Great Women behind Great Leaders

By | November 8, 2020

[November 8, 2020]  Everybody remembers great leaders. Their names enjoy immortality because of their accomplishments. That’s good. They’ve earned it. But did they do it on their own? If we look deeper, a pattern occurs. Every great leader had a strong lady next to him.

It’s important to understand that word next is crucial here. Ladies weren’t behind great leaders; they stood next to them, as equals. The ability to listen is a virtue every leader must-have. But that doesn’t mean being a good listener is enough to become a great leader.

Listening to advice from other people is good, but it’s passive. Just listening never changed the world. Taking action did. Good leaders must be ready to take action. Maybe even more important than the will to take action is the ability to read the situation. Making the right decision at the wrong time serves nobody.

Making the right decision at the right time can serve everybody. Still, everybody has to be aware that some decisions good leaders take aren’t clear to regular people. At least not at first. Willingness to do what must be done, despite everything, separates good leaders from great. Now let’s take a look at some of the greatest couples in history. Couples where ladies weren’t just a leader’s beautiful toys.

The biggest power couple of their time was Julius Cesar and Cleopatra. The most powerful man in the world fell for the most powerful woman in the world. They didn’t live in the modern world where information flies quickly, but they still found each other because of love and because of interest. As opposed to previous times, people can meet each other anywhere from a local pub to a website. Cleopatra’s intellect and skills made meeting the mighty Cesar possible. Later she helped arguably the most famous Roman emperor to cement his name in history.

On the other hand, some ladies aren’t that famous, but they’ve played big roles in the lives of their husbands. Clementine Churchill and Coretta Scott King are those kinds of heroes from the shadows. It’s shameful that most of the people don’t know whose names those are.

Still, those ladies wouldn’t be bothered by that. They didn’t care about themselves. Taking care of those who take care of everybody else was their mission. They did an extraordinary job! Clementine Churchill devoted 56 years of her life to Winston Churchill. He had so much to deal with for so many years, but everything was easier because he knew his dear Clementine waited for him at home.

Coretta Scott King is the wife of Martin Luther King, also one of the biggest heroes of his time. It would be insane to think he would have that much energy and determinations without the infinite support from his better half. Look at Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos or John Lennon and Yoko Ono. That’s what being in a relationship is all about—creating a private world, just for the two of you. Being successful after that is just a bonus.

Human beings on their own are weak. We can fight to a point. After that, we crumble under pressure. Having someone who picks you up after falling, glues you, and kisses your scars is the biggest win you can get in this world. It’s not surprising that all the men who changed the world had amazing life partners. Men are here to change the world; women are here to change men.

Author: Augusto Palmeri

My name is Augusto and I live in Philadelphia. I was born in Boston in a family of Italian descent. I take a deep interest in psychology in order to better understand human relationships and the world around us. Now I'm working on my first book. Besides writing, I like reading classic books and blogs, traveling, and watching movies. Soccer is another passion in my life.

10 thoughts on “Great Women behind Great Leaders

  1. Augusto Palmeri

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and replies. This is just my take on the subject and my opinion, which is not necessarily fully right or wrong. I respect your right to agree or disagree with it. Peace.

  2. William DeSanto

    Thanks Mr. Palmeri, well written overall. You might want to clean up your logic a bit, however, would make for a better convincing story.

  3. Yusaf from Texas

    Good article, thanks. It is always good to read another perspective here at Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog.

  4. Max Foster

    “Human beings on their own are weak. We can fight to a point. After that, we crumble under pressure.”
    Mr. Palmeri, I don’t fully agree with this conclusion. I do believe that we are very strong as individual humans, esp. those in leadership positions. We don’t always crumble under pressure. We often stand up well to it. Your conclusion is a bit confusing overall, and thus you might want to rethink and rewrite it to better follow the logic.

    1. Joe Omerrod

      I agree with you Max. A bit of confusion here. But overall, an old idea coming back. 😊

      1. Tom Bushmaster

        Not quick enough, I think. And I also agree with Max. A little better on the conclusion paragraph would make the article a bit better. Maybe, Mr. P, you could write another one for us and let us take a look.

  5. JT Patterson

    Very good article, Mr. Palmeri. Good job on laying out the idea that no leader can do their job alone but need some confident close to them to help advice and mentor.

  6. Lynn Pitts

    Hi Augusto, very good article and timely. Some will say you are sexist for using “women” as those who stand with their “men.” Of course, I understand what you are getting at. We live in a PC world where you have to tow the marxist line or be outcast. Thanks for a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good works.

    1. Mikka Solarno

      Hello Lynn, good points here. I might add that we will begin to see more of the PC/Marxist ideology sweep around the globe now that it appears US Pres Trump has been defeated. He and his folks were one of the last bulwarks standing in the way of globalism and its insidious affects.


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