.

        1. Bryan Lee

          Normal people will never understand sexual dysphoria. Don’t even bother to try to understand the sickness. Why the army would embrace sickness into their ranks is a total mystery.

  11. Steve Dade

    Finally, we hear from Army Vet and again are enjoying his ‘straight shooter’ method of communicating with us. Thank you Army Vet for your take no prisoners view of the world.

    1. Fred Weber

      We need to hear from Army Vet much more often. He helps make this website successful. I just love how blunt he is all the time. No BS.

      1. Dale Paul Fox

        You got that right. If you want to hear the blunt truth and what he thinks of weak leaders, then read this article or any of his articles. This is one of the traits of a strong leader,, one who tells things like they are. Nothing holding back. When you see a leader like this, grab ahold and don’t let go; he will take you far and make you a better person.


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