Top 3 Skills That Will be in Demand in 2022

By | August 10, 2021

[August 10, 2021]  Remote work from places other than the traditional workplace has become much more common.  And, during 2021, top managers were able to practice a number of new skills.  But is this practice enough or is it necessary to focus on developing new competencies?

One of the most discussed skills of 2022 was the management of remote teams, where there is a special system for setting goals, monitoring performance and maintaining a working atmosphere. The managers dealt with these tasks quickly enough, and new problems began to come to the fore, which required the development or strengthening of the following skills.

Here are 3 essential skills managers need to develop in 2022.

  1. Technical skills for working in the online space. Moderation skills

Many managers, having gone to telecommuting, were faced with the fact that they did not know how to organize online meetings. If the number of meeting participants exceeds 2-3 people, moderation skills are required. You must have the ability to move from one conference to another, to session rooms, post links to Google Docs, generate clear and visually share materials to broadcast on the screen. As a copywriter for essay service online, I realize that technical skills are an integral part of a new work ethic.

  1. Communication skills and emotional intelligence

Now it is very important to develop such components of emotional intelligence as the ability to understand the mood and emotions of a colleague or subordinate through remote communication channels (Skype, mail, phone, etc.). You must be able to identify emotional tension or apathy, signs of burnout or a potentially conflict situation and be able to discuss difficulties in the work of an employee. Coaching skills are very useful here. At the same time, in a remote format, they require more attention to detail in the words of a colleague.

It is important to develop the ability to establish communication in the online space and in oral communication. It’s one thing to communicate face-to-face, and another to chat and call in Zoom or Skype. Online communication requires a more professional mastery of intonations, semantic expressions, skills of argumentation, empathy, understanding of what the interlocutor wants now.

  1. The ability to manage the personnel remotely: motivate, control, keep in touch

Remotely, more and more attention is paid to reference points, deadlines. When the material should be sent, when the presentation is prepared, when the meeting will take place, etc. Electronic calendars and various reminders allow you to do all that now, and you have to use it.

Control skills mean that the manager sees the colleagues and quickly joins in the discussion if there are difficulties. Remotely, managers are often focused on the end result, which can lead to missed deadlines and errors. It is important to revise the system of setting checkpoints and intermediate control, in order to identify and localize the problem in time.

Author: Hannah Butler

Hannah Butler works as a content writer in, company that provides expert paper help for students. She likes sharing her experience in the form of articles in such spheres as Business, Self-Development, and Marketing. In her free time, Hannah enjoys rock climbing and bike riding.

7 thoughts on “Top 3 Skills That Will be in Demand in 2022

  1. McStompie

    All thumbs up on your article, this morning. “The ability to manage the personnel remotely: motivate, control, keep in touch.” Yes, the BIG question is how to you ‘motivate’ folks remotely? Now that is truly hard to do. I would be interested in a little more detail on that. As a veteran where interaction was face to face, our new remote work forces a change in the way we do leadership. Ideas anyone?

    1. Georgie B.

      I too would be very interested in these techniques. They run counter to what you might think leadership is about and thus something that might not be manageable in the long run.

  2. Lady Hawk

    Hi Ms Hannah Butler. I like your spin on self-development because that is what this article is really about. Any more ideas on it?

    1. Kenny Foster

      Yes, I like it as well. More guest articles are okay with me.

  3. Janna Faulkner

    Ms. Butler, wow, very well done!! I like this idea of the “remote” workplace and the skills that it takes to succeed there. Do you have other articles I could read that are written by you? I’m sure other readers of Gen. Satterfield’s blog would like them.


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