Clearing the Spindle: Politics

By | September 21, 2017

[September 21, 2017]  It’s difficult to cover all the topics of leadership and provide good examples so, by the very nature of space limitations, I’m starting a “clearing the spindle” post.

Noted here on several occasions I’ve noted how citizens of the United States and many other nations have less faith and confidence in their politicians.  Whether it is a decline in the quality of political leadership, the increasing complexity of leadership in a modern world, a decline in the values that make nations great, or a combination or some other reason: what we do know is that the majority of people simply don’t trust their politicians anymore.

Caroline Glick is a writer who seems to hit important topics that affect us all.  In the following post she writes about how Israeli, American, and European Jews are experiencing a deepening crisis while the solutions appear to be both frustratingly elusive and blindingly obvious.  Despite the fact that Israel as a nation and Judaism as a religion is more respected today than ever, that may be changing for the worse.  Her comments are worthwhile.  Her article is here:

I like Paul Mirengoff’s clarity in seeing what others cannot see.  He notes how U.S. President Donald J. Trump spoke plainly about North Korea and the failure of China and Russia to do anything substantive about their rogue ally.  It appears that Trump’s threat to … “totally destroy North Korea” if the U.S. is forced to defend itself, has unsettled China (N.K.’s main ally).  North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is not crazy but shrewd.  Mirengoff discusses solutions:

I’ve enjoyed the opinion pages of the New York Post for some years now because they are often blunt and have little respect for those who hid the truth.  In Benny Avni’s recent article regarding U.S. President Trump’s speech at the United Nations, he said that Trump properly called out the U.N.’s sacred cows.  But Avni’s point is that Trump is defining his philosophy which is “nationalism” without the classic isolationism that so frequently accompanies it.  See his article here:

Noah Rothman writing for American Society commentary is spot on when he sets his arguments on the cause for increased violence in the U.S.  He blames both university students and their mentors as America lurches “toward a civic crisis.”  He’s telling us that their voices are the same and that message is violence is coming.  Not unlike Red Sadako’s recent post here (see link here) when he wrote that outrage is the goal.  Rothman takes special care to point his finger mostly at college progressive professors but also at the political class which conflate words with violence.  See his article here:

Writers at The American Spectator have hit the nail on the head with this article regarding the political espionage of candidate Trump by sitting president Obama.  It spells out the lies, deceit, and dishonesty of the media and certain political figures including Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Barak Obama.  It’s a scandal of enormous proportions but is largely ignored in the Western media.  See George Neumayr’s article here:

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