The new U.S. Space Command: by Army Vet

By | December 2, 2018

[December 2, 2018]  Army Vet takes on the idea that a new U.S. Space Command is necessary but makes fun of the idea because its time has not yet come.

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope:  Yesterday I was flicking through the cable television channels on my old Sony Trinitron Model KV27 television set and ran across the very first Star Wars movie.  There it was, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope … I’d not seen it since its 1977 opening day to in an empty theater.  My how things have changed in the decades since its first showing.  Back when I was a kid, we used to pretend we were spacemen (yeah, that’s right, there were no spacegirls) and zoomed around the house; much to the displeasure of my parents.  My friend Wilson said we were “space cadets” and yet as young boys with an imagination that was always a bit stunted by our immaturity, we were at the beginning of something new and exciting.  But decades later and today, yes today, we are on the precipice of a genuine, no kidding, space command and space cadets … for real.  How stupid can American politicians get.  We don’t need no stinkin’ space force!

Pentagon to establish a space command, eyes Space Force by 2020:  So read the lead article’s title in the U.S. military Stars & Stripes newsmagazine that is for all things that make our military personnel look good, sound terrific, and occasionally exposes a corrupt DoD contractor.  The Vice President of the United States himself, Mike Pence, made the announcement for a new separate U.S. Space Force as the 6th military service.  Don’t we have enough military services that don’t cooperate or operate jointly?  Don’t you think those new ROTC college students who want to do something really marvelous would like to be called … just wait for it … a SPACE CADET.  Yep, Wilson, my childhood buddy, the get-out-of-detention extraordinaire, had it right 60 years ago in my parents living room.  Zoom Zoom.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.:  You remember Elliot and his friend Greg don’t you?  You know, Elliot and Greg from the 1982 Spielberg movie E.T. who were discussing what to do this “E.T.” creature that Elliot befriends and who is stranded on Earth.  Elliot speaking to Greg says, “He’s a man from outer space and we’re taking him to his spaceship.”  Greg, “Well, can’t he just beam up?”  Elliot, “This is ‘reality’, Greg.”  Hummmm, reality?  That’s what the U.S. government has better get and get quick.  A Space Command is just another pretty bandwagon to hop on and play along with while the PR machine is spinning along and spitting out some really cool pictures and stuff.  I was captivated by it all but, like most common folk, I woke up the next day.  With a good night’s sleep behind me I immediately concluded that this money should maybe go to one of the other five military services.

The Space Marines?  Many “space experts” tell me that the U.S. Air Force taking over the PR and the money would be the best idea circulating in the Pentagon’s underground of junior officers.  Then I said to myself, naw, that won’t work because they’re too sissy or they might be taking a cocktail break just when you might need them.  I say, put the extra effort into the U.S. Marine Corps; Simper Fi.  They know how to make things work.  They kick butt without even breaking a sweat.  If anyone made fun of a U.S. Marine Space Cadet at a local bar, there would be a bar fight that only a Marine would love and love to win at all costs.  They’re famous for fighting and that’s what a new government space initiative is all about.  That’s it.  The U.S. Marines have my vote.  What do you think, Wilson?

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Author: Army Vet

“Army Vet” is, of course, a pseudonym. He is real. The only way he would agree to write for was anonymously. As you will see, he’s not afraid to name names and tell it like it is but he does fear for his family, thus the fake name. His experience in with militaries around the world is extensive but more poignantly, he originally served in the Israeli Army and then the U.S. Army; fighting in wars of both armies. He will write on military leadership but I think you will find him to be somewhat unconventional and certainly controversial.

26 thoughts on “The new U.S. Space Command: by Army Vet

  1. Delf A. "Jelly"

    Great article buddy! It’s always a great day when I read one of your humor-filled articles about the US military. Keep it up.

  2. Sadako Red

    Hey, Army Vet. I’m just now getting my home Internet working again and ran across your great article. Wow, well done. I hope to have one of my articles here soon too.

  3. Greg Heyman

    Are you sure you weren’t a ‘hippie’ from the past. The movies you watched are really of that generation; like me. Thanks Army Vet for your insight and humor. Not many writers are interested in entertaining the reader any more because of the PC ideology that makes them self censor.

  4. José Luis Rodriguez

    ‘Space cadets’ what a new world we have. I wish I were young and could participate.

  5. The Kid 1945

    Nothng much better than reading these guest bloggers this weekend. Thanks General Satterfield for making them available to us.

  6. Douglas R. Satterfield

    Hi readers! I see that many of you are big, big fans of Army Vet. He’s a great friend of mine and I don’t want to overburden him with too many articles. I’ll speak with him again tomorrow about posting more often. Thanks everyone for reading my blog.

    1. Dennis Mathes

      Thank you for working with Army Vet and your regular guest bloggers to get more articles like this one today. I was impressed as always by him.

    2. Wilson Cox

      I recommend that you encourage Sadako Red to write another article. These writers you have on a regular basis are great.

  7. Janna Faulkner

    Hey, Army Vet, we love you. Keep those articles coming our way.

  8. Edward Kennedy III

    Army Vet, good to see you back in the leadership blog. I’m putting together another article at the direction of Gen. Satterfield and I think you’ll like it.

    1. Gil Johnson

      Nice! We love reading your stuff too, Mr. Kennedy, especially those experiences that show that most of the whackos that think we should eliminate war by eliminating our militiary. Those people should be given a mental exam.

    2. Fred Weber

      Big fan here. Looking forward to your next article too.

  9. Max Foster

    Despite the humor in Army Vet’s article today, we should all remember that the topic is, in fact, very serious. How the US approaches protecting its space assets is crucail to having a successful future here. There are no other countries that are advacned as we are (although some are pretty close like China and Russia). The communists are not to be trusted and therefore we should have maximum protection for our critical assets.

  10. Bryan Lee

    GO GO GO GO! I’m your biggest fan Army Vet. Whenever I open my computer to read today’s posting, I never know what I’ll get but with you, I’m always in full agreement. Wow. 🙂

    1. Maureen S. Sullivan

      Some people that are regular readers of General Satterfield’s leadershp blog might take exception to anyone being Sadako Red’s biggest fan. We all are. Come to think of it, this is one person who helps me keep coming back. The scifi analogies today were spot on. Thanks.

    2. Yusaf from Texas

      I agree with you that we are all big fans. But if you are, then explain why. For me, its the entertainment value of Army Vet’s ability to hammar a point home and do so with humor and a twist of word that is rare on the Internet today.

  11. Mr. T.J. Asper

    I can see your English teachers probably gave you grief for the long, run-on sentences that are often hard to follow but I absolutely love your writing style and non-PC content. Keep it up. The more articles you publish the better.

  12. Kenny Foster

    I nearly spit my coffee through my nose reading your article today, Army Vet. Well done!

    1. Jerome Smith

      You said it … or abbreviated it. Laugh out loud.

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