Learn but Never Regret Being a Leader

By | November 7, 2020

[November 7, 2020]  Have you ever lead a project or activity in your school, college, or workstation?  If yes, then there might be something you have regrets about—things you wished you would have done better.

The results might have been better if things were lead differently. But the truth is, you did whatever you could do best at that time.

And if there was room for improvement, then instead of regrets, learn from that experience, remember it for the next time.

Do remember, leadership character is developed through suffering.

** Chart Source: Pew Research Center, January 14, 2015

Acknowledge Your Mistakes Or Regrets

Being a good leader means having specific leadership characteristics. The most important thing that a leader has is accepting mistakes, owns them but, never lets those mistakes get the better of them.

Personal Development For Overcoming Qualms

Good, instead great leaders see personal growth as an investment. These great leaders overcome their shortcomings through competence in improving conferences, seminars, networks, resources, and coaches.

Accepting Your Faults

Mistakes are part of everyone’s life. But to face your mistakes and to accept them is what a great leader does.

Never give excuses for what happened wrong. It’s a famous saying that you can either make excuses or make progress, but you can’t make both.


Once you have started taking responsibility for your mistakes, it’s time to apologize.

Saying sorry won’t belittle you in front of your team. Instead, people who accept their mistakes and apologize are admirable as they want to amend what they did wrong.

Be Free From Guilt

You cannot live with guilt and regret. When you accept your mistakes and then apologize for them, learn to forgive yourself and feel free.

A tired mind with regrets can never think positively and for the betterment of others.

Look Forward

A leader is responsible for the careers whole team. If you are given a responsibility, then you must own it and fulfill it. Do not overthink about your past. Let it go and move on with a free heart and a peaceful mind.

Learn From Your Experience

When someone says to let go of the past and move on, this doesn’t mean to forget your mistakes completely.

On the contrary, learn from your mistakes, do not take them with you when you move forward. Criticize yourself but in a constructive way rather than indulging in self-destructive thoughts.

Be Grateful

Be grateful every time you learn something from your mistakes. Learn to be positive and be better in life.

According to research conducted by Ace Assignment, being polite and happy helps you feel better even after you have done mistakes.


Always be thankful for your mistakes. They let you learn how to move forward in life with a better approach. The best quality a leader has is to be able to use any previous experience as a learning opportunity. Don’t live with your mistakes, instead use them as a tool in whatever you are planning to do next, in a better way.

Author: Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is currently working as a Business Manager at EssaysnAssignments [https://essaysnassignments.co.uk/]. She has done great work when it comes to helping out people, and she has also shaped many lives with this notion. Apart from this, she also owns an online service where she aids people –especially students with their academic works.

14 thoughts on “Learn but Never Regret Being a Leader

  1. Kenny Foster

    “Start taking responsibility.” Geee, that would be nice but that is NOT what we are teaching our kids in school these days. We are teaching them to protest if the “feel” they are being put down or disrespected. But we don’t teach what respect is about and that it is a two way street. We teach our kids to be priviledged and to throw a temper tantrum (riot, loot, murder) if they don’t get their way. The snowflakes are coming!

    1. Watson Bell

      This is one of this blog’s main features. It allows us to see with our own eyes that taking responsibility and telling the truth are the hallmarks of great leadership — and being a good person as well.

  2. José Luis Rodriguez

    Gloria, thanks for a valuable and worthwhile article on the fundamentals of leadership. Never regret being a leader is the right title and also a lesson. Let us never forget it. Oh, do you have articles elsewhere I could go and read?

    1. Gloria Kopp

      You can search me with my name, you will find numerous articles 🙂

    1. Tom Bushmaster

      Yes, it was a good read. Ms. Kopp points out the importance of making mistakes. Too bad other young folks don’t understand that this is part of maturing and being a better leader. And….. senior leaders should understand that too and not come down so hard on junior leaders who make errors.

      1. Harry Donner

        Yes, this is the core of her argument and laid out well in the article.

        1. Dennis Mathes

          Another reason to keep coming back to this leadership blog. Tell your family and friends and have them also read the comment’s forum. There is often much to learn here as well. I hope Gen. Satterfield keeps bringing in guest bloggers for us to read. Gives a bit of intellectual diversity.

  3. Janna Faulkner

    Hi Gloria. It was wonderful to read your guest blog this morning when I got my iPad out and went to Gen. Satterfield’s leadership website. I like this site a lot and one thing that spices things up are guest writers that he has on. Regarding your blog post, I like it. It is a pretty basic view of leadership but spot on correct. Thanks.


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